tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 33

Yuvi’s residence
Yuvi was getting ready and messaged to twinkle that he will come to college later as he needs to go somewhere.

Yuvi went to the same place where he used to spend time with his dad.
Yuvi searched the whole place as once his dad told him that he keeps all his secrets here.
Yuvi searched every corner of the room when he noticed a box which had a lock.
He knew that he wouldn’t not be able to find the key thus he started to break the lock.
Finally he opened it, he found some letters, actually threatening letters.
Yuvi read the letters,
One said:” Raj (yuvi’s dad; I don’t know his name so invented one), you know what you did with Leela Taneja and even I know, i have proofs against you, if you don’t do what i say you will rot in jail.”
Yuvi was shocked reading the letters and thinks: why did dad hide it? He could have share it with mom but…” He then checked the letters again.
Yuvi to himself:”means dad did misbehave with Leela aunty. That’s why he hide these letters from mom too. Mom trusted him and he…”
Yuvi was disgusted and ashamed of his own dad.
Yuvi was broken and he returned back.

At college,
Twinkle was worried about yuvi as he didn’t come till now. She called him but he didn’t answer.
Yuvi came after the lunch break, and when twinkle saw him, she went to him and asked him where he was?
Yuvi:”twinkle i told you that i will come late”
Twinkle:”but you could answer my phone”
Yuvi:”but i was driving so I couldn’t not”
Twinkle was a bit annoyed and yuvi said sorry.
Yuvi:”ok, i am sorry next time whenever you will call i will take it even if i am with my mom”
Twinkle:”no leave it”
And yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi thinks to tell her everything that he found out but chinki came to twinkle and took her away as a teacher wanted to meet her.

After college,
All four, Rohan, Chinki and Twiraj returned back together. Yuvi dropped Rohan and chinki at their place and then they both head to their homes.

In the car, yuvi was thinking how to tell twinkle about what his dad do. But he was too ashamed. And soon they reached home and twinkle began to go, yuvi stopped her by holding her waist but couldn’t say anything. Twinkle thought he wanted a kiss and kissed him on his cheeks and went to her place.

Yuvi was upset that he couldn’t tell her and when he turned away, he saw twinkle’s grandfather staring at him.
Yuvi to himself:”did he see anything?”
Yuvi greet him and started to go but twinkle’s grandad(dadaji) stopped him.
Dadaji:”are you going somewhere?”
Yuvi just said a place name and dadaji asked him if he can drop him there.
Yuvi hesitate but complies.

In the car
Yuvi was uncomfortable as dadaji never did that before.(asking help from Luthras)
There was complete silence until yuvi phone rang. It was twinkle and yuvi didn’t want to answer.
Dadaji:” pick it, might be important”
Yuvi:”it is ok, i will call back later on. I am driving, it is an offense,right?”
Dadaji:” put it on speaker”
Yuvi shouted:”no,….” Then he calmed down:”i mean it’s not soo important”

Dadaji took his phone and saw the name flashing as “baby” and pick it up and put it on speaker.
Yuvi was scared that twinkle doesn’t know that her dadaji will listen.
As soon as twinkle said “hi…”
Yuvi:” i will call you later on…ok?”
Twinkle:”but i want to talk…”
Dadaji already got to know that it was twinkle but pretended like he doesn’t.
Yuvi:”plz, i will call you later on…”
But twinkle continued:” I am missing you, plz come on the terrace, i want to see you”
Yuvi was uncomfortable and he continuously looked at dadaji to see his expression. Dadaji was also uncomfortable listening to this.

Yuvi tried to stop her but she continued:”yuvi, plz, i planned something special for you on terrace”
Yuvi:” twinkle, I can’t come I am not at home, i am with your…”
Twinkle:”oh sorry I didn’t know that you were not at home, sorry, you must be driving. I will call you later on. Love you.” And she hang the phone.

Yuvi looked tensely at dadaji and thinks what to say to him.
Yuvi was embarrassed but not less than dadaji.
Dadaji:”stop the car!”
Yuvi:” I know that…”
Dadaji:”i said stop the car”
Yuvi stop the car.
Dadaji:”come out”
Yuvi was fearing the worst. He came out of the car hesitantly.
Once he came out of the car, yuvi started to explain dadaji but dadaji stopped him.
Dadaji:” do you both know what you are doing? Your moms hate each other and you both… I didn’t expect that you two will ever fall for each other. You both hated each other”

Yuvi:”I know dadaji, but it happened. I don’t know when I started to fall for her. And i really love her”
Dadaji:”you both don’t know the consequences of this love. What will you do your moms will find out? You guys don’t even know what happened 20 years ago…”
Yuvi:”i know…”
Dadaji looked at him shocked.
Dadaji:”what do you know?”

Yuvi:” my dad misbehave with Leela aunty and she filled police complaint against him. He couldn’t bear it and committed suicide, that’s why my mom hate Leela aunty so much”
Yuvi:”and i am trying to find out but that’s the only thing i know right now”
Dadaji:”you don’t know the full story, you only know the half. I can’t believe that you both fell in love despite knowing the enmity of our moms”
Yuvi:”half story? You must know the full story, plz tell me so that i can solve their differences”
Dadaji:”you can’t do anything, in 20 years all have worsened”
Yuvi:”but tell me, plzz”
Dadaji:”ok, you want to hear it then, your mom and Leela were best friends long ago…”
Yuvi:”what? How is that possible?”

All this is shown trough flashbacks Dadaji:”yes, they were best friends. After their marriages, their husbands became friends too. Your dad was a doctor and he delivered twinkle, and after 3 years, Leela was expecting another baby. She went there for check up, that day your father misbehaved with her and Leela slapped him. She directly went to police station to file a complaint, she didn’t think about anything else, neither her friendship nor asking her husband. Next day, it was on the headlights and your dad couldn’t bear it and committed suicide. And after that, Leela tried to explain to Anita but like anyone else your mom was angry because she had full trust on her husband. Leela thought to let her calm down for some days and then she would talk to her. Then Leela’s husband took all of us away from here as Leela was stressed during her pregnancy. We came back after 4 months, after Leela delivery. And don’t know what happened during that time, but Anita declared that Leela was having an affair with your dad, even before their marriages, and that twinkle was their daughter. And when Dr. Luthra told her to leave her husband and come with him, Leela filed the complaint.There were pictures which Anita showed which confirmed the whole story. Leela pleaded in front of everyone that she was innocent but even her husband didn’t believe that and he took their second daughter and left.

But the next day, Leela received news that her husband had an accident and him and their daughter died in that accident. From that day, Leela started to hate Anita as she considers your mom to be responsible for her husband’s death.”
Flashbacks ends.
Dadaji:”and till now, they hate each other and that didn’t change”
Yuvi was shocked at this revelation and could not react.
Dadaji:”at that time, everyone was confused, we didn’t know who to believe but Leela was too broken for the loss of her husband and daughter so we stood by her side, but your mom didn’t have anyone. You were her only support. How will she react when she will know that her son is in love with her enemy’s daughter.”
Yuvi was too shocked to react and all was just confusing for him; his mom, twinkle and all that happened.

Dadaji requested yuvi:”plz, twinkle doesn’t know this. And i beg you not to tell her and leave her alone.”

Then Dadaji left. Yuvi stood there, shocked and confused.
After some time, yuvi broke down and cry. Yuvi Shouted to himself:” why? Dad? What did you do? How am i gonna face twinkle? She will be broken knowing this. She will hate me and mom forever”

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