Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 39

Yuvi, Sana and Anita returned home in the evening.
Sana saw her dadi and ran to hug her.
Sana was very happy and mr. Malhotra introduced his mom to anita and yuvi. They talked for hours before going to bed. Later in the night,
Yuvi was still disturbed and he was lying on his bed aimlessly, staring at the ceiling.
He picked up his phone and looked at twinkle’s picture.
He thinks:”sorry twinkle, i have no any option than to hurt you…”
Hu hugged his phone and doesn’t know when he felt asleep.

Next morning,
Twinkle was getting ready and looked at herself in the mirror.
Twinkle(thinks):”i must handle myself, i should redeem myself. I won’t cry anymore. I have to become the old twinkle.
I won’t make him(yuvi) enjoy his game.”

Twinkle came down smilingly.
Twinkle:”maa, plz give me breakfast… I am starving”
Leela was happy seeing twinkle as before.
Leela happily served. But dadaji was tensed.
Chinki came and as soon as twinkle noticed her, she left everything and went to her, saying that she is going for shopping.

@ shopping mall,
Twinkle and chinki bought many things; clothes, shoes, accessories, etc…
Chinki was happy to see twinkle like this. But no one didn’t realize that she was only pretending to be.
They had a light moment.
After shopping, they were hungry and went to the food court.
They ordered something but it was taking a lot of time.
Twinkle:”chinki, you wait here i will keep the bags and come.”
Chinki nodded yes.

In the parking lot,
Twinkle was going back after keeping the bags in the car,
She was on her phone. Suddenly, she bumped into someone and the bottles in his hands fell down and broke
Twinkle, looking down at the bottles:”sorry, I didn’t see you…”
She looked up and saw 3 men staring at her angrily.
She, continued:”so…sorry! I didn’t see you”
1st man, who was holding the bottles, shouting at her:”don’t you have eyes? You broke our bottles”(it was alcohol)

Twinkle, scared by his tone:”if…you want… I can pay you for the bottles…”

2nd man:”do you think that we are beggars, we don’t have money”

Twinkle:”I didn’t mean this…”

3rd man:”money is not everything ma’am”
1st man:”no, let her pay for our loss”

Twinkle worriedly searched her purse but she remembered that she left it with chinki.
Twinkle:”my purse is with my friend who is in the food court, i will give you…”

The 1st man said:” don’t worry ma’am, if you don’t have money you will pay us by other means” and he smirks to his other friends
Twinkle was scared but mostly confused.
They started to come close to her and soon circled her.
Twinkle was scared and tried to go but the men hold her. Two of them held twinkle’s hands from each side.
Twinkle:”leave me or else…”
But they just laughed.
The third man came to her and took off her stole, while twinkle kept protesting.
He took off her stole and threw it away.
The man came close to her.

The two men leave her hands but still blocked her way. One of them tried to touch her but twinkle slapped him as hard as she could. The men got angry and hold twinkle tightly.
The one whom twinkle slapped came to her and was about to slap her but a hand stop him. It was yuvi.
Twinkle was relieved seeing him. Yuvi punched the man and he fell. Yuvi beats the others too.
Twinkle was surprised to see yuvi. He turned around to see her and saw her tears which twinkle tried to hide.
He turned around facing the men angrily.
He moved twinkle behind him to protect her.
Twinkle looked at him lovingly.
Yuvi beat them while still protecting twinkle. The men beat him too but he overpowered them.
The men were badly injured and scared of yuvi, so they ran away.
Yuvi turned to twinkle, while she faced him, without expression. Yuvi saw her stole fallen down. He picked up her stole and went to twinkle and covered her.
Twinkle was teary eyed and she wanted to hug yuvi but she restraint herself.

Chinki came there and asked twinkle what happened but twinkle was looking at yuvi.
Chinki followed her gaze and saw yuvi.
Chinki:”what did you do again to her?”
Twinkle stopped her and told her everything. And chinki took her away. And yuvi stood there alone.

Twinkle is recalling what all happened and thinks:”if you hate me and it was only a bet, why did you save me?? What is happening? He loved me, left me and now protecting me…” She hold her head being confused. All that yuvi said when he was with her, when he left her, whatever he did, all echoes in her head.

There yuvi was worried about twinkle. He was thinking if she was fine after what happened in the mall today. He decide to check on her.

Yuvi climbed up to the bedroom of twinkle. He entered by the window. He saw twinkle sleeping in bed. He looked at her lovingly and walked to her.
He sat next to her on the bed and watched her. He left the window open so a warm breeze played with twinkle’s hair. Yuvi moved her hair and kissed on her forehead.
He saw her sleeping peacefully and said:”twinkle, i want you to be as peaceful as you are when you are sleeping. I hurt you so much but i promise to you that whenever you will need me i will be there. I can’t tell you how badly i am missing you but I can’t help it, i have to make you hate me. But whenever i do so, I can’t bear your hatred and try to avoid you. No one is understanding my pain. I am feeling alone, i made you away, rohan doesn’t talk to me… I want to hug you but feel so helpless. I know you started hating me but plz, stay in front of me at least i would be able to see you. I will be sure that you are happy. I love you twinkle” and he again kiss her forehead and went away.
Dadaji saw everything at the bedroom doorstep as he came to check in twinkle. He smiled seeing yuvi’s love.

Yuvi returned home,
He entered his room, he saw the tv on and thinks that he was not watching it. He turned around and saw Sana on his bed. She waved at him. Yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi:”what are you doing here?”
Sana:”came to spend some time with as i was with dadi all day but you were not here so i thought to watch tv waiting for you.”
Yuvi:”so which film are you watching?”
Sana:”trying to search one…”
Sana switch to one channel after the other and stopped at a cartoon channel.
Yuvi looked at her and said:”not this plz, anything else but not cartoon”
Sana said no and yuvi try to take the remote from her but she ran here and there with the remote, while yuvi chasing her.

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