tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 34

Recap: yuvi got to know everything about the past of Leela and Anita.

Yuvi returned home very disturbed. At the doorsteps, yuvi heard some noise inside and remembered what Anita said to him in the morning.
He tried to compose himself and pretend to smile.
He entered and saw Anita with Mr. Malhotra, his wife and his small daughter of 5 years. Anita saw him and called him.
Anita:”yuvi, baby come here”
Yuvi came to them and greet them.

Yuvi:”hello everyone”
Anita:”he is yuvi, yuvraaj”
Mr. Malhotra:”you have grown up, I remember he was small when i left”
And they shakes hand.
Mr. Malhotra:”she is my wife, Sonia and my little princess, Sana”
Yuvi greet them and they sat down.
Anita, Sonia and Mr. Malhotra were talking while yuvi sat there sad.
Sana was playing on her tablet.

Suddenly, yuvi phone rang, it flashes “baby”. Yuvi was about to pick up but remembered what twinkle’s dadaji told him.
Twinkle called him repeatedly.

Mr. Malhotra:”yuvi, pick it up, it might be important”
Yuvi:”no oncle, it’s fine”
Anita:”yuvi, pick it up”
And yuvi went to a corner.
Twinkle:”yuvi, why are you not answering?”
Yuvi trying to control his emotions:”twinkle, I can’t talk right now, there are guests at home”
Twinkle:” ohh sorry, I will call later on, love you”
Yuvi, softly:”love you too”
Twinkle:”what happened yuvi? Are you fine?”
Yuvi:”yeah, just tired”
Twinkle:”take care, bye”
And they hung the phone.

Yuvi try to compose himself. And went back to his seat.
Mr. Malhotra:” so yuvi, are you still studying?”
Yuvi:”yes, i am studying business”
Mr. Malhotra:” to help your mom, right?”
Yuvi nod yes.
Anita:”no, I won’t let him join business. He will do what he loves, music”
Mr. Malhotra:” ohh musician, cool”
Sonia:” so your mom kept a party in two days for us, will you sing in the party?”
Yuvi:” sure”
Sana:”can i choose your song, plz”
Yuvi noded yes.

At night,

Yuvi was in his room, thinking about all that happened. He couldn’t sleep so went outside for a walk.
While walking, he bumped into twinkle’s dadaji.
Yuvi:”sorry, I didn’t see you”
Yuvi was leaving, but dadaji stopped him by holding his hand.
Dadaji:”don’t forget what i told you, you will stay away from twinkle”
Yuvi:”plz dadaji, i love her a lot. I won’t be able to stay without her”
Dadaji:”this will only hurt both of you and your moms, so better avoid it”
Yuvi:”plz dadaji, we both love each other don’t punish me and twinkle for my dad’s doing”
Dadaji:”i am not punishing you instead i am worried for you both”
Yuvi:”what will you tell twinkle, when she will ask you why you don’t want us together?”
Dadaji:”i will not tell her anything, you started everything, you will end it”
Yuvi, shocked:”I can’t hurt her…”
Dadaji:”you will have for her betterment”

And he left leaving Yuvi upset and broken.

Yuvi returned home, he noticed the lights on in the kitchen and went there.
He saw the fridge open and Sana was searching something.
Yuvi:”hey, what you are doing?”
Sana:”you scared me. I am hungry”
Yuvi:”what do you want?”
Yuvi gave it to her and she ate it.

Sana:”where are you coming from?”
Sana:”liar, i saw you going out”
Yuvi:”some issues, you want understand, you are too small”
Sana:”i am not small, see i am big”, standing up and showing her height. Yuvi laughed at her innocence.
Yuvi:when you will become my height then you will understand”
Sana climbed on the chair and then the dinning table:” see, i am taller than you now”
Yuvi laughed.
Yuvi:”you should sleep now!”

Sana:”you won’t tell anyone about this, ok?”
Yuvi:”about what? Oh ice-cream, don’t worry our secret”
And she went back to her room.

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  1. Sana is 8 years old not 5, just a little change

  2. Awww such a lovely scene b/w Sana and Yuvi….i loved it…thanks for the long chapter Zai it was very nice written…

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