tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 29

Really sorry guys for not updating for so many days. I was not well and had to stay in hospital and they were not allowing me to use my phone, really sorry guys.

After hours,
Twiraj were on their respective terrace talking on the phone. Both tensed about the situation.
Twinkle: “what is happening yuvi? We want to unite our moms but they are continuously fighting”
Yuvi: “i know twinkle, it is going to be difficult but we have to do it for us and for them too. How long are they going to fight like this?”
Twinkle: “yeah but what will we do? And how long will we have to hide our love from them? Sometimes i want to hug my mom and tells her everything which normally every girl does but…”
Yuvi:”twinkle I promise you that once their problems are settled up we both will talk to our moms together”
Twinkle smiled at him.
Yuvi:” twinkle, we will have to behave like we hate each other in front of them so that they do not feel we are not supporting them. And meanwhile we will try to know the reason of their hatred”
Twinkle:”ok we will fight like before”
Yuvi:” by this, our love will be different, our love will be considered as tashan e ishq. A unique love story. We will have something interesting to tell to our children later on”
Twinkle blushed at his answer.
Yuvi;”someone’s blushing…” And twinkle turned away.

Later in the night
Yuvi, while working around in his room, kept thinking about what to do to get to know about the past.

Next morning
Twinkle got a message from yuvi stating that he needs to meet her and to come outside. And twinkle followed the instructions.
Yuvi:”twinkle try to know anything from your mom, I can’t ask mine as i promised her, plz try to ask her”
Twinkle:” I don’t know yuvi, i mean i never discussed that with maa before, if i adk she might doubt”
Yuvi:” twinkle plz try once for me plz” and twinkle noded yes.
Yuvi kissed her on her cheeks before she leaves and she hugged him.

Twinkle’s residence
Twinkle in her room was thinking how to ask leela as she never discussed this before. She was walking around her room nervously. Leela spotted her and ask her the reason. Twinkle got more nervous seeing her mom and fumbles saying:” maa…i…want…to talk to you”
Leela entered the room.
Leela:” what happened twinkle?”
Twinkle still nervous:” maa…how was your day at work?”
Leela:”twinkle what happened to you, it is still morning and i have not yet gone to work”
Twinkle:” sorry…I actually ”
Leela:”what happened twinkle?”
Twinkle, in one breath:” i want to know what happened between you and anita aunty that you each ither like this?”
Leela, seems angry and worried:” why are you asking this?”
Twinkle:” just to know maa, since childhood i hace seen you both fighting and i supported you every time but now when i think about it i am clueless about why am i fighting with her”
Leela:” twinkle, you won’t understand, this is complicated what ever happened. Anita has one reason to hate me and i have mine. Plz di not ask me this. Whatever happened long ago between me anita and mr luthra is too complicated, and I don’t want to explain, so plz don’t get into this”
And she left the room while twinkle was lost in her thoughts

After an hour
Twiraj were talking on the phone
Yuvi, seeing her lost:” what happened baby?”
Twinkle told him evrything what leela said and after listening to her yuvi said:” i was right it all about my dad, otherwise why would your mom say my dad’s name?”
Twinkle:” now what will you do?”
Yuvi:” i have a little idea” and winked at her hanging the phone.
Twinkle self thought:”what is he upto?”

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  1. Guys so sorry for updating after so many days and sorry for mistakes.
    Guys i need help plz suggest me a reason for leela’s hatred towards anita because there is no reason in the serial and i am blocked, plz suggest it!!! Thank you

  2. Misunderstanding between leela, aneeta, and her husband!!

  3. Take care.get well soon

  4. as she tried to hurt twinkle and she challenged with leela that she will ruin twinkle and in anger she also said that she will use uv to hurt twinkle as in serial but in reality there is no such thing as she loves her son and other than this she is good and kind hearted so leela worried for twinkle and she secretly spies on yuvi but as no one in college knows about their relation so leela does nt know about it this is my suggetion zai off course it is upto u to decide but really ur ff is very nice no much negitivity and continue in the same track

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