tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 28


Next morning
Twinkle was getting ready and wore a pink salwar. Yuvi was waiting for her a bit far from their house.
Yuvi: “hi… u look pretty”
Twinkle: “thank you! You also look handsome but not more than me”
Yuvi and twinkle drove to college together.
When they reached, they met Rohan and chinki and shared everything with them. They both were happy for twinraj and hugged them.

In class
Yuvi and twinkle sat next to Rohan and chinki respectively. (They did not want anyone to see them together)
While the class was going, yuvi and twinkle were exchanging glances and talked with gestures.
Through gesture
Twinkle: “what are you looking at?”
Yuvi: “you”
They continued for a while when chinki noticed them and asked twinkle to concentrate on class and Rohan said the same to yuvi. And they all followed the class but twiraj were still at times looking at each other.

After class,
Yuvi brought twinkle to a garden to spend some time with her. Twinraj were chatting, yuvi had his head in twinkle’s lap, while twinkle was sitting. They both were very happy about their newly found love.
After more than an hour, they returned home and saw their moms fighting near the gates of the 2 houses.
Leela: “stop it, Anita?”
Anita: “why should I? I did not say anything wrong”
Leela: “I have something important, I don’t have time to argue with”
Anita: “even I have to go, so move your car”
Leela: “why should i? You move yours”
They continued fighting and twinraj tried to separate them. They both succeeded to bring their moms in their house.

Both Taneja’s and Luthra’s house
Leela and Anita: “what does she thinks about herself? Even I had to go out. The road do not belong to them”
Twinraj, trying to calm them down: “mom\ maa plz, calm down…”
But both of them continued.

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Credit to: zai

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