tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 26


Later in the day
Twinkle was in her room, when she received a text from yuvi telling to be ready at 8. Twinkle happily went to decide her dress and thinks that there is still time, but was feeling impatient already.
Chinki made twinkle ready and at 8, she went to yuvi who was waiting for her near their house. Yuvi was mesmerized seeing her and twinkle told him: “stop staring and let’s go”
Yuvi followed her orders and they drove to a restaurant. They reached there and yuvi opened the door. Twinkle was stunned seeing the decorations: the restaurant’s floor was covered with red heart-shaped balloons and red light were covering the walls, with a white table in the middle.
The manager came to them and twinkle asked him if there is no-one. To which he replied that yuvi booked the entire restaurant for her and he personally did all the arrangements. Twinkle looked surprisingly at yuvi while he felt shy.

Yuvi signal the manager to leave and he left.
Twinraj settled down and waiters brought the dinner. They ate while talking and after the dinner, yuvi asked twinkle to close her eyes. Twinkle was hesitant but yuvi asked her to trust him and she closed her eyes.
Yuvi went on her knees next to twinkle, who was sitting, and asked her to open her eyes. When she did so, yuvi present her a gift and asked her to unwrap it. When she did so, she found a bracelet (the same in the serial). Twinkle asked yuvi to make her wear it and he did it.
Twinkle was looking at the bracelet but when she looked up, yuvi was nowhere. She called out to him, looking around. Then yuvi appeared playing his guitar and singing for her
‘tu itni khubsuraat ho fida didar pe tere’

Twinkle felt so special and hugged him at the end of the song. After the song, yuvi put his guitar on the chair and asked twinkle for a dance and she happily forward her hand in his. And they dance on a romantic song ‘khuda jaane’ from the movie bachna eo haseeno.

Twinraj were much closed and while dancing, yuvi kissed twinkle on her forehead, then her eyes. Yuvi swings her around and kissed her bareback. Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch, feeling butterflies in her stomach. Yuvi turned her once again and they came face to face. Yuvi cupped her face and their lips were an inch away. Yuvi was about to kiss her but stopped.

Yuvi: “twinkle? If you don’t want me to kiss you, I won’t?” but twinkle looked at him and then closed her eyes and they had their first kiss.

Credit to: zai

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  1. Zai dear thanks for another amazing part…really u described twinraj scenes so nice…i felt like i was watching it in front of me…keep it up dear u write beautifully…i donno how old you are but trust me when i say that ur writing is almost as a professional writer with years of experience…good job

    1. same here.its like watching infront of me too..tq for ur great story..keep it up ur best work..tq

  2. Every lines are so beautiful…loved it

  3. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and i will try to live up to your expectations.

  4. kya zabardast ff likhte zai ap..bhot pyara tha ye epi nxt epi k liye intezar hai

  5. I justt loved it deaarrr…..can’t wait for the next ep…..and a biggg hugggg for posting the fff regularlyyyy…

  6. Please update fast zai

    1. Because we love u and your ff

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