Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 36

Later in the night,
Twinkle opened the door,
Leela and Dadaji went to her and asked:” what happened twinkle?”
Twinkle, hugged her:” maa, don’t know! Everything was going soo perfectly and now it just broke down…”
Leela:”what happened” breaking the hug.

Twinkle:”maa, i… I mean my friend loves a boy a lot, he was the one who convince her for his love. And slowly the girl too started loving him and everything was perfect in these months, but… Don’t know what happened that the boy said that he does not love her and it was only a bet to make that girl fall for him, now my friend doesn’t know what to do”

Leela:”twinkle tell your friend to listen to her heart, if her heart believes it is true what the boy said or he really loves to let go”
Dadaji:”she should stay away from that boy”
Twinkle thought about what her mom said and dozed off.

Next morning
Twinkle was at the dinning table but was not eating anything. Dadaji noticed that and felt bad.

Outside the house, leela and anita cross each others way and they started fighting over a trivial issue. Twinkle and her family came out, and in the other side, yuvi and Malhotra family except Mr. Malhotra.

Twinkle went to her mom and said:” enough Anita aunty, you have no right..”
Yuvi also went besides his mom but stayed quiet.
Leela:”leave it twinkle, you don’t have to talk to her”
Anita:”oh right, then go away”
Leela:”why? Does this road belong to you? I also live here”
Twinkle:”Anita aunty, plz stop it”
But Anita pushed her a little due to which she fell. But yuvi caught her at last moment. They have an eye lock.
Yuvi, upon realizing their position, composed himself. And so did twinkle.
Dadaji saw that and yuvi noticed it.
Yuvi turned around and saw twinkle staring at him teary-eyed.
Unable to control himself, he went inside.
While going to his room, he saw Mr. Malhotra peeping at the window like a thief but he didn’t ask anything.

Yuvi’s room
Yuvi was at the window, looking outside at twinkle.
Sana came in and said:” she is cute”
Yuvi, composed himself and turned around:”who?”
Sana:”your girlfriend or should i say twinkle”
Sana:”come on partner, your moms are enemies, when she was falling you caught her, you couldn’t see her crying and came here, so it’s obviously her”
Yuvi:”you won’t tell anyone, ok?”
Sana:”deal, I won’t, but…”
Sana:”you have to sing the songs that i will tell you for tonight’s party”
Yuvi:”ok, done”

@ night
The party begins, whole Amritsar was there and Tanejas also, Anita wanted to invite them for only one reason, to show off.
Twinkle was also present, she was wearing a beautiful turquoise blue gown and matching jewelry. Her hair was open and she looked very pretty. But one thing was missing, her smile.
She was with her family and chinki as she requested her to accompany her.

After sometimes, yuvi climbed down the stairs. He was wearing a white shirt with a grey blazer and black pants. He looked like a prince. He stared at twinkle but then composed himself.

He went to sit near the bar, when Sana came to him. She was wearing a beautiful pink princess dress. Yuvi picked her up and make her sit on his lap.
Yuvi:”my partner is looking cute”
Sana:”my partner is also looking dashing”
And they both laughed.
Sana:”ok, time for your first song!”
Yuvi:”first? I thought i was singing only one”
Sana:”your wish, sing only one and i am going to tell twinkle…”
Yuvi:”ok, which song?”
Sana handed him a chit and left as her mom called her.
Yuvi opened the chit and found the song
‘Tu itni khoobsurat hai fida didaar pe tere’

Yuvi went on stage and sung the song, and looking just at twinkle throughout the whole song.
After the song, Sana ran to him and hugged him.
Yuvi:”so you like it?”
Sana:”loved it, waiting for the other song”
Yuvi:”how many songs have you planned?”
Sana:”only two”
Yuvi:”really? Ok! You tell me when to do the other one”

After one hour,
Sana called Yuvi for his next song and he asked which one?
Sana:”for twinkle, whichever you want”
Yuvi looked at twinkle and went on stage.
He took his guitar and sung a beautiful song
‘Har dua main maine tuhjko hi maaga hain
Tera jaana jaise koi baduha door jahoge jo tum maar jahenge hum sanam teri kasam’

Twinkle got emotional hearing the song and ask herself:”why did you do this yuvi? Everything was going perfect but you ruined it”

After the song, twinkle wiped her tears, and there yuvi wiped his.
Yuvi came down the stage and went directly to the bar and ask for a juice.

Twinkle came to him and said:” what happened yuvi? What’s the meaning of this song?”
Yuvi:”it was just a song without meaning, Sana asked me to sing and i sung it that’s it”
Twinkle:”why only this song yuvi? Why? Don’t tell me that now i am no more with you, you realized my importance and you started loving me. But you know what, I don’t care now. You make a joke of me and my love right? Now i am telling you that Yuvraaj luthra chapter is over in my life, OVER”
Yuvi stared at her helplessly but soon turned away.
Twinkle:”ohh, why are you turning away? You are ashamed of what you did? Good you should be. So that you don’t do this with another girl, you won’t hurt any other girl like you hurt me. You know i am ashamed of myself that i love you”

Saying that she left, yuvi finished his drink in one sip and looked at her upset.

Sana came to him and ask him:” partner, did you see my parents?”
Yuvi:”no, partner. They must be around”
Sana:”no, i looked for them everywhere here but no clue, would you mind to check up, i am tired”
Yuvi noded yes and went upstairs after saying to the waiter to give her something to drink.

Yuvi searched every room but sana’s parents were no where, there was only one room left.
Yuvi went there and was about to open the door when he heard them talking.
Mr. Malhotra:” I didn’t know that Anita would call her, even I don’t want to face her”
His wife:”we can’t go in front of her, she will recognize us”
Yuvi to himself:” about whom they are talking?”
He thought that it is bad to listen to their talks and knocked at the door.
Yuvi entered and noticed their panicked faces.
Yuvi:”sorry to disturb you guys…”
Mr. Malhotra:”no not at all yuvi, come”
Yuvi:”actually Sana was searching for you so i came to check. Is everything alright?”

Mrs. Malhotra:” yeah, i will go to check on her…”
Mr. Malhotra, shouted:” no, you can’t go down… I mean you are tired right? Yuvi plz, can you bring her up or tell her to come by herself”
Yuvi was confused at their behaviors but complied and left them.
Till then, the party was over and everyone went. He noticed sana who has fallen asleep on the couch. He picked her up and went to put her bed. He kissed on her forehead and covered with the bedsheets.

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