tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 16


In class
Yuvi was discussing what to do, when twinkle came there. Yuvi saw her and stayed quiet. Twinkle was also embarrassed in front of him. Rohan sensed the awkwardness between them and diverted yuvi asking him the plan.
Chinki also came afterwards sat next to twinkle.
Twinkle: “what did you do this chinki?”
Chinki: “twinkle, yuvi love you a lot…”
Twinkle: “I don’t want to listen to this”
Chinki: “you will have to. Yuvi loves you a lot, and even you somewhere you feel for him but you are scared. And if you had told me any other reason, for your refusal, maybe I would have accept that you don’t love him, but this… because of the rivalry. I don’t get it. Yuvi told you that together you could have end their enmity, then?”
Twinkle: “chinki, but I don’t love him…”

Chinki: “ok. Twinkle I don’t want our friendship to end that’s why I won’t tell you anything about yuvi. You only will decide about this.”
Twinkle: “ok, thanks” and they hugged each other. And the teacher arrived and started the class.
Yuvi was sometime looking at twinkle but then stopped remembering what she said yesterday.
After class,
Yuvi called his mom and asked: “mom, are you at home, actually I forgot a book at home that I need.”
Anita: “no baby, actually I was going for a meeting but I can postpone it and come to give it to you…”
Yuvi: “no mom, it’s ok. I will go myself there is still time for my next class. I will go. Mom, are you angry with me for what I ask yesterday?”
Anita: “no baby, it’s fine. But yuvi, plz promise me that you will not ask again. There are certain things that I don’t want to tell you as I know that you will be hurt knowing them. Plz baby”
Yuvi: “ok mom, I promise that I will not ask it” And he hanged the phone.
Yuvi continued: “but will find out by myself”
Yuvi to Rohan: “mom will not be at home, let’s go”

@yuvi’s place
Yuvi and Rohan entered the Anita’s room. Yuvi: “sorry mom, but I have to do this” and they started searching.
When, they were searching, they heard the sound of the car. Rohan peeped out of the window and saw Anita talking on the phone telling someone that the meeting got cancelled. He told yuvi to let’s go. But yuvi continued searching.
Yuvi opened a drawer next to her bed and found his dad, photo and a newspaper article, which was half burnt and took a picture of the article. And they left.
Anita saw yuvi and Rohan in the hall and yuvi showed her the book, and left saying that they will be late.
Yuvi tried to read the article, but couldn’t read it properly.
Yuvi: “At least, now I know that it was something related to dad”
Rohan: “how did you know?”
Yuvi showed him that in the article there was his dad’s name and Leela’s name.
Yuvi: “now I know why mom got emotional as it was about dad”
Rohan checked the date and said that may be we will get some old newspapers in college’s library” and they left.

Yuvi told Rohan to escape the teachers as they had missed some class in the morning.
They both see teachers coming and hide behind pillars. Yuvi tells Rohan to run.
They run and reached the library, yuvi bumped into twinkle and she fell in his arms. They have an eyelock. Rohan saw them and told yuvi to hurry up. And they both composed themselves. Yuvi apologized and left hurriedly.
Twinkle thinks: “I hurt him so much that he doesn’t even talk to me now. And why are they in a hurry?”
Rohan and yuvi entered but the librarian stopped them saying they can’t go in as they were arranging books which was messed up. Yuvi requested him but in vain.

precap: they met yuvi’s dad colleague and tried to know the reason

Credit to: zai

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