Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 148 last episode

Hey guys thank you for all your support and comments. And sorry for late update. And this is my last episode. Thank you so much guys, for everything.

Recap: party and family togetherness.

One week passed, this whole week was about revision for Twiraj. They were preparing for their exams. They were tores of revision but this was the last exams. They needed to give their best.
The next week was full of exams, they were tired.

After their exams, they were finally relieved. And they started to take up the responsibility of work. Yuvi and his group were busy in their music and Twinkle were involved in business.

Luthra house:
There were preparations of New Year party going on. Anita and Leela were attending the guests along with the other family members.

Twiraj room:
Twinkle was getting ready. She wore a beautiful sky blue sari with matching jewelry. She was looking pretty. Yuvi came there and stared at her.
Twinkle:”what are you staring?”
Yuvi hugged her from behind.
Yuvi:”my baby is looking so pretty. I don’t want to let you go down”
Twinkle:”Mr. Hubby, stop flirting and let me get ready”
Yuvi kissed her cheek.
Sana came there and laughed seeing them. Yuvi moved back seeing her.
Sana:”your moms are calling you.”
Twinkle:”let’s go, i am ready”
Twinkle and Sana left. Yuvi also followed them.

Yuvi was with Leela and helping her while Twinkle was with Anita.
They were talking to guests. Roch were also there.
Twinkle started to feel dizzy so she went aside. Yuvi noticed her ans went to her.

Yuvi:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”nothing, just feeling a bit dizzy. I will be fine”
Yuvi:”sit here (he made her sit down), i will bring water for you”
He brought it and make her drink it.

Twinkle nodded yes.
Yuvi:”sure?? Or should i call doctor?”
Twinkle:”no no i am fine. Come on let’s go”
They came back to the party.
Rohan went with Yuvi and Twinkle went with Chinki.
Yuvi, some times, was checking on Twinkle. And Twinkle just smiled at him assuring him that she was fine.

Some it was nearly 12:00.
They all regrouped in the hall. As the clock strike midnight, they all wished each other happy new year. Rohan and Yuvi hugged each other. And then Yuvi went to Leela, Anita, Dadaji, Raman, Pinni, Dadi and Sana and wished them.

Yuvi pulled Twinkle to a corner.
Yuvi:”happy new year.”
Twinkle:”happy new year too”
Yuvi kissed her on her lips. Twinkle blushed.
Twinkle hugged him.
They came back to everyone and the party continued for sometime.

After the party:
Twiraj room,
Twinkle was on the phone saying she will come in the afternoon.
Yuvi came there at the same time and signed her to who she is talking. Twinkle hung up and came to Yuvi on the bed.

Yuvi:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”can you come with me in the afternoon?”
Yuvi:”yeah, but where?”
Twinkle:”to doctor…”
Yuvi:”doctor? Why? You are fine?”
Twinkle:”yeah actually i need to tell you something. Your new year gift.”
Yuvi:”what is it baby? Are you fine? Doctor and all…”

Twinkle, blushingly:”Yuvi, i am pregnant”
Yuvi:”yeah but what’s the problem….”
Twinkle smiled at him.
Yuvi, surprised:”wait what? What did you say?”
Twinkle, smilingly:” We will be parents in 9 months.”
Yuvi, surprised, happy, excited:”really? But how? I mean i know how but….”
Twinkle was laughing seeing him but controlling her smile and laugh.

Yuvi hugged her.
Yuvi:”i love you. I am going to be papa… that’s great.”
He kissed on her right cheek. He bend down and kissed her belly.
Yuvi, excited:”i am so happy… i… i need to tell mom…”
He was about to go but Twinkle stopped him.
Twinkle:”wait, wait. Yuvi, i just did pregnancy test, plz let the doctor confirmed it then we will inform them. Plz. I don’t want them to be disappointed if i am not pregnant. I mean test can go wrong too”
Yuvi:”ok, we will go to doctor tomorrow”
Twinkle:”TODAY afternoon”
Yuvi:”yeah right.”
He hugged her.
Yuvi:”ok now, you should sleep, you won’t do anything, no work. When i will tell mom, i won’t let you work.”
Twinkle:”relax, Yuvi”

Yuvi put on her bed. Twinkle hugged him to sleep, he kissed on her forehead. And she slept hugging him.

