Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 41

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. Sorry for not posting yesterday. And yes, plz there is no knuj in my ff. Sorry for twinj fans.

Recap:valentine party, Twiraj dance

Yuvi went to the washroom after the dance.
Yuvi washed his face and stared at himself angrily in the mirror.
Yuvi to himself:” why can’t i control myself? I promised your dadaji, I can’t do anything…”
Yuvi hold his head as he was very confused what to do; neither he could go away from her nor come close to her.

Yuvi heard the door opened and composed himself. Rohan entered then.
Yuvi looked at him helplessly.
Rohan:”what was this yuvi? Why are you doing this to her?”
But yuvi stayed silent and after left from there with rohan following him.

They reached the parking lot when finally rohan blocked his way to the car. He pushed yuvi a bit and asked:”yuvi? I am asking you something”
Yuvi pushed him away from the car and left from there.
Rohan:”no matters what, today i will found out…”
And he followed him in his car.

Yuvi reached home and was about to go when he saw dadaji who have slipped and hurt his right leg. He was trying hard to get up but couldn’t.
Yuvi went to him and helped him while rohan was watching him.

Yuvi brought him inside the house and called out:” is there anyone?”
Dadaji:”no one, everyone is out”
Yuvi:”the first aid box… I will get it”
Rohan was meantime confused about yuvi’s behavior. (He was at the doorstep so that yuvi doesn’t see him)

Yuvi came back with the first aid box and cleaned his wound.
Dadaji:”sorry beta…”
Yuvi:”its ok, now that i think, you know better know better than us…”
Dadaji:”i am glad that you are respecting my orders. And you are staying away from twinkle”
Yuvi bow down as he remembers what happened in the party.
Rohan was shocked listening to this and was questioning himself:”did yuvi do this on twinkle’s dadaji saying???”

Dadaji:”thank you, i think you should go now, don’t worry twinkle and leela will be back soon.”
Yuvi nodded yes and left from there.
He was going to his house but spot rohan near his car.
Rohan came to him sadly and hugged him. Rohan:” sorry yuvi, I didn’t know that… Twinkle’s dadaji told you…”
Yuvi understood that rohan heard everything.
Yuvi:”rohan, its ok. Even i am hating myself for this but I can’t help you.”
Rohan:”you could have tell me. You bear everything alone”
Yuvi:”sorry yaar, i dragged you into this too. Really sorry”
Rohan:”idiot, now you will apologise to me?”
Saying so, he punched yuvi in his stomach. (Not hurting him)
They both finally smiled and laughed while hugging each other.

Yuvi:”ok, leave me now. What will people say?”
Rohan:”okk, okk, i will tell twinkle everything…”
Yuvi:”no you won’t. Plz rohan”
Rohan:”but yuvi…”
Yuvi nodded no to him.
Yuvi:”i see you in college tomorrow”
And yuvi went inside.

Dadaji saw everything from the doorstep of tanejas house and called rohan.
He asked Rohan what happened.
Rohan told him everything, what yuvi did for twinkle to convince her for his love, what he said when he broke up, everything.
After that he left.
Dadaji was speechless after listening to what yuvi did for twinkle.
And smiled thinking the same.

Yuvi house
He went inside, there was only sana dadi in the hall. He asked her about sana to which she said that she is crying in her room.
Yuvi worriedly, went to her room. He opened the door and asked her what happened.
Sana:”mom, dad fought a lot today in the room…” She cried.
Yuvi:”hey…” And wiped her tears
Yuvi:”don’t cry”
And he hugged her.

Next morning,
Yuvi woke up early and got ready too.
Yuvi went to Mr & mrs Malhotra room.
There was only Mr. Malhotra, he was already awake and working on some files.

He noticed yuvi and called him. There were talking about business. Then Mr. Malhotra asked him to give him a file which was on bed.
Yuvi took the file and noticed the handwriting and thinks:” i saw this handwriting before…” But he could not remember and dismiss the thought.
He left after sometime.

Rohan arrived with yuvi, and finally they were like before: the bestest friends.
They reached the class and took their place.

After some time, their teachers gave them a field work and they need to start it now itself. They need to carry out a research in a market.

All of them went to the market, and start interviewing the vendors asking them questions and taking pictures.

Yuvi and rohan were doing it together even if it was an individual work.
Twinkle and chinki were together but was doing it seperately.
After hours
Yuvi:” i am going there…”
Rohan:”yuvi, you go i am tired!”

And yuvi left.
Yuvi went to a vendor but he was quite rude. The vendor was only irritated by their questions.
Yuvi:”excuse me, plz can you…”
Vendor:”your friends have already irritated me, now you came…”
Yuvi thought to leave it.

Twinkle went ahead alone and came to the flower vendor.
Suddenly, the vendor spread something on the flower and it fell on twinkle too. Twinkle moved back and fell on yuvi.
While falling, yuvi’s hand hit a basket if flower which fell on them.

Twinkle thanked him, without seeing his face.
When she looked up, she saw yuvi and they have an eye lock.
Twinkle’s hair fell on her face, yuvi moved her hair behind her ear.
They were lost in each other. Yuvi’s hand was on twinkle’s waist. He slowly moved his hand up, while twinkle felt butterflies in her stomach.
But then yuvi:”twinkle, get up, you are heavy!”
Twinkle with funny expression got up:” by which angle an i heavy?”
And hit yuvi on his arms naughtily.
And they smiled at each other.

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