Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 38

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Next morning, breakfast table
Yuvi’s house
Yuvi was lost thinking about yesterday night. He received a message from Sana stating:’ what happened yesterday night with twinkle??’

Yuvi looked at her surprised and he got another text:’ i was the one who called her’
Yuvi gave her an angry look but she just smiled at him.

Anita:”yuvi, there is an important meeting for all shareholders and lunch at the club for all businesses, you need to come to sign.”

And leela was also telling the same thing to twinkle on the other side.
(Both Leela and Anita have named shares on Twiraj names thus they need their signatures)

Mr & mrs Malhotra refused going saying they need to do some arrangements as his mom was going to come today.
But Sana insisted to go with yuvi and anita. And they let her.

@ the club
Anita, Sana and Yuvi took their places around a circled table. Anita was busy talking to other people while yuvi was busy with his phone.
Sana took an opportunity to seek out without yuvi noticing her. She went to the next table and saw Tanejas name and switch it with the other name on their table.

After a while, leela, dadaji and twinkle arrived and they saw their name with Luthras. Sana noticed them and smiled.
Yuvi saw her and asked:”why are you smiling like this?”
Sana:”partner, you will know in sometimes”

Leela talked to the manager but they said that they can’t change it.
Unwillingly they went to their places. Twiraj was surprised to see each other.
And they took place, Twiraj kept looking at each other until sana pinched yuvi.

Sana:”so, partner, liked my surprise?”
Yuvi:” you did this?”
Sana:”yes” and smiled naughtily.
Yuvi:”why did you do this?”
Sana:”you promised not to go to her, you can’t love her but at least you can see her, assure that she is fine. How would you know if she would be safe if any other boy sat next to her?”
Yuvi held her ears
Sana:”partner, leave me plz, hurting”
And yuvi left her.

After the meeting, they were served lunch.
Anita helped sana with her plate telling the dishes and what she would take as there was a large variety.
Yuvi took only one dish as he was not hungry.
While eating, Sana forcefully made yuvi eat a ‘peanut barfi’
At the end, leela was about to feed twinkle the barfi but yuvi stopped them.(Leela didn’t know that it was made of peanuts)
Yuvi:”no, its peanuts, twinkle’s got allergy…”
While everyone even twinkle looked surprised.
Yuvi saw their surprised face and realized what he said.
Anita:”how do you know this?”
Yuvi:”actually…actually she got allergy in class once so the whole class knows that she has allergy to peanuts”
Yuvi looked around to avoid their gaze. He looked at Sana who was laughing at him.
Yuvi looked at her angrily and a bit embarrassed.
After some time, a woman, mrs. Mehra came to leela. They were talking while anita was irritated about their talks.
She tried to concentrate in feeding Sana.
Mrs. Mehra noticing twinkle said.
Mrs. Mehra:”this is twinkle, right?”
Leela nodded yes and twinkle got up to greet her.
Mrs. Mehra:”she is a very beautiful girl, i think you should think get her married now”
Hearing this, yuvi started to cough.
Anita make him drink water.

Mrs. Mehra:”if i had a son, i would have surely get him married to twinkle. So Leela didn’t you find a boy?”
Leela looked at twinkle emotionally and nodded no.
Twinkle, noticed yuvi’s discomfort and said:”anuty, nowadays where do you find good boys, all are spoilt brats or busy betting to make girls fall for them, and then leave them to suffer and regret”
Twinkle, said all this looking at yuvi.
Yuvi tried to avoid eye contact with her.
He was teary eyed but didn’t want twinkle to see that and turned around.
Dadaji looked on.
Unable to control himself, yuvi went there from there, saying to his mom that he must call someone.
Yuvi sat at the stairs outside the venue, He was disturbed and hurt.
After some time, someone came behind him, clapping. It was twinkle.
Twinkle:”what happened? Yuvraaj Luthra is sad or angry?”
Yuvi tried to compose himself, but couldn’t. It was clearly seen on his face how much he was affected by twinkle’s word.
Twinkle continued and sat down next to him:”ohh sorry, now you would want revenge for this right? I insult you indirectly. Then go, take it. I don’t care about anything now.”
Yuvi looked at her, hurt.
Twinkle:”i am ashamed of myself that i loved you. I betrayed my mom for you and your stupid love.”
And she left from there.
Yuvi was teary eyed and looked back at twinkle but she already disappeared. He noticed dadaji there, who felt very sorry. But he looked away.
Sana came behind him and hugged him.

Sana:”partner, don’t cry!”
Yuvi hugged her back and nodded yes.
Sana:”anita aunty is searching for you”
Yuvi got up and picked her in his arms and went back inside.
Anita:”where were you?”

Yuvi didn’t answer and stay upset.
Sana cover him up saying:”i told him to bring desert for me”
Anita:”but there was here”
Sana:”actually i wanted ice-cream, and a i saw the vendor outsider…so”
Anita noticed yuvi’s sadness but didn’t ask.

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