Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 37

Next morning,
Sana was outside, playing with a small puppy, which she found outside.
Twinkle came out and noticed that something had fall from her jean’s pocket.
Twinkle returned and was going but sana stopped her.
Sana:”can we become friends, actually i am bored here. My parents went out with Anita aunty and partner is still sleeping.”
Twinkle agreed and sat with her.
Sana:”will you play a game with me? Plz!”
Sana:”ok i will tell you a word you will tell me the first thing that came in your mind, ok?”
Twinkle noded yes
Twinkle:” milky”
Raman called twinkle from inside.
Twinkle:”i have to go…”
Sana:”wait, last one…love?”
Twinkle:” yuvi”
And she left hurriedly.
Yuvi came out and ask her:” with whom were you talking?”
Sana:”no one. Come on let’s go inside”
Yuvi:”and the puppy”
Sana left it outside and they went inside.

Twinkle’s house
Raman:”twinkle, your mom went for an important meeting outside town and would come late night and even dadaji and me are going, so you will be alone.”
Twinkle said ok and went to her room.

Twinkle was sitting on near the window and watching the rain outside. She recalled all her moments with yuvi, she was crying.

It was still raining during the evening and would continue during the night.
In the evening, twinkle received a phone call.
Sana:”hi, can you please come at home, i am hurt and there is no one…” And she hung the phone.
Twinkle hurriedly went to yuvi’s house. She called out Sana from the hall but no one answered.
She hesitantly went up and passed through yuvi’s room. She saw yuvi playing his guitar with a bleeding hand(Yuvi didn’t take care of his injury and hit his wound several time) and was shirtless.
Yuvi was wearing headphones so he couldn’t hear her.
Twinkle ran to him and stopped him. Yuvi was surprised to see her there, he removed the headphones and stopped twinkle to touch his wound.
Twinkle:”don’t try to be hero now, can’t you take care of this? You know your hand is hurt but you played the guitar”
Twinkle asked about the first aid box but yuvi didn’t reply and looked away.
Twinkle checked the drawers and then opened his bed side table drawer. She found the box but saw her pictures in it too.
She was quite surprised but closed it.
She tried to bandaged yuvi’s hand but he didn’t let her. He moved away. And she continued following him everywhere, without saying a word.
Finally yuvi went on the terrace and was completely drenched.
Twinkle came to him and held his hand. Yuvi tried to remove it but she held him tightly. Yuvi looked at her and was lost in her whereas twinkle was looking at his hand.
Twinkle pulled him back inside his room and started caring for his wound. Yuvi looked at her.
Twinkle’s hair fell on her face which was annoying him.
Yuvi noticed that and put her hair behind her ear. Twinkle closed her eyes as she felt his touch.
Twinkle was shivering as she was completely drenched.
Yuvi looked at droplets of water falling from her hair. There was water on her face too.
Yuvi came close to her and kissed her cheeks and twinkle felt butterflies in her stomach. Yuvi came more close but this time, twinkle moved back. Yuvi continued to come close and finally twinkle reached the edge of the couch. She was about to fall but yuvi caught her.
Yuvi’s hand was now on her waist while twinkle’s hands were on his shoulders for support.
Yuvi pulled her up so that she doesn’t fall. Their lips were an inch away. Then yuvi placed a kiss on her lips. Twinkle too reciprocates his actions.
Breaking the kiss, twinkle went to the window. She was breathing heavily.
Yuvi came to her, he moved her hair at one side and kissed her bare back. Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch. She turned around and hugged him.
Then, yuvi kissed her cheeks and then her neck. Yuvi lifted her in his arms, they have an eye lock and he placed her on the bed,
Yuvi bend down to kiss her neck, he was about to kiss her lips, while twinkle’s eyes were closed but he recalls everything and he moved back.
He got up and felt awkward. Twinkle also got up.
Twinkle:” yuvi…”
Yuvi:”you should go twinkle”
Twinkle:”but yuvi, all this…”
Yuvi:”go twinkle, plz!”
Yuvi:”i said go” and he pushed her out of his room and closed the door.

Twinkle returned home heartbroken.
Yuvi also felt bad and angrily removed the bandaged on his hand.

Twinkle’s room
Twinkle was still in her drenched clothes and was crying on her bed. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw her dadaji.
Twinkle hugged him and cried, dadaji didn’t ask him anything but let her cry.
She slept on his lap while dadaji looked on worriedly.

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