tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 19


@yuvi’s place
Yuvi was lying in Anita’s lap and was sad. Yuvi: “mom, sorry for misbehaving earlier. I called you a liar, sorry. I understand you wanted to protect me”
Scene shifts to twinkle in class,
She is worried and thinks to go to meet him once but don’t know how will she go there.
@yuvi’s place
Yuvi was alone on the balcony, he was hugging his dad’s photo and talked to his picture. Yuvi: “why did you do this dad? Haven’t you think about mom and me?” twinkle saw this and decides to there by the window.
Twinkle entered his room and went to him.
Yuvi: “how did you get in?” by wiping his tears.
Twinkle: “what happened yuvi?” and took the photo from him.
Twinkle: “you are missing your dad?”
Yuvi, unable to control himself and hugged her and cried.

Yuvi: “why did dad do this, twinkle? He didn’t think about me. How could he commit suicide?” twinkle was shocked hearing this. And hugged him back.
Twinkle was consoling yuvi when she got a call from Leela and she said she would come. Yuvi tells her to go, he is fine. And she left.
Anita was also crying in the hall, when Rohan came in.
Rohan: “aunty? Are you fine?” Anita nod yes by wiping her tears.
Rohan: “can I take yuvi out? It will change his mood.”
Anita said: “yes, you can but plz take care of him. He is very sad”
Rohan asked yuvi to go out with him, he tried to resist but then complies. And yuvi went to the washroom.
@tea stall
Yuvi and Rohan were drinking tea. Yuvi was still upset.
Rohan: “yuvi. You remember that we had a fight here. How much you have beaten those boys and then they were pleading you to leave them.”
Yuvi laughed.

Rohan: “thank God, at least I made you laugh. I thought you would stay like this. Now my friend is back or else I started asking myself who was this guy?”
Yuvi: “idiot…” and they both laughed.
They returned home afterwards and Anita saw yuvi smiling and felt happy.
Yuvi went to his mom: “mom, I am fine. Don’t worry!”
Yuvi said to Anita that Rohan will stay for the night and they will watch football matches all night. Anita was happy that her son was back to normal and thanked Rohan.

precap: Anita and Leela were talking about the past and yuvi heard them

Credit to: zai

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