tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 35

Next morning
@ college
Before class, yuvi, rohan and his other friends were at the cafeteria. They chatting and laughing.
Twinkle came there and pulled yuvi from there, while his friends were confused. Rohan tried to give them a reason.
Twinkle pulled into a class, which was empty.
Twinkle:”what’s wrong yuvi? I called you several times but you… First you disconnected the call, i thought you were busy with the guests but then you didn’t even reply me, why?”
Yuvi:”please twinkle, back off”
Twinkle:” plz yuvi, is there something bothering you? You can tell me”
Yuvi:” stop it twinkle…”
Rohan and Chinki entered just then.
Yuvi looked at Rohan and said:” yaar plz, I can’t do this anymore”
Twinkle:”what happened yuvi?”
Yuvi, still avoiding eye contact with twinkle:”rohan, plz I can’t bear it anymore, tell her about the bet”
Rohan:”which bet?”

Yuvi:”yaar, the bet… Which we made some month ago that i will make the Twinkle Taneja fall for me”
Rohan looked at him surprised while twinkle is shocked.
Yuvi continued:”we bet that i will make everything so that twinkle fall me and look i made it, she fallen for me, fallen in love, completely. I had to do soo much to convince her but i have done it”
Twinkle was shell shocked and couldn’t react.
Rohan:”what are saying yuvi? When did we do a bet on this?”
Yuvi:”come on yaar, now that your friendship grew with chinki you don’t want me to spilt it out but plz. I can’t bear her anymore. She is irritating”
Finally, twinkle turned yuvi so that he faced her. Yuvi continued to avoid eye contact with her.
Twinkle:” yuvi, stop joking, this is not funny”
Yuvi, turned his face around:”joke, this is not a joke, all that happened before was a joke. Today is the last day of our bet and now i am free.”
Twinkle couldn’t bear it anymore and ran out and chinki followed her.
Rohan:”yuvi, what was that? You break her heart! Why did you do this? Today i am ashamed to call you my friend”
And he left too.

Yuvi was all alone, he went near the wall and punched the wall several times till his hand bleed.

Twinkle ran to her car, and there she broke down. She cried her heart out while chinki hugged her to console her.

As soon as, twinkle reached home, she went straight to her room and looked it. Later on, leela and dadaji tried to make her come out but in vain.
Dadaji knew what happened but thinks:” it is better to be hurt now than to bear it afterwards when your moms will start fighting, that pain will be twice”

Yuvi reached home late . He had bandaged his wound with his handkerchief.
Malhotra family and Anita was set to have dinner.
When Anita saw him she called him.
Anita:”yuvi, come baby, have dinner”

Yuvi:”no mom not hungry, you guys, carry on”
And he went to his room.
Anita was about to go to him but Sana ask if she can go?
And they complied.

In yuvi’s room,
Yuvi, opened his wound and thinks:”i hurt you soo much twinkle, this wound was to punish me. This is a promise to myself, every time I will hurt you i will punish myself to feel the same pain as yours”

He stood up and went to his punching bag and punch it as hard as he could and it start to bleed again.
Sana stood at the doorstep and watched him.
When yuvi stopped, Sana went to him.
Sana:”hey, partner…”
Yuvi, wiped his tears:”partner?”
Sana:” yes, you are my partner in crime for yesterday, remember?”
Yuvi, with a little smile:”yeah, ice-cream crime”
Sana:” what happened? Why are you punishing yourself?”

Yuvi:”you won’t understand, its complicated.”
Sana:” yeah, love is complicated”
Yuvi, surprised:” How do you know?”
Sana:”its confirm now.”
Sana:”i just guess it, you must have fight with her. Mom and dad also fight for days so i know”
Yuvi:”your parents fight in front of you?”
Sana:” not really but i hear them. Forget about me, tell me your story”
Yuvi:”i hurt her a lot, i told her that I don’t love her nor care for her but its false, i love more than my life”
Sana:”why did you tell her this?”
Yuvi told her everything.
Yuvi:”i told you”
Sana hugged him.
You should wash your hands and come to eat, your mom is worried for you.
And yuvi followed her orders.

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