Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 146


Hey guys, sorry for late update and thank you all for your comments and wishes for my grandfather.
I have reach a long way in this ff, so now i was thinking to end it, it’s nearly 150 episode and i covered all the aspects that i thought. I know that you all would be sad but I can’t continue forever. And i have no more ideas to add in this ff. I tried all. So i was thinking to end it.

Recap: movie with all friends.

Next morning:
Twiraj woke up early as they had to go to college, they don’t want to miss this as those are the last days of their college life.
They got ready and went.

Roch, Twiraj and the others came to their classroom. As those were the last class, there were no formal lectures, instead the students were having fun with the teachers. They were talking to the teachers and enjoying the last days.

Soon the principle came there and informed them about the end of year party for those who would be leaving the college. All were not that happy to hear about the party as they know that after that they all will be separated.
The principle said that the party will be before their exams as after that they will take exams in different colleges.
The party is scheduled for the next day night. And he let them go home early to prepare for the party and last days.

In the parking:
Twinkle, to Chinki:”we can go shopping?”
Chinki:”yeah, lets go.”
Twinkle:”boys, lets go.”
Yuvi:”no baby, we can’t. You take the car, i will go with Rohan, we need to go somewhere.”
Chinki:”ok, lets go Twinkle.”
The girls left.

Rohan:”Yuvi, we should go and meet him.”
Yuvi:”yeah, but don’t know why he called us?”
Rohan:”we will get to know there.”
Soon Yuvi’s group join them and they left in Rohan’s car.

Shopping mall:
The girls were busy shopping. They bought dresses for the party and matching accessories. They enjoyed a lot shopping.
Chinki:”Twinkle, don’t you think we should shop for the boys too? I mean, they don’t like shopping, they will wear anything from their wardrobe itself.”
Twinkle:”yeah i think so.”
They shopped the boys too. They bought some clothes for them and other things too.

Boys side:
They were in the music studio of the their first album. The manager met them and called them to his office.
Manager:”glad to see you all again. I called all of you here, as your album was the most sold one of all the albums that this studio has released. And i want to give you all another contract.”
All the boys were happy and excited.

Rohan:”but right now, we can’t. We have exams.”
Yuvi:”yes, we won’t be able to give our 100% neither in exams nor in our music.”
Manager:”boys, it will be after your exams… and that too a contract of 5 years”

Boys:”5 years?”
Manager:”yes, for 5 years, you will only be associated with my studio, i will sponsor all your concerts and shows. You all will be doing concerts together.”
The boys were really excited as they always wanted to do career in music.

Manager:”so are you all ready to sign the contract?”
They discussed for a long time about the contracts and all. And as they will be under contract, what all they are allowed to do and on so.
After hours of discussion, the boys agreed but they said they will sign the contract tomorrow. The manager agreed and they left.

Luthra house:
Twinkle was already at home and showing Anita, dadi and Sana what she has bought for the party. Soon Yuvi came in.
Anita:”where were you?”
Yuvi told them about the contract and everything. They were happy and congratulated him.

Yuvi:”but mom, office? I mean i was supposed to join office after college”
Anita:”no i will handle everything. You love your music a lot, and i already told you that you will not leave it.”
Twinkle:”yes Yuvi. You don’t worry about office, i can join in”
They all looked at her.
Anita:”yes, that’s great. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will work together. That will be great.”
Yuvi:”ok, but i will also contribute. I mean whenever i will get time.”
Anita:”yes. Anyway, i will always need your signature for the paper work.”
Twinkle:”yes and i will need you help in presentation and all.”

Twiraj room:
They were sitting by the window and hugging each other.
Twinkle:”what are you thinking?”
Yuvi:”nothing, i mean everything is so good right now. I don’t want anymore problems.”
Twinkle:”me too. I am tired of fighting with everyone now.”
Yuvi:”even me. I thought you love fighting with me.”
Twinkle:”with you… i will always fight with you.”
Yuvi:”and i love you for that”
Twinkle, smilingly:”love you too.” She kissed him on his cheek.

Yuvi:”my baby is getting romantic today.”
He kissed her forehead.
Twinkle:”i just want us like this, forever.”
Yuvi:”me too.”
They hugged each other more tightly.
They slept like this.