They woke up at approximately noon. They got ready and went to the doctor.
Doctor checked Twinkle, while Yuvi waited outside impatiently.
Doctor called him inside and talked to them.
Doctor:”congratulations, she is one month pregnant. You will have to take care of her. And she should not miss any appointment.”
Yuvi:”sure, doc, i will take care of that.”
Doctor explained them everything.

In the car:
Yuvi’s happiness was beyond imagination. Twinkle was smiling seeing his excitement.

Yuvi:”just imagine, Twinkle, we will have a cute baby. I will play with him all day and night. And mom and maa (Anita and Leela), they will be so happy.”

Twinkle:”Yuvi, we should bring ice cream home, to celebrate.”
They stopped at an ice cream parlor and Yuvi bought lots of ice cream.

Yuvi called Rohan.
Yuvi:”buddy, can you come home with Chinki and the group?”
Rohan:”sure but what happened?”
Yuvi:”i will tell you at home”

Twinkle also called Taneja family and told them to come to Luthra house.

Luthra house:
Dadaji:”why did they call of us here?”
Anita:”don’t know but there mist be something, otherwise they wouldn’t call us so urgently”

Leela:”but where are they?”
Twiraj came in just then and Yuvi asked the servants to serve the ice cream to everyone.

Dadaji:”will you tell us something?”
Twinkle looked at Yuvi and signed him to say it.
Yuvi:”we want to tell you all something. Actually, a good news. Twinkle is….”
Anita:”stop beating around the bushes, and come to the point.”

Yuvi:”We went to the doctor and….”
Leela:”Doctor? Why? Are you both fine?”
They started to surround Twinkle asking her if she was fine.”

Yuvi:”arey, moms…. she is pregnant.”
Yuvi:”she is pregnant.”
All were surprised. They all hugged Twinkle.
Leela was teary eyed and hugged her.

Rohan hugged Yuvi and congratulated him. Dadaji also.
They all celebrate by having ice cream and Anita and Leela started to take extra care of Twinkle.

Some months passed, and now Twinkle bump started to show. They were all pampering her. Yuvi fulfilled all her demands and cravings.

During this time, Roch also got married. Anita and Leela were always with Twinkle.
Yuvi also cancel all his outdoors shows to be with Twinkle every moment. And all understood him. So he didn’t have any problem.

One day:
Only Twiraj were at home, as the others were out to some functions. They were in their room, watching some films. But Yuvi was a bit away on the phone.
Yuvi:”baby, i talked to the doctor, we have appointment tomorrow.”
He turned to her and saw that Twinkle was in pain.
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”i am feeling pain. It’s paining a ot Yuvi”
Yuvi:”you mean labour pain?”
Twinkle:”yes… plz call the doctor.”
Yuvi, panicked:”yeah, yeah”

Yuvi tried the doctor and said about Twinkle and say that she will come there.
Yuvi:”baby, she is coming, ok. Don’t worry”

Twinkle was screaming due to the pain. The doctor came there and said they have do delivery here only.
Yuvi called the family.

They all helped with the delivery. And Twinkle delivered a baby girl. Yuvi was emotional seeing the baby. He picked her up and kissed her forehead.
Doctor:”she is perfectly fine and even Twinkle is fine.”
Anita and Leela also took the baby. Yuvi hugged Twinkle.
They kept the baby name Yuvle.

The end.

Hope you all like the last episode. And thank you all for this wonderful journey that i had with all of you. This was really special for me as it was my first story. And i never thought that i would have come so far. And i was scared initially about the storyline as many people loved Twinj and not Twiraj. But with all your support i have written more than 100 episode. So once again thank you.


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  1. Inu

    Superb lovely. Happy happy ending.

    1. Zai

      Thanks inu

      1. Zai

        For all your support and love

  2. Sara28

    Hey Zai,
    I know I never comment and I’m sorry for that. I couldn’t really get to read all the episodes, but seeing this was the last one, I had to say something. It’s really amazing how far you have come. 148 episodes! That’s more than anyone has accomplished on this page. And you were the only person writing on Twiraj and I support you for that. Even though I am a Twinj fan, this was truly amazing. You are an amazing writer. Keep it up!

