tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 22


Yuvi was unconscious the whole day. During that time twinkle had called more than a hundredth time to check. Chinki who spend the night with twinkle, asked her: “why are you worrying that much? You don’t care for him… I mean…” but twinkle stared at her angrily and chinki stayed quiet.
Anita took care of yuvi whole night. Rohan left as only one person was allowed to stay. Anita was crying seeing yuvi’s state.
Next morning,
Yuvi woke up and saw his mom sleeping at the edge of the bed. Yuvi tried to pick up the glass but if fell awaking Anita.

Anita: “yuvi? You should have told me, baby”
Yuvi: “mom, you were sleeping. I didn’t want to disturb you”
Rohan came there and yuvi asked Anita to go home to rest. At first, Anita refused but yuvi requested her so she went home.
Yuvi to Rohan: “what happened yesterday?”
Rohan: “you don’t remember?”
Yuvi tried to remember but it was blurred: “I remember I was with twinkle and then… I can’t remember” yuvi panicked as he can’t remember anything what happened when he met twinkle.
Rohan tried to calm him down and called the doctor.
The doctor examined yuvi and said that they will have to do a scan to know the real problem and asked Rohan to call Mrs. Luthra.

Anita who was half way home, got Rohan’s call and told the driver to take her back to the hospital.
Chinki called up Rohan from twinkle behalf. Rohan: “I will call you later, yuvi have to do scan, bye”
Chinki: “scan? But why?”
Rohan: “because yuvi doesn’t remember what happened yesterday” and he hanged up while twinkle and chinki were confused and tensed.
Yuvi’ scan was done and they waited for the results. Yuvi felt asleep due to the medicines’ effect. Anita was worried and cried thinking about yuvi. She asked Rohan what happened yesterday but Rohan said that he was not with him.
@twinkle’s house

Twinkle was tensed and said to chinki that she wants to go to the hospital to see yuvi. Chinki asked why, why are you caring for him? And how will you go there, Anita aunty will be there? And said that she just want to see him once. And they left

Credit to: zai

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