tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 27

On their way back home, in the car
Twinkle couldn’t stop smiling and blushing.
Yuvi: “be ready tomorrow morning, we will go together to college” twinkle just nod yes, smilingly.
Yuvi: “twinkle, plz, I want my fighting twinkle, not this one. I loved that twinkle who fought with me, not this one”
Twinkle, trying to stop smiling: “ok Yuvraj Luthra, you want that twinkle, then you will get to see only that girl”
Yuvi: “that’s my fighting girl.” And they both laughed.

Yuvi left twinkle a bit away from their home, so that they are not seen together. Twinkle hugged him and said good night.
Yuvi, hold her hand and pulled her close and said: “you are forgetting something? My good night kiss?” and lean close to her but twinkle pushed him away and ran from there. Yuvi was sad but then twinkle came back and kissed him on his cheek and ran away. Yuvi was surprise and smiled.

Twinkle house
Twinkle came in all smiling and happy. Leela was happy and confused seeing her and went to her.
Leela: “twinkle? Where are you coming from?”
Twinkle, trying to hide her smile: “nothing maa, I was with chinki.”
Leela: “why were you smiling so much?”
Twinkle: “no maa, am not” and ran from there.
Leela to herself: “what happened to her?”
Twinkle in her bedroom,
Twinkle was thinking about the date with yuvi and smiling and playing with her bracelet when she got a call of yuvi.
Yuvi: “thinking about me?”
Twinkle: “no”
Yuvi: “then why are playing with the bracelet?”
Twinkle thinks: “is he seeing me?”
Yuvi: “don’t worry, I am in my room. I just guess it and it was true”
Twinkle: “why did you call?”
Yuvi: “just to say good night and plz come to the balcony so that I can say good night in a proper way”
Twinkle hung the phone and thinks: “is he in balcony?” and hurriedly go to her balcony.
Twinkle opened the door and came outside and saw yuvi on his balcony, waving to her.
Yuvi gave her a flying kiss and text her: “dream about me”
Twinkle smiled at the text and replied: “I won’t, I will dream about my prince charming”
Yuvi faked his smile seeing the text. And he got another text: “my prince charming who is in front of me”
Yuvi smiled seeing her. They continued for a while when suddenly twinkle spot Anita coming behind yuvi and hid.
Yuvi was confused but then Anita called him: “yuvi, what are you doing here at this time? You have college tomorrow, go sleep”
Yuvi nod yes and hug his mom saying good night and went to his room. When Anita left, twinkle came out of her hiding place and went to her room.
Both twinraj were lost in each other’s thoughts and finally dozed off.

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