    1. Zai

      Thanks sara it really means a lot that even being a twnij fan you loved mine. Thank you

  3. Hey Zai☺
    I must say the full journey was a roller coaster ride….. Awesome it was☺☺
    It was a very beautiful journey
    I luvd it….
    I will miss this story and ofcourse you very much??☺

    1. Zai

      Thanks manvi, you have supported me throughout. And i will miss you too ❤❤

  4. Hey zai will miss this ff alot it and you too. Wishing you a very happy new year !!! Hope that you come up with a new ff or an os soon !!! I still remember your first episode of this ff really amazingggggg

    1. Zai

      Thanks maanvi. For all the support and love. I will miss you too

  5. Adya

    Hey zai…
    Damn it’s over! We loved it but I think you should have completed atleast 150 parts. But I understand.
    Congratulations to your efforts and your ideas. It’s very difficult to write even a single episode and you are hear with a total of 148 episodes.
    Hats off to you man!
    You have been truly able to make us a twiraj fan and inspite of me being a twinj fan have always loved your ff.
    It was amazing and fabulous. You are seriously a wonderful writer.
    Hope to see you soon. All the best for your future. And yah.. do tell me your age!
    Loads of love and support

    1. Zai

      Thanks adya, for all your support throughout. It really means a lot for me that despite being a twinj fan you loved this ff. This is the best achievement for me.
      And i am 18.

  6. Asna

    Episode was amazing but I m upset y r u ending it dear… I loved ur writing yr…

    1. Zai

      Thanks asna, i had to end it because there was no other idea. I completed all for Twiraj

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    Wow…zai congratulations for completing the ff…. Would miss u loads ….amazing ff

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      Thanks rashi for all your support and love. And i will miss you too

  8. hey zai i know i never commented but seing u completing 148 episodes congratulations zai i m a twinj fan i will feel glad if u write a ff on twinj bcoz u r a nice writer…dear love u and happy new year…

    1. Zai

      Thanks Adeebarizwan. Right now, taking a break from writing. But would come soon. I haven’t decide any story for right now. I will try to think about it

  9. Sally_V

    Amazing Zai
    Just loved it like always…
    I will miss this story sooo much you must bring another story of twiraj
    i will be waiting
    congrats for the ended story 😀

    1. Zai

      Thanks Sally for your support and love throughout. For now taking a break, but would come soon.

  10. I don’t comment on any of the writings on the page but read the ffs and os from past one year. First time I commented on Sara’s ff’s last episode and now on your ff. I didn’t read your 87 episodes but somehow read the 88th one and then in one day I read all the 87 episodes?. They were awesome?. I didn’t want u to end your ff. Just because of you I became a twiraj fan. I’m literally in the mood to cry ?. I’ll miss your writing very badly. Plz if possible write something more for twiraj whether ff or os.?

    1. Zai

      Thanks snigdha, i am happy that i made you a fan of Twiraj. This is a really bug thing for me. I will miss you all too. And would definitely write soon but right now taking a break

  11. Zai I m really sorry for not commenting but I was not well …plzzz forgive me plzz …. thore din bimar kya hogyi tumne toh heart attack hi de diya ending last epii what is this yrr ??? Plzz plzzZ

    1. Zai

      Thanks sonal, no need to apologize. I can understand. Even i was in a dilemma whether to end it or not but finally decided to end it. But would come back soon with another story.

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  13. Amazing update… going to miss this ff a lot…

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      Thanks Dharshaini and will miss you too

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 I found it to be a perfect end 🙂
    This ff though a Twiraj one was is an will always be my favourite one 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Hope you tart a new one soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    -Mili 🙂

    1. Zai

      Thanks mili… i am glad that you like it and that it was one of your favorite despite you being a Sidmin/ Twinj fan

  15. Awesome ending but I thought u will end it by 150 episode..anyways I will miss ff so much and I really miss u r writings , if u have any planning for any other story do let me know now. because I don’t know if u start any other one. but pls continue ur writings ur such a great written..really miss ur writings nd twiraj…
    Happy new year…

    1. Zai

      Thanks Nayana for all your support and love. And i will definitely let you know when i start another story. But for now a small break then will be back.

  16. Vanshita arora

    All the episodes were awesome

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