tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 32

At night
Yuvi was at an unknown place, he remembered all his memories of his dad and how he used to spend time at that place.
Anita called him and he said he will come.

As yuvi reached home, he saw twinkle with her grandfather, they smiled at each other and her grandfather noticed that. He became quite suspicious and when yuvi noticed it he went quickly inside.
Twinkle also noticed it and went inside quickly

Later in the evening
Twinkle receive a message from yuvi asking to come on her terrace.
Twinkle to herself:” he is crazy. If anyone sees him…”
She went on the terrace and noticed that yuvi was not there but there was a gift on the floor.
Twinkle opened it and saw a beautiful dress
Yuvi was on his terrace and called twinkle.
Yuvi:”hi, baby did you like it?”
Twinkle:”yes,love it. thank you”
Yuvi:” ok so plz wear it, and come with with me”
Twinkle:”ok but where?”

After getting ready, twinkle went to yuvi who was waiting for her near their house.
Yuvi was mesmerized seeing her and twinkle said:” yuvi, plz stop staring”
Yuvi:”i am just admiring my baby”
Twinkle blushed and said:”now stop it, let’s go plz.”
And they drove off.

They drove for approximately 15 mins.
Yuvi stopped at a place and it was completely dark.
Yuvi:”let’s go”
Twinkle:”where is this yuvi? It is completely dark”
Yuvi:”trust me twinkle, lets go”
Twinkle hesitantly said yes.
When they got off the car, twinkle held yuvi’s hand tightly as she was scared. Yuvi noticed it and told her to relax.

When they walked a little bit, yuvi stopped her and asked to wait here. And the lights turned on, there were beautiful decorations with lightning and stars hanging everywhere . And soon the flashlights shows different stalls of food; pani puri, ice cream, and sweets stalls(sorry I don’t know much of the food stalls)
And twinkle hugged yuvi, and thanked him.
She went quickly to the stalls and started eating one by one, while yuvi looked at her lovingly.
When twinkle noticed him, she pulled him with her and forced him to eat, while he kept refusing, but he finally gave in.
After some time,
Yuvi noticed some children outside the gate and went to them.
Twinkle was at the pani puri stall and asked the vendor:” where do you operate, i will call you for every party at my place. I didn’t eat such amazing pani puri in whole Amritsar”
Vendor:”but I don’t operate here, sir(yuvi) bought us from Mumbai.”
Twinkle was shocked and asked:”from Mumbai?”
Vendor:”yes, we came from Mumbai and he requested every one here. He must love you a lot, you are very lucky”
Twinkle smiled and thinks:”yuvi brought them especially from Mumbai just because i love Mumbai delicacies”

Yuvi came back with the children and asked the vendors to give them everything that they want.
Twinkle stood there and looked at him lovingly and teary eyed.
Yuvi came to her and asked: what happened? Why are you crying?”
Twinkle hugged him and said:” I love you yuvi”
Yuvi hugged her back and then asked her again:”twinkle what happened?”
Twinkle:” you bought everyone from Mumbai right? Why did you?”
Yuvi:”because you love these foods”
Twinkle again hugged him.
Yuvi:”why so emotional?”
Twinkle:” because it is special for a girl, that her boyfriend does so much for her”

Yuvi dropped twinkle at her house and kissed her on her cheeks.
Twinkle:”yuvi where you going?”
Yuvi:”twinkle, don’t worry, i will come back in 2 hours”
Twinkle:”but yuvi, plz it is so late. Don’t go now, plz”
Yuvi:”ok, but i will go tomorrow morning”
Twinkle:”done, I won’t stop you”
And finally they both went to their house.

Next morning
At Anita’s house
There were some preparations going on and the house was very busy. Yuvi came in the hall sleepy and asked Anita what was going on.
Anita:”baby, your dad’s friend, Mr. Malhotra, is going to come back to India today. 18 years ago, he shifted to Australia and now he is coming back as his mom want to come back here. Until they find a permanent place, they will stay with us”
Yuvi, confused:”ok, mom, as you wish. When are they coming?”
Anita:”tonight, so be here for dinner”
Yuvi:”yeah, ok i have to get ready for college”

Precap: didn’t think about till now.

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