Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 147


Hey guys, thank you everyone for all the comments and support. So today is 23 December and exactly one year since i started this ff. So thanks to you all who has been supporting me since the beginning and even those who joined afterwards.

Precap: yuvi contract of 5 years and Twinkle joining business.

In the party:
Everyone was having fun: some were dancing and others were talking. They were all enjoying the last days together.

Yuvi’s group took many group pictures as they could. Rohan took all the pictures as he had brought the camera.
There were some dance and all were dancing. They had great fun.
Twiraj and Roch also danced on some couple dance.

After the party:
In the car:
Twinkle:”we had great fun, today”
Yuvi:”yes, and college life is now over. This party marks the end of our college life”
Twinkle:”yeah, from now on, no waking up so early for classes. No homework or assessment…”
Yuvi:”no more teacher’s scolding and no more enjoying with friends.”
Twinkle:”that’s what we miss the most… our friends.”
Yuvi:”that’s the best part of college and school. Everyone comes to school so that we can stay with put friends. I will miss this a lot. Escaping from classes with Ro… chilling with him in the parking lot”

Twinkle:”yes, me with Chinki.”

They kept talking about college and some memories until they reached home.

Yuvi:”Mrs. Luthra, we have reached.”
Twinkle:”then let’s go, Mr. Luthra”

Yuvi:”from tomorrow, revision starts for exams.”
Twinkle:”yup. We will study together”

They went to their room and changed. After that Twinkle went straightly to bed as she was tired. Yuvi went to Anita’s room. She was still awake working on some files.

Anita:”you came back. How was the party?”
Yuvi:”good but why are awake at this time? It’s 3 in the morning”
Anita:”baby, i need to correct this file of accounts, I don’t know what went wrong. We need to exchange all the information with Leela so I don’t want any mistake. After so many years, we are again together, I don’t want that because of me, any problem rises”

Yuvi:”mom, don’t worry. I know you don’t want any problem to arise. That’s why you are double worried. It’s just an account, you have been doing this for years. So chill. I will check it for you.”
Yuvi checks the file.

Yuvi:”mom, it’s good now, you can relax. It was just a small thing. Mom, just do it like you have always done it till now. Everything will be fine”
Anita:”now, go to sleep. I will manage this”
Yuvi:”you are also going on bed. Come on.”

Anita:”but Yuvi…”
Yuvi:”no mom, be a good girl and go to sleep.”
He made her sleep.

He went to his room and saw Twinkle far asleep. He covered her with the bedsheets and kissed her forehead. Twinkle smiles in her sleep. He also went to sleep after that.

Next morning:
Twinkle woke up. She saw Yuvi still sleeping and thinks to let him as he must be tired.
When Twinkle came down, she was surprised to see Taneja family there.
Twinkle:”maa….” she hugged Leela.

They came here to make the final paper work to merge the 2 business. Both Anita and Leela signed the papers. And now it’s finally one business. Twinkle congratulates both moms and hugged them.

Leela:”Twinkle, where is my son (Yuvi)”
Twinkle:”he is still sleeping.”
Anita:”let him sleep a bit, he slept quite late yesterday.”
Twinkle nodded yes.
They all had breakfast together.
Sana went to Twiraj.
Sana, to herself:”partner, you are missing so much fun. I think it’s time to wake you up.”

Sana went to Yuvi and tried to wake him up but in vain.
Sana:”partner, wake up.”
Yuvi, sleepy:”Partner, let me sleep.”
Sana:”no, come on. You have to see what’s happening downstairs”
Yuvi, sleepy:”what happened now? Have they started fighting now?”
Sana:”no they are celebrating for the merge and you are missing it”
Yuvi:”no problem. I want to sleep. Anyway, i am now tired, i have done all this to reunite them, so i can rest for sometimes”

Sana, defeated:”ok you sleep. I am going”
She was leaving but Yuvi pulled her.
Yuvi:”why do you always wake up early?”

Sana:”i hate sleeping till late.”
Yuvi:”and i love you sleeping”
Sana:”you want to miss the fun then sleep but let me go.”
Yuvi:”no, you also sleep here”
He picked her up and put her on bed. Sana screamed. But Yuvi didn’t leave her. He started to tickle her. And stop after a while.
Yuvi:”let’s go and see what you want me to see now that you already woke me up”
He picked her up and they left the room.

In the corridor:
Sana:”you didn’t brush?”
Yuvi:”let me see first then i will get ready.”
Sana showed him the 2 families together who were enjoying and not fighting.

They were upstairs so no one could see them.
Yuvi, to Sana:”you know how much i wish for this day. And see today, it finally happened. Everyone together happy, and Twinkle too”
Sana:”your dream came true”
Yuvi:”you go down, i will join you in sometimes”
He put her down and went back to the room to get ready”

Hope you like it and don’t forget to watch Yeh Vaada Raha for Zain and Sonal.
And Merry Christmas ? to all of you in advance. Love you all a lot

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