tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 18

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Next morning
@twinkle’s house
Twinkle and Pinni were having breakfast, Raman and Leela came in saying they got the deal. Leela doesn’t seem too much happy.
Raman asked her the reason and she replied: “we got the deal as there was no any competitors. Anita didn’t come for the meeting, that’s weird”
Twinkle remembering yuvi’s frustration yesterday, thinks: “did he do anything wrong? I must find out!”
Twinkle hurriedly finished her breakfast and left.
@yuvi’s place

Yuvi finally opened the door and found that Anita slept at the doorstep. She woke up and asked him what happened? Yuvi entered his room followed by Anita.
Anita: “what happened baby?”
Yuvi teary eyed: “why did you lie to me, mom?”
Anita, confused: “lie? What lie yuvi?”
Yuvi, crying: “you always told me that dad died in an accident, why did you lie?”
Anita, shocked: “it is the truth”
Yuvi: “no, you always lie to me, he…committed…Sui…suicide”
Anita, stunned: “who… told you this?”
Yuvi: “I went to the hospital where he worked, his colleague told me. He didn’t know that I am his son”
Anita, unable to hide it anymore: “I didn’t want you to be hurt. See this truth have broken you. At that time you were small, how would you deal with it then, when you are not able to do it now?”
Yuvi hugged Anita and they cried their heart out.

Twinkle and chinki searched for yuvi in the whole college but in vain. Twinkle told: “something must have happened, neither Anita aunty came to the meeting nor yuvi came to college”
Chinki: “why are you worried? It’s their lives.”
Twinkle: “I know… but that can’t be a coincident”
Chinki noticed Rohan and showed to twinkle. They both came to him.
Twinkle: “Rohan, where is yuvi? I have to talk to him”
Rohan, remembering about yesterday’s incident: “he won’t come today”
Twinkle: “why? Is everything fine?”
Rohan said: “he have to be alone at this time, I came to tell the teachers the same. But don’t worry he is fine, he is with his mom”
Twinkle: “I want to meet him. I will come with you”
Rohan: “no twinkle, not now. Plz understand”

Twinkle: “no, you will have to tell me what happened?”
Rohan: “twinkle, he is upset right now but he is fine and with his mom, so don’t worry”
Rohan left.
Twinkle to chinki: “don’t know what happened?”

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