tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 31

Hey guyz thank you for your support, plz i need suggestions about the reason for leela’s hatred towards anita! Plzz i am trying to find a good reason but nothing is coming.

Recap: anita told yuvi everything about his dad’s sucide
Twinkle tried calling yuvi whole night but he didn’t answer.
Next day, in college
Twinkle searched yuvi and found him with rohan at the cafeteria
Twinkle noticed a sad yuvi and signaled rohan asking him what happened and rohan came to her saying that yuvi is very sad and not talking to anyone.
Twinkle asked rohan to bring yuvi in the garden area during lunch time.

After hours of class, yuvi was still as before and trying to ignore everyone. Rohan came to him and said:” lets go to the garden area, you will feel better”
At first yuvi refused but rohan pulled him. They walked a bit and rohan makes an excuse that he forgot his phone in classroom and told yuvi to go there he will come.

Garden area
Yuvi was walking aimlessly and then he spotted chinki who was directing him where to go. Yuvi was confused but followed her directions.
When yuvi arrived at that spot, he noticed a big heart made of red roses on the ground. Inside it, it was written: YUVRAJ AND TWINKLE FOREVER with white roses. And there was a small gift in there. Yuvi picked up the gift and opened it to find a watch and a chit saying:” sad yuvi doesn’t look good, his baby likes him when he is smiling and fighting with her.”
Yuvi smiled after reading the chit and then he received a text from twinkle saying:” thats better” And another text saying: “turn around ”

Yuvi turned and saw her near a tree waving at him. Yuvi came to her and hugged her.
Yuvi:”i love you twinkle”
Twinkle:”i love you too”
Yuvi thanked her for the beautiful surprise and kissed her cheeks. Twinkle blushed and kissed him back on his cheeks.
Twiraj sat there and talked.
Twinkle:” yuvi, why were soo sad in the morning?”
Yuvi thinks if he should tell her or not and decide to tell but at that time twinkle phone rang.
Twinkle;” yuvi we have to go back home… Our moms…” And they left

Outside their house
Leela and anita were arguing while whole neighborhood was watching.
Leela:” what do you think of yourself?”
Anita:” don’t leela don’t you dare say that”
Both twiraj came and stopped them. They both tried to calm them down but in vain.
Anita:” don’t say anything leela, what ever happened was your fault”
Leela:” and what did you afterwards, that was not your fault?” (They are arguing about whatever happened 20 years ago)
Anita:” you know what, just let it be I don’t want to argue with you. Let’s go yuvi”
Leela:”yeah go but remember that i was not at fault at that time”
Anita:”I don’t want to talk to neither you nor your daughter”
Leela:”even I don’t and don’t even say twinkle’s name”
Anita:”what will you do? Ohh leela gets angry when we say something about her princess”
Leela:”don’t say anything ”
Anita:”why? Leela don’t make your daughter like you who will fight with everyone else the boy who will marry her will suffer. Poor boy”
Leela:”did you see your son who will give their daughter’s hand to him? Who?”
Yuvi:” aunty plz stop it”
Twinkle:”you stop your mom”
And finally both pulled their moms apart.
Finally both leela and anita entered while twiraj looked at each other tensely.

Yuvi went to anita room and saw her sleeping. He pulled the bedsheets on her. Then he noticed his dad’s picture next to her.
Yuvi took the photo and thinks:”I don’t know what to do? I can’t believe that you did that but such an allegation can’t be ignored too”

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  1. Awww..lovely episode

  2. Nice episode Zai

  3. they will be friends and after allegations leela hate because Anita doesn’t trust her.

  4. because leela husband left her after Anita allegations that leela had affair with Anita husband.

  5. Anita and leela fights on cliff or river and leela lost her 2nd daughter on cliff or river

  6. reason of enmity can be misunderstanding caused by third person

  7. u can show tht they were good frnds bt as arav said misunderstanding caused by 3rd person…smthng tht can be rectified nw..for the sake of twiraj….btw hwz ur health zai?

  8. nice one yaar,the reason for leela hatred for anitha a miss understanding happend in the twinki and yuvi s child such that they are studying in same school something went wrong there

  9. Awesome epi Zai…i hope ur health is better now…and about the motive of hatred b/w the families…as far as i remember yuvi’s dad was a doctor so u can say he administrated a wrong medicine to leela due to that she lost her second baby and leela blamed him and he endeed up in jail and suicided coz of guilt and shame.

  10. As arav said ther should be a third person ..
    The docter did’nt suicide he was murderd…..so to make it a suicide attempt the third person preplaaned and arranged a man who has same body language……. (he can wear docters mask smthg like that) of docter and he misbehaved with leela …..and they made fake news that he died due to shame………

  11. I tink arya or atav idea can be used as the reason….anyway..overall it was nice…

  12. Liya”s one also better

  13. Thanks everyone for your suggestions
    And i am better now thank you
    I will try to upload one episode later on

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