Next day during the evening:
They all were getting ready for the party.
Yuvi was already ready and was waiting for Twinkle in the hall. He was wearing a white shirt with black suit. He was looking dashing.

Anita and Taneja family came there. Yuvi greeted them.
Leela:”beta, where is Twinkle?”
Yuvi:”maa, she is getting ready.”
Anita:”we will wait for her then we have to tell you something.”
Yuvi nodded yes.

Soon Twinkle came there with Sana. She was wearing a blue dress till her knees. She curled her hair and had light make up. She was wearing the wedding bracelet (the red ones) and a pendant.

Raman:”here is our princess.”
Yuvi turned to look at her, he was mesmerized seeing her. He was smiling to himself looking at her.
Sana came to him.
Yuvi, without looking at her:”hmmm…”
Sana:”partner…” and hit him on his hand.

Yuvi picked her up in his arms.
Sana:”don’t look at her like that, she is your wife itself.”
Yuvi:”shut up.”
Sana smiled cutely at him.
Leela:”now listen, we need to tell you all something”
Twinkle:”what, maa?”
Anita:”we are planning to merge our two business Luthra and Taneja name will be joined together.”

Yuvi, still having Sana in his arms:”means there will be only company. That’s great.”
Twinkle:”yeah, we all will work together.”
Anita:”Leela, our daughter has decided to join us in business after her college.”
Twinkle nodded yes. Leela went to her and hugged her.

Leela:”i am glad that you will also work with us along with Yuvi.”
Anita:”actually, Yuvi is not joining, he will be busy with his music. He got a contract.”

Dadaji:”great, this is amazing.”
He congratulate Yuvi.

Anita:”ok, ok. Now they need to go for the party.”
Leela:”yeah, you guys carry on.”
Twiraj left for the party.

In the car:
Twinkle:”why were you staring at me so much?”
Yuvi:”arey, i am your husband, i can stare at you whenever i want. And anyway, it’s all your fault, no one told you to look so beautiful.”
Twinkle, smilingly:”thank you for the compliment and you are looking good too.”
Twinkle bend towards him and kiss him on his cheek.

Yuvi:”ok, ok, stop it now or otherwise i will not be able to concentrate on driving.”

Precap: the party…

Hope you like it and don’t forget to watch Yeh Vaada Raha on zee tv to support Zain and Sonal.

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  1. Jas

    hi! i’m new here…
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    i really loved it….

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    Superb epi.

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  3. Amazing Zai loved it

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      Thanks maanvi

  4. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂
    But the sad part is your ending soon …. I know every good thing has to come to an end but I would miss your ff it made me a Twiraj fan though I am a Twinj fan 🙂
    Would want you to comeback soon with some other story 🙂
    Love you 🙂

    1. Zai

      Thanks sidmin… it is really a huge compliment that i made you a twiraj fan. And thank you so much for all your support and love

  5. Adya

    Hey Zai !
    Loved the episode but yrr you are ending it ?? Well that’s a big disappointment for us..cozy it was youreally ff which made us twiraj fans…
    Will wait for your comeback!!
    Post soon..

    1. Zai

      Thanks adya but I can’t continue forever. On the 23 December it will be exactly one year of this ff. It’s been very long. But thanks for everything your comments and love

  6. Loved the episode, but sad part it us going to end nd the best part is i never felt bored of reading any single episode..nd i am sure even after re-rreading these i wont be bored..anyways thanks for making this wonderful ff a part of my lyf..surely gonna miss you..by the way how’s ur grandfather

    1. Zai

      Thanks nayana for your continuous support and love… this ff is special for me and i love you all for making it more special… and my grandfather is better now

  7. Amazing update… pls post next update soon…

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  8. Great eps Zai.After a long time I’am comenting.Why Zai?Why do u want to end it?No yaar.Pls continue.For as a Twiraj fan it was the only relief.But today..Ok as u wish.I never forget u.I came to telly update world bcz of u.Thank u so much.Comeback soon.

    1. Zai

      Thanks barbie, i know it’s difficult for me too to end it, but i am short of ideas for Twiraj i covered all the aspects.
      I will miss you all too

    2. Zai

      And i will also never forget any of you

  9. U write really well hope this is the original storyline
    Loved it ❤️

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