tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 24


sorry for not posting these days as i had loads of homework. thank you so much for the support.
i am sorry for the twinj fan but there is no knuj in this ff. sorry for those who are expecting knuj.
there is only yuvi here, i respect your choice of being twinj but this my creation. there are so many twinj ff if you want them. sorry if i offended twinj fans
Next day, @college
Twinkle tried searching for yuvi, but didn’t find him. She came to Rohan who was with chinki and asked him.

Rohan: “yuvi went to London with Anita aunty, he will be back soon.”
Twinkle: “London? In this state? Why did he go there when he is not well, tell me Rohan? Why?’ Rohan told her everything and twinkle cried saying: “it was all my fault, he fought for me” chinki consoled. And twinkle asked Rohan to tell her if he gets any news of yuvi.
A week past,
During this time, twinkle was missing yuvi and sad by not getting any news of yuvi. Leela questioned her several times but she didn’t answered. And on the hand, Rohan tried finding about the reason of yuvi’s dad suicide through someone but was disappointed by the result.
Chinki came to twinkle to cheer her up. Chinki was trying to cheer her by acting funnily but then twinkle told her: “God knows how yuvi is. He didn’t even call once, he doesn’t care for me or else he would have call me once.”

Chinki: “but why is it affecting you twinkle? You hate yuvi, right”
Twinkle: “no, I don’t hate him, he did so much for me. He helped him during the college trip, he protected me and fought for me twice, he made me feel so special when he proposed to him, and he even apologized to me when he kissed me, then how can I hate that boy?”
Chinki, surprised at her answer, asked her: “twinkle do you love him?”
Twinkle: “yeah, I love him. And now I want to tell him that, but he is not here. When I didn’t want to see his face, he was always there in front of me but now…” she cried and continued: “he came near me and I always pushed him away and now he is away, I want him to be here with me. Why did I reject him?” chinki hugged her saying that yuvi will return.
Twinkle: “what if he doesn’t?”

Chinki: “he loves a lot, he won’t be able to stay away from you. See you fate made you love away from you for you to realize it”
Twinkle: “yuvi will have to come back”
From that day, twinkle waited for yuvi to come back so that she can tell him that she loves him.

precap: yuvi and anita returning

Credit to: zai

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  1. Superb dear…finally twinkle realised her love for yuvi…cant wait for next part…

  2. Nice epi.waiting to read more

  3. who wants kunj in this FF.This is only the fanfiction of twinkle and yuvi.i liked it toooooooooo much

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