tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 2


Hey guyz thank u for liking my story.

@ twinkle house
Chinki ( twinkle’s best friend ) came to her and they share a light moment together discussing about their bollywood stars.
( They were like sisters and shared everything with each other. They go to college together )

Finally the girls got ready in Twinkle’s room. Chinki was wearing a blue top and jeans and looked pretty whereas Twinkle was wearing a simple pink dress and looked mesmerising. Both looked astonishing and after greeting everyone they left.
They were both really excited and happy.
After an hour of travelling, they reached the concert and found themselves amongst a big crowd. Finally they entered and took their places. They waited for a long time but the concert didn’t start and people started to be irritated. Even the girls felt impatient.

At the same time, backstage yuvi and his friends were present and the event manager was asking yuvi ( who had a very good voice and also knows to play guitar ) to do the concert as the singer is caught up somewhere and would come late.
(The manager knew yuvi as he once spotted yuvi playing guitar and singing when he came to arrange a party for Anita at her house)

After much hesitation yuvi agreed and went on stage with his guitar, he awas very nervous as he never played in front of such big crowd but trying to compose himself.

As soon as Twinkle saw yuvi she was shocked and wished to go away but when yuvi started to sing that thought vanished. He sung a romantic song ( wajah tum ho ) She was mesmerised by his voice. Twinkle was lost in yuvi’s voice was as if he was not the same person with whom she fought earlier. He was completely different.

After his performance every single person became his fan and was applauded by everyone. Even Twinkle couldn’t stop herself and clapped for him.
Meanwhile the singer arrived on stage with his fans cheering for him. He yuvi and praised him.

After sometimes Twinkle went to the washroom while chinki stayed in the concert.
While Twinkle was washing her face she was thinking about yuvi’s performance and thought : ” why am I thinking about that idiot… his is ok not that good then why was I lost in the song?”
Just then one of the toilet door opened behind her and she was shocked to see yuvi there.
Yuvi shouted at her:” what are you doing here?”
Twinkle snapped him back by saying : ” Even I can ask u this question. What are you doing in girls washroom? ”

Suddenly yuvi opened the door and shows her that she is in boys washroom.

Credit to: zai

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  1. Thank u natasha

  2. u doing great….although its just two episode,i become very eager to read as twiraj are perfect jodi…thankx for a super story…

  3. Very nice please continue.. Love this pair

  4. sravana bhargavi

    Very nice keep writing such wonderful episodes

  5. Go a head BT according to ur story line if u chose kunj it vil be perfect it’s character DAT u gv is v.nyce and if u chose uvi not a problem bt it vil lok weird according to the character DAT u hv gvn to him……I know dat u vil be thnkng evrywhr TWINJ bt if u think about or syry line then u bill undrstnd.TWIRAJ vil also suit

  6. I don’t understand. Can anyone tell me actually who is the main lead of this serial whether kunj or yuvaraj?

  7. when u will post the next ff

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