tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 30

In the car
Yuvi and rohan were driving somewhere
Yuvi try to read the article that he found in her mom’s room.
They reached outside a library. As soon as they entered they went to search through newspapers and trying to find a clue.
After hours of search
They were disappointed by the results but yuvi went to the computers in the library and searched it.
Yuvi found the some information that he already knew( remembering that it was 20 years ago so not soo much of details)
Yuvi went home and waited for anita and said that he needs to know even if it hurt her.
After half an hour
Anita came back and till then yuvi felt asleep on the sofa.
Anita wake him up and ask him to go up in his room.
As anita was leaving for her room yuvi stopped her and say that he want to talk to her.
Yuvi:”mom can I ask you something”
Anita:” what happened baby?”

Yuvi:”plz mom, plz answer me and don’t ignore it”
Anita:”but first tell me”
Yuvi, a bit hesitant:”mom plz tell me what happened between you and leela aunty”
Anita, angry:” i told you that I don’t want to talk about this”
Yuvi:”mom plz trust me, i will not blame you”
Yuvi:” plz mom”
Anita:”ok you want to know then listen, i did not want to be hurt but if you really want this then. Your dad committed suicide because of that leela taneja”
Hearing this, yuvi got shocked and asked:”why? What did she do?”
Anita told everything to yuvi but also shows trust on husband that he cannot do so
Anita cried by remembering all the incidents in flashback
Anita:”but baby i am sure that your dad did not do anything that leela must be lying. Plz don’t doubt your dad”
Yuvi:” but why did he committed suicide if he was not wrong” and yuvi left from there shocked
Yuvi came to his car and and looked at twinkle’s room window thinking “how i am going to tell you this?”
Yuvi drove his car away to some isolated place. He remembers his few memories of his dad and what anita told him.
Twinkle called him thrice but he couldn’t answer as he will not be able to tell her. He kept thinking

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