Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 40 valentine special

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. And happy Valentine’s Day to all. Sorry to post it very late.

Next morning,
Taneja’s house,
Leela:”twinkle, get up beta, how much will you sleep?”
Twinkle:”maa, plz 10 mins”
Leela:”you will get late for college!”
But twinkle pulled her on the bed and slept in her lap.
Leela smiled at her but then slap her a little bit so that she gets up.
Twinkle:”ouch, maa. What was the need to slap me?”
Leela:”hurry up”
Twinkle finally woke up and went to get ready.

Yuvi’s room,
Sana and yuvi were both sleeping in his room.
Sana’s dadi came there and woke both of them.
Dadi:”yuvi, sana, come on get up”
Yuvi instead covered his face with the blanket but sana woke up happily.
Sana was jumping on the bed happily as she was going for admission in new school.
Sana, to disturb yuvi, shouted in his ears. Yuvi startles and woke up. Sana happily hugged him. Dadi took her to get ready and before going yuvi wished her best of luck.
Yuvi, too got ready.

Twinkle and chinki were already in class, when yuvi arrived. He went to his normal place next to Rohan but when he sat down rohan moved away.
Seeing this, yuvi was sad. Twinkle noticed Rohan’s behavior and felt bad.
When the class started, yuvi was only concentrating on the lectures but twinkle was looking at him until chinki brought her back to reality.

After the 1st period, all students were called in the gymnasium.
The principle:”hello everyone, you must be wondering why suddenly i called you. I wanted to inform you that as it is valentine day today, i thought to keep a party for this occasion…”
All students were happy hearing about the party and cheering for the principle”
The principle continued:”so i see all are happy about the party and what if i cancel it…?
Principle:”ok, ok. Coming to the party, it will be held here only, in the gymnasium as it is big. And yeah, attendance is compulsory, and if you want to bring someone special not from the college, you will have to inform me first, ok”
Everyone were excited for the party.

Chinki and twinkle went to taneja house to get ready. Twinkle didn’t want to go but as the principle said it was compulsory so she have to. She unwilling got ready.
She was wearing a beautiful red dress, with a silver border and silver jewelry. She had curly hair and light make up.
Chinki was wearing a pink colour dress, she also left her hair open.
Both looked like princesses.

@ party
The hall was fully decorated, with ballons everyone. Some couple were already on the dancing floor while others were chatting.
Twinkle and chinki also got involved in their group of friends. They were chatting and laughing.

Yuvi’s group also came but without him. His friends asked rohan but he couldn’t answer as he himself doesn’t know.
They felt weird as rohan was always with yuvi.

After some time, yuvi came, he was wearing a white shirt with black blazer and pants. He was looking dashing.
All his friends except rohan went to him.

Yuvi hugged his friends and looked at rohan but rohan looked away.
Yuvi noticed twinkle and was mesmerized but after a while composed himself.

The principle came on stage and took the mike:”hello everyone, i am happy to see all of you here and welcome to all those who don’t belong to our college. Have a good time”

Host:”so lets play some games or you want to only dance. So what about paper dance, each couple will stand on a piece of paper and whoever steps out will be out, and each time one couple will be out, your paper will be fold. But to make it more fun, and see if there is trust between the couples, we will be the one to decide the pairs. And the couple who will win will get a solo performance.”

The hosts slowly began to make the pairs. And finally, the hosts announced the last pair is twiraj.
Twiraj were shocked but had no other option to comply.
They started dancing while Twiraj try to avoid eye contact.
Soon after couple were eliminated. And twiraj became more and more close.
Finally, only three couples were left. (Twiraj were among them)
While dancing, twinkle was about to fall but yuvi held her in the nick of time and he didn’t let her go out of the paper.
Yuvi pulled her towards him, he was holding his waist.
There was only Twiraj and one more couple left. The piece of paper was so small that only one could stand on it, thus boys had to pick their partners in their arms.
Twinkle was about to give up but yuvi caught her and picked her up. They have an eye lock.
Finally the last couple was twiraj and they won.

The host invited them for the performance but also asked yuvi to sing. Yuvi sing the song:
‘Janam janam janam saat chal na huhi
Kasam tumhe kasam ake milna huhi
Ek jaan hai behle do badan ho juda
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tumhi aram ho
Meri duhoon se ati hai bas he saadha
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
Haaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
Twinkle was lost and yuvi danced with her. He turned her around and put her her hand up in the air and curved her body. He turned her around yet again. Now twinkle is facing him. He moved her hair on one side and they dance flawlessly.
They lost in each other and for one moment they forget everything and was enjoying this moment.
Talab talab talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nasoon mein tu naasha ban ke ghlona yunhi
Meri mohabat ka karna tu haq he adaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri shubhaa ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard hi tumhi aram ho
Meri duahonn se ati bas yeh saadha
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida
Aa alvida o…na na
(Sorry if i have wrongly written it, I don’t really know how to write hindi)

They were completely lost in each other and didn’t care about others watching them. They were just enjoying the moment.
At the end of the dance, yuvi kissed her on her forehead, twinkle closed her eyes.
Then twinkle hugged him tightly and yuvi reciprocates her hug.
They were completely lost until everyone clap for them.
They realized their positions and composed themselves.
They both realized what happened and were a bit embarrassed. They both left the dance floor and went to their groups.

Principle:”now that was very romantic” and everyone teased them but Twiraj were upset.
The party continued but yuvi excused himself and went to the washroom.

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