tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 3


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In washroom:
Twinkle was embarrassed and fumbling saying : ” I… didn’t. .. know. I am sorry.” And she ran out of the washroom.
Yuvi thinks : ” cravy girl”

While walking back to her place Twinkle thinks : ” stupid am I… I didn’t even realise where I was going.”

Someone collides with her and her back to reality. As she reached her place she started to search for chinki but she was nowhere. Twinkle checked her phone and found multiple calls from chinki and a message stating that she needs to go home as some emergency came out.
Twinkle gets worried and decides to leave. When she reach the parking lot she realised that she came with chinki in her car. She thinks to call Raman but her battery was dead.

She get tensed thinking how will she reach home. At that moment she spot yuvi and thinks to ask for help but hesitates thinking he will taunt her afterwards. Yuvi also saw her worried and thinks : ” is she in problem? Should I help her? No! She has lot of ego she won’t come. Let it be. But…?”

Yuvi waited for some time in his car while Twinkle kept on looking here and there hoping he would ask. Finally he gave in and asked her:”would you come along or should I leave? ”
Twinkle thinks:” if I had any other option then I would not even ask him”. She walks to him and seats in his car.

@ twinkle house
Leela is worried about twinkle as she didn’t return and even her phone is off. She prays to God to keep her safe.

Same @ yuvi’s house
Anita is worried said:” this boy is impossible…couldn’t he call once at least I would be reasured that he is fine ” she calls yuvi. At that time, yuvi was about to get into the car.
He informed her that he is fine and will reach soon.

Credit to: zai

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  1. Nice but my dear plz can u bring twinj instead of twinraj

  2. Yea u r right fairy make twinkj jodi i hate yuvi

  3. no yuvi and twinklr rock dont forget that tei was about twinkle and yuvi until the writer changed the story around liars then brought in kunj the annoying so fake nice guy but i hate twinkle shes acts so dumb yuvi desrves someone way better than twinklr shes not even that good looking chinki shouldvr been with yuvi he suits the hot loving boyfriend role and chinki is cute and they wouldvr been a good couple and twinkle the dumb girl with that annoying kunj he acts to nice and hes family is so typical plus i hate leela and raman and bebe there so over protective of twinkle but she dont deserve it the ppl who want twinj arent real tei fans coz then they wouldve watched it from the start and known the real story of the show and fell in love with uvi aka zain imam tei was supposed to be about yuvi and twinkle making thier mums enemyty finish and unite them so theyc an be together happily and thier journey of love watch the promos from the beggining then ull know

  4. i think real tei fan u dnt deserve to be a tei fan coz if u wld have seen their interviews then u wld have came to known why they made the entry of kunj nd fr ur kind info yuvi is the antogonist nd he is real shit dumbo character dont dare to say anything abot our kunj nd annything about our fav couple twinj… if u have seen tei frm starting then u ,should have known that it ws yuvi who was cheating twinkle nd fr ur kind information twinkle is not dumb yuvi ws nt trying to remove the enemity between their mums it ws only twinkle who was trying her level best nd it was the plan of anita and yuvi to take revenge from twinkle… so dnt even dare to say anything about kunj.. nd dnt blame anyone else coz if u wld have been a real tei fan then u should know what yuvi is been doing all the way from the starting… better you stay out of it nd its just an ff so plzzz read it.. if we twinj fans are not saying anything about twiraj ff’s then better u too shut ur mouth nd dnt ever try to say anything about our kunj and twinkle….

    1. i will talk about kunj wat are u gonna do about it b*t*h kunj is a chuttiya uvi aka zain imam is hott and ure jealous that hes better than u komall loser and who the f**k do u think u are saying i dont deserve to be a tei fan and dont fkn tell me dont dare this or dont dare that i wil do watever i want on this sit and u cant do shit about it the writers of this show are liars and btw twinkllle is dumb like u

      1. nd u r dumb too nd i m nt saying anything about zain imam i m saying about the character of yuvi he is a real shit piece of work going on nd for your kind information we twinj fans are not saying anything about twiraj ff’s so u dnt have any right to talk about our twinj and kunj so please i m requesting u to stop saying anything about kunj nd contiue reading the ff as the cv’s are doing wat they want to nd the character of uv is never gonna change nd one thing more i m not saying anything about zain imam i m just saying that the character of yuvi being played by him is not good he is an antogonist nd i too love the looks of zain imam its just that he is been a villain so plzz stop saying anything about kunj and twinkle nd just peacefully read the ff’s

  5. Fairy and Harsani I am sorry there won’t be kunj in my ff. I know that the real character of yuvi is not like this but I am referring to the character yuvi which was shown at the beginnig.
    I hate the way which the makers changed the storyline. In every promo and even the title song there was only zain and jasmine. And then they made twinj the couple. I found that very unfair.
    Anyway I wanted to see how they both fell in love despite their families being ennemies. Thats why I wrote this but if you guys ars not liking it then I will stop it but there would bo no twinj ever for me. Sorry

  6. no no please continue.. i liked it . i like this pair by the way there are so many ff on kunj and twinkle .please continue

  7. Dear plz don’t stop your story I also like kunj but I like uv tooo there r silent readers who like your story plz don’t stop for whom those read I have read each nd every episode plz don’t stop it in midi like your story very mch

  8. I also like uv wid twinkle ,they make a gud couple

  9. Thank you anu and priya and I am sorry. I will surely continue for you and the silent readers

  10. i also believe thats right.. kunj is a good actor but yuvraj’s character is wierdly changed. from promos he was expected to be the hero and he is doing good job in all characters

  11. i hate the way yuvraj’s role is being changed .. and yeah the story of enemies becoming cool wouldve been way better other than entry of new characters

  12. chomki is more beutifill than twimke but Twinkle fits in her place . i think chimki would no t suit at Twinkles place.realy story is sooooooooo much lovly . plz write alot as yu can.only a short paragragh it is.write more.

  13. Mish thank you I will try to make it longer next time

  14. nice…keep it up with twinraj

  15. zaii your fff is realyy coooooll plzzzzzz don’t change the coupleeeeee
    loveeee…..twinraajjjjjjjj alot……….

  16. Dear i just found ur ff and im in love with it…pls dont change the pair coz i love twinraj and i totally agree with u the CV did a big mistake when the changed yuvi’s character and brought kunj as the hero….it was unfair coz yuvi was suppose to be the hero even in the promos they showed us twinraj pair kunj was nowhere in the promos…actually after kunj entry and twinkle and yuvi’s separation i didnt watch the show so much….so ur ff is like a dream come true to me…pls keep writing.

  17. Thank you elly, liya, harsha, mish. It will remain twinraj till the end.
    I agree with you elly in every promo there showed uv and twinkle and then they changed as there were too many twinj fans. The writers knew they didn’t make twinj the couple they would lose their audiences.

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