tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 20


@twinkle’s house
Twinkle was disturbed remembering yuvi’s state. Leela came to her and asked her the matter.
Twinkle: “maa, did you know that yuvi’s dad committed suicide?” Leela was shocked and disturbed hearing this.
Leela: “who told you this?”
Twinkle: “yuvi…”
Leela: “yuvi?’
Twinkle: “actually yuvi didn’t come to college. The teacher asked yuvi’s friends and they said it. They said that yuvi got to know yesterday, Anita aunty never told him this. Maybe that’s why Anita aunty didn’t come” Leela was disturbed and left the room.
Twinkle: “what happened to maa? Maybe she is also disturbed like me.”
Leela in her room, is also very disturbed and remembered the time when Dr. Luthra tried to misbehave with her.

@next morning
Leela was going somewhere when she saw Anita. She went to her and tried to speak but Anita stopped her.
Anita: “stop Leela, I don’t want to argue today, plz. I am disturbed right now so, plz”
Leela: “I know Anita that yuvi got to know everything but plz we can’t let our children suffer. Yuvi and twinkle are not at fault! ”
Anita: “don’t worry Leela! Yuvi just know that his dad committed suicide. He doesn’t know the reason and I won’t tell him. And Leela I am begging you not to tell him. I have seen my son broken for the first time. I don’t want to give him any other shock if what you said long ago was true.”
Leela: “but Anita, you know that I didn’t know that Mr. Luthra would do this and I was not at fault”
Anita: “maybe what you said long ago was true, but I don’t want my son to suffer more because of this. Plz don’t involve my son in this” and she left in the car. Leela also went back to her house sadly.
Yuvi had noticed everything from the window and thinks: “what is the connection between dad’s suicide and Leela aunty. I am still at point one, I couldn’t find anything about their rivalry. What can be the connection of all this?” yuvi remembered their conversation and tried to figure out.

Rohan woke up and said to yuvi that he needs to go home. And he left.
Yuvi also left and went to the hospital again. He asked the receptionist about the doctor whom he met last time but she said that he is on leave and out of station.
Yuvi requested the girl to let him entered the cabin as the doctor left something for him in. but the girl refused. The girl got busy with a nurse and yuvi entered the cabin. Yuvi searched the cabin but didn’t find anything.
Back at home, yuvi went to his room and saw twinkle there.
Yuvi: “what are you doing here?”
Twinkle: “I tried calling you but you didn’t answer. I was worried and…”
Yuvi moved closer to her: “and?’
Twinkle moved back: “and I thought…”

Yuvi still moving towards her: “you thought…”
Twinkle: “I thought to check on you” and her back was against the wall. Twinkle tried to leave but yuvi cornered her.
Yuvi: “why are you showing so much concern?”
Twinkle: “I… have to go”
Yuvi: “no. if you had to you wouldn’t come here. Answer me twinkle. Why so much care for a boy that you hate the most”
Twinkle pushed yuvi a little bit and ran out from there. Yuvi to himself: “twinkle, you also love me. You will have to realize it by yourself.” And smiled naughtily.
Twinkle, crying, in her room: “why did I go there? Why am I caring for him? Have I also… no, this can’t happen”

Twinkle received a message. She saw it was yuvi’s message stating that he wants to talk to her and its very important. (He wanted twinkle to help him to the reason of the hatred between their families)

Precap: yuvi waited for her to come whole night

Credit to: zai

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