tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 15


@twinkle house,
She was lying on her bed, crying. Twinkle to herself: “why did yuvi had to do this? He very well knows that we can’t be together.” And continued crying.

@yuvi place
He was also upset and angry. He went downstairs and told her mom that he wanted to ask her something.
Anita: “what happened, baby?”
Yuvi: “mom, answer me honestly. What is the reason of the rivalry between you and Leela aunty?”
Anita angrily: “why are you asking?”
Yuvi: “because I want to know mom, since childhood, I have seen you fighting with her, why?”
Anita teary eyed: “yuvi… you know I don’t like talking about this. I told you last time you asked me”
Yuvi: “I know mom, I asked when I was small and you told me that I won’t understand. But mom, now I have grown up, plz tell me”
Anita: “yuvi, plz, don’t ask me this”
Seeing her mom crying, yuvi: “sorry mom, I will not ask you again, really sorry” and hugged his mom.

After he left, Anita think about what happened long ago. (The reason is the same as in the serial). Anita thinks how her husband has commit suicide when Leela has complained against him when he tried to molest her. Anita had misunderstand Leela all these years and even Leela couldn’t clarify. (But the reason why Leela hate Anita is still unknown)
Anita cried remembering that. Yuvi, at the doorsteps, saw his mom crying and said to himself: “I will not ask you this again mom, maybe it is good that twinkle didn’t accept my love. I promise you mom, I won’t ask you this again. But I will try to find it by myself.”
Yuvi, in his room, was trying to remember what happened when he was small but he had always seen them fighting. Yuvi thinks: “I have to find out that reason. But how? Mom won’t say anything, Leela aunty hate me, so she won’t talk to me. How to find out. I have to forget twinkle for now. I must concentrate on this now”

Next morning
Twinkle didn’t want to go to college, but Leela convinced her. And she got ready. She was tensed thinking how to face yuvi as she won’t be able to ignore him for long. And left being tensed.

Yuvi was with Rohan.
Rohan: “you are fine?”
Yuvi: “yeah, I need your help. I have to find out the reason about the hatred of the two families.”
Rohan: “ok but you could ask your mom, she doesn’t hide anything from you”
Yuvi: “I tried but she was crying so much. And I don’t want to hurt her by asking her.”
Rohan: “what will you do?”
Yuvi: “whatever may be the reason, I will have to find out.”
Rohan: “how?”
Yuvi: “I was thinking to checked my mom’s room”
Rohan: “ok, but that will be wrong?”
Yuvi: “I know but I don’t want to hurt mom ever by asking her.”
Rohan: “ok, we will check after college, aunty won’t be at home till then”
Yuvi: “yeah, I have to do this”

precap: yuvi was searching Anita’s room

Credit to: zai

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