tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 4

hey guys thank you for liking my ff. i would try to upload one more later on if possible. thank you again

In the car
There is complete silence. Twinkle is tensed thinking about leela while yuvi was concentrated on driving.
Yuvi finally catches a glimpse of twinkle and saw her tensed. He understood her feelings and gave her his phone without uttering a word. Twinkle surprisingly looked at him and took the phone. She called leela and explained her the situation and said that her friend is dropping her. She couldn’t say yuvi’s name as she knows the reaction of her mom if she knew about yuvi.
She returned the phone and said: “thank you!” Yuvi replied: “welcome” and continued driving. The silence began again.

In order to avoid the silence, yuvi turned on the radio and there were romantic song going on ‘tumhe apna banane ka junnon sar pe he kab se ha…’
The situation became a bit awkward and twinkle turned it off and then yuvi turned it on. They continued like this for a while. The yuvi asked: “what’s your problem? I want to listen to this song…”

Twinkle: “but I don’t want to…”
Yuvi: “it’s my car and I will listen to whichever song I want. Get it!”
Twinkle: “only your type of boys can listen to these disgusting songs…”
Yuvi: “what do you mean my type of boys? And the song which you are saying disgusting is actually romantic. Ok?”
Twinkle finally gave in and thinks it is of no use to talk to him.
They reached home and twinkle annoyingly thanked him and went inside.

@Taneja house
Leela was still waiting for her and as soon as she entered she scolded her for being so late. Twinkle explained her and they share a light mother-daughter moment. And then Leela asked her about the friend who dropped her and twinkle ask which friend not realizing what she said earlier.
Leela: “the one who dropped you”

Twinkle: “oh you mean yuv…” and stopped herself form saying his name… “Oh my friend, you don’t know him maa, he is a very old friend of mine. You never met him.” To avoid more question, she said: “I am very sleepy I am going to bed. Good night maa.” And she left.
In her room, twinkle thinks that she can’t tell her mom about yuvi dropping her as she would be angry and apologizes to her mom for lying. She finally doze off.

In the morning
At breakfast table, twinkle hurriedly ate her food as she was late for college. Leela say her to slow down but she continued.

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