tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 25


After 1 month,
The scene is shifted in London, the busy roads of London at peak hours. And an apartment, at the door steps were few packed bags. Anita was busy packing last minute. And then a room, in which yuvi was lying on bed, with his phone. His things were already packed and downstairs. Anita called him saying that they will be late for flight and he ran downstairs.
Anita: “baby, slow down. You still have to take to be careful.”
Yuvi: “yes, mom, now let’s go” yuvi was really happy to go back.
And they both left for the airport and took their flights.
Back to India,
Yuvi and Anita arrived late in the night. Yuvi said that he will bring the bags and Anita went inside.

Yuvi, looking at twinkle’s window said: “I missed you so much twinkle. I want to see you but don’t know about you? Guess I will have to wait a little bit more to see you” and smiling entered his house with the bags.
Yuvi went to his room and changed. Ho looked at his guitar and said: “I miss you too” and started to play a beautiful tune.
Next morning,
Twinkle was about to go out when she saw yuvi talking and hugging Rohan but turned away thinking it was her imagination. She turned back to confirm but till then yuvi left with Rohan.
She was walking on the road and noticed yuvi again. Yuvi saw her and smiled after seeing her after more than a month. He waved hi to her but twinkle could believe that he was actually there. She pinched herself and realized it was him only since the beginning.
Realizing that, twinkle ran to yuvi and hugged him. Yuvi had mixed emotions of happiness and he was confused by twinkle’s action but reciprocates her hug.
Twinkle cried saying: “where were you? I waited so long for you, why did you leave me?” yuvi was confused but didn’t interrupt her.

Twinkle, still crying, continued: “why did you leave? I waited for you every day so that I can tell you that the thing that you wanted to hear”
Yuvi was surprised: “what?”
Twinkle: “I wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOU YUVI, I really do”
Yuvi breaking the hug, asked twinkle: “what did you say?”
Twinkle: “I love you yuvi” and yuvi hugged her once again. Yuvi was about to kiss her but twinkle said: “no, public place” and ran back to her house. Yuvi was really happy and felt on top of the world.

precap: twinraj date

Credit to: zai

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  1. Awwww so sweet dear…twinkle finally confessed her feelings to yuvi…yeppy waiting for their romance…i loved the last scene when yuvi tried to kiss her and she run from there…

  2. wow..the twinkle’s proposal made my eyes teary..huhu..nice.great.keep it up.

  3. Very bad I love twinj not twiraj

    1. Then go and read twinj ff and let twinraj fans enjoy their ff peacefully…i dont even get it why twinj fans come and comment on a twinraj ff…

  4. oofffooo..nice epi ye sab serial me hona tha..yuvi to serial me nahi hai ab..mai to twnkl n yuvi k liye he serial dkhti thi…thnks 4 ur ff mjhe ye tmr ff bhot pasand aur kitna wait krri nai zai tmr ff k liye itne din se…thnku so mch…n pls jaldi nxt epi dalo im wtng

  5. I’m a twinj fan but love this ff can’t wait for more

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