tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 21

Twinkle angrily throw her phone on the bed and continued crying. She received another message stating to come to the window. She hesitantly go there wiping her tears.
As she opened the curtain, she saw yuvi there waiting for her. And he signed her to come. But twinkle angrily closed the curtain. She received another message saying that he will wait for her here till twinkle don’t come.
Twinkle thinks: “let him wait all night! I won’t go” And she went to bed and tried to sleep but couldn’t. After a while, twinkle went to the curtain and thinks: “he would have gone by now but if he is…” and opened the window a lit bit just enough to see outside.
She was stunned seeing yuvi still there. Yuvi was sitting down near a tree and looked tired. But twinkle closed the curtain and went back to bed thinking: “will he wait till morning? I can’t let him stay there all night”

And she got out of the bed and hurriedly climb down the stairs. But Leela who was were there, stopped her asking her what she was doing at this time here? Twinkle lied: “I saw lights on and came to see. Good night maa.” And she went back to her room.

Twinkle thinks: “maa is right there in the hall, how will I go to him?” and she looked at yuvi and felt bad for him.
She stayed at the window all night looking at him without making him noticed her. Even yuvi stayed awake all night hoping she will come.
Next morning, both of them felt asleep: twinkle near the window and yuvi near the tree. (This scene was only because in the serial episode 3 or 4, twinkle said that yuvi did that for her. I wanted to connect it to the serial)
Twinkle woke up first and opened her curtain and looked at yuvi lovingly. Yuvi also woke up and saw her at the window and smiled thinking she was there whole night, but then remembered his purpose to meet her. And signs her to come down but twinkle signs him no. He then messaged her to see him behind college. She replied ok thinking that he will continue to follow if she doesn’t.

Yuvi was waiting for twinkle. And when she arrived, she asked: “what do you want?”
Yuvi: “listen, it is not about what you are thinking…”
Twinkle: “ok, tell me”
Yuvi was about to tell her when some boys came to them and started to pass cheap comments on twinkle.
Goons: “hey beautiful, we can also give you ride…”

Yuvi was burning of anger and twinkle hold yuvi’s hand and yuvi tried to cover her. One of them tried to touch her and yuvi punched him. Yuvi fight against them but when one of them hit him with a rod on his head, he fell down. He tried to fight them despite feeling dizzy but couldn’t. Twinkle tried to stop them but they pushed her away hurting her a little bit.
Seeing this, yuvi tried to get up and once he was up he tried to stop them from touching twinkle. He beat them as hard as he could but failed many time due to his dizzy state. Twinkle told them that she called up the police which was a lie, thinking that they would back off. And that was right, hearing this, the goons left yuvi and ran from there. Twinkle run to him and tried to get him on his feet, but couldn’t.

Twinkle panicked and called chinki and Rohan there. They then hurried yuvi to hospital.
The doctor examined yuvi and came outside the ward and told them that yuvi was fine but need to take care and advised total bed rest for some days. He left there saying that they could meet yuvi once he was conscious.

Rohan told twinkle he had call Anita and must be coming, so it would be good if she and chinki leaves. Twinkle agreed but asked Rohan to call her when yuvi comes back to his senses.

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