tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 23


Rohan and Anita was in yuvi’s ward and was waiting for the results, when the doctor asked them to come in his cabin.
Twinkle and chinki reached the hospital and went to yuvi’s ward. Twinkle looked at yuvi lovingly and felt bad. She was about to go inside but chinki pulled her away as Anita and Rohan came back. And they came out of the hospital and chinki said to twinkle: “let’s go else Anita will see us”
Anita and Rohan came to yuvi’s ward and saw him awake, he asked his mom what happened?
Anita: “nothing, baby! You are alright”
Yuvi: “sure? Then why do I not remember what happened?”
Rohan: “it’s ok, yuvi. Doctors said you got an injury on the head and there has been internal bleeding which stopped, that’s why you don’t remember anything of yesterday”
Yuvi: “but I will be fine?”
Rohan: “you will have to undergo an operation”

Yuvi: “ok mom, tell them to do it”
Anita: “we can’t do it here baby, we will have to go to London”
Yuvi: “but why London?”
Rohan: “there is a specialist there for brain injury, he has handle many of these cases, you will have to go”
Anita: “we will go tonight itself, baby. The operation needs to be done as quickly as we can”
Yuvi: “ok, mom”
Anita left for home for packing. Rohan stayed with yuvi who was tensed.
Rohan: “you are going to be fine!”
Yuvi, worriedly: “don’t know?”
Rohan: “what happened?”
Yuvi: “Rohan you have to do something for me, you will have to continue to search the reason of the enmity between our families. Plz”
Rohan: “ok, I will try”
Later that night, both Anita and yuvi left for London.
Twinkle tried calling him to know about his health but couldn’t connect.

Next morning
Twinkle and chinki came to the hospital and went to the ward but found it empty. They questioned the nurse and she said that the patient left.
Outside the hospital, twinkle tried calling yuvi but it didn’t go through. Twinkle was tensed and decide to check at his house and went back home. There they find it locked.
Twinkle went back to her place and directly to her room. Leela came to her and asked why is she upset?
Twinkle, lost: “don’t know maa, I don’t know where he went?”
Leela, confused: “who?”
Twinkle, lost: “my friend, he disappeared suddenly”
Leela: “twinkle, what are you saying? I don’t understand anything?”
Twinkle, realizing what she was saying: “leave it maa, let’s talk about something else”
And they shared a light moment together.

Credit to: zai

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  1. Ppl love ur ffs becoz they are nice n u write more than one in a day.Keep up the good work ??????

  2. Please write for twinj I HATE YUVI

  3. Me too angita… I also hate yuvi

    1. They are crazy duansha

    2. Excuse me !!! And may i know why are we crazy ??? Just coz we love twinraj pair and not twinj….just coz u like kunj that doesnt mean everyone has to like him….i respect your choice so pls u also respect my choice…i like yuvi and thats final….i dont get why u are even commenting on a twinraj ff…pls go and enjoy your twinj ff and let us enjoy ours…i respect others choices and that is why i dont even go on twinj ff pages so pls u too respect our choice…thank u and have a good day…

  4. There are a lot of fan fictions on twinj u can go and read them…pls let twinraj fans enjoy their fan fiction peacefully…
    Zai pls dont change the story…pls make it as twinraj…thank u.

  5. zai…dont change ur ff to kunj…there are alot of kunj twinkle ff story..
    i love yuvi character in this…please continue like tis…
    ur story was awesome…keep it up…tq

  6. Twinj fans if u want read and enjoy this ff please go ahead but please don’t ruin our mood by these comments it’s really irritating ysere are May Kunj ff so you all no need to ask to change this ff as twinj ff and they are established pair in the serial they are showing you enough twinj and their is no need of writing ff but I respect your love for Kunj so I want you to respect our yuvi aka Zain not in a negative way I actually like him in the positive charecter I left watching the serial when they started showing twinj

    1. Totally agree with u Manvi and i also left watching the show when they started to show kunj opposite twinkle so now this ff is my only connection to the show…twinraj is my fav pair

  7. i agree with u karina

    1. Thank u dear 🙂

  8. Thank you for your wonderful comments
    And don’t worry guys there is no knuj in my ff. There is only yuvi. Sorry for twinj fans but there won’t be knuj.
    And even i stopped to watch tei, i watched only when zain is there and this ff is my creation and plz no need to argue for twiraj and twinj as twinj is already established couple in the serial.

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