Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 145

Hey guys, really sorry, i know you all must be very angry as it’s been 1 week since I uploaded but it’s been a tough week for me and my family. My grandfather had to do operation and all which was very risky. So i was not in very good mood to write.
And even today is going to a short one.

Recap: Twiraj marriage.

Next morning:
Twiraj got ready and went downstairs to have breakfast.
Everyone was happy, Anita was talking happily to Twinkle, as Leela. She had no grudges towards her now. Twinkle was really happy that finally everything was going on well.

Yuvi:”mom, i need to tell you something”
Yuvi:”i got call from police station, Rajesh and Malhotra are punished for lifetime for all the crimes they did till now.”

Anita:”that’s good, they will not trouble us now.”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Sana was sad hearing that but she knew they were wrong.
Anita, to Sana:”beta, i am really sorry… because of us, you have been separated from your parents”
Sana:”no aunty, they did bad to Yuvi, they should be punished.”
Anita hugged her to console her.
Yuvi:”partner, we are with you right? Nothing wrong will happen. You will stay with us forever”

Sana:”yes even I don’t want to go from here.”
Yuvi and Sana hugged. Sana also hugged Twinkle.
Sana went upstairs to get ready for school with Dadi.
Twinkle, to Anita:”aunty, don’t worry i will take care of her.”
Anita nodded yes.
Anita:”but there is one problem…”
Twiraj looked at her confused.
Anita:”arey, you are my daughter-in-law, will you call me aunty or mom?”
Twiraj smiled.
Twinkle:”mom…” and she hugged her.
Anita:”I should go now, i will be late for office.”
Yuvi:”i will also get ready…”

Yuvi:”i am going to office with you.”
Anita:”no need. You just got married so enjoy a bit. I will take care of office. Ans anyway, after 2 months, all the work is yours.”
Twinkle:”oh yeah, after months, college will be over…”
Yuvi:”yeah, i forgot about this.”
Anita:”yes, so for now, enjoy with your friends and all. Don’t know whether you will stay in contact afterwards”
Yuvi and Twinkle smiled faintly as it is always difficult to be separated from friends, and after college everyone gets so busy in their own life that meeting them seems impossible.

Anita left with Sana and Dadi. She dropped Sana to school and Dadi was accompanying her to office as she is bored at home.

Only Twiraj were at home.
Yuvi:”we should organize some outings before college ends.”
Twinkle:”yes, but what?”
Yuvi:”i think we should start from today itself. Making this 2 months memorable for all of us.”

Twinkle:”yes. We should call everyone. I have only Chinki to call but you have your entire group.”
Yuvi:”i will message them.”
Twinkle:”Yuvi, what about movie?”
They both inform them about movie for tonight and soon everyone agreed.

At night:
Twiraj got ready. They informed Anita and Dadi. Sana also went with them. They both were wearing casual. Yuvi in white shirt with jeans and twinkle a blue top with jeans ripped on the knees. Sana was also wearing jeans with a pink shirt.

(There is no restriction on the clothes they wear, Twinkle could wear anything she wants: i am saying this as I don’t know why in every serial, whenever the girls get married she starts to wear traditional, even when before marriage she would wear jeans and all. I don’t get it why is it so? I mean there is no particular rules that she needs to change her clothes)

Movie theater.
All the group were there, they bought the tickets and there were still time like about 2 hours for the movie so they went for dinner.
They went to eat pizza. They spend a lot of time, talking, joking and having fun. Twinkle took care of Sana.
They played truth and dare in the restaurant itself.
Some were asked to do many funny things like to shout and all. They were spinning a bottle and it stopped on Yuvi.
He chose dare.

Rithik:”ok, so you will have to ask someone in this restaurant for a dance other than Twinkle and the girls in the group. (Some of the boys brought their gf too, so Chinki and Twinkle were not the only girls)

Twinkle felt a bit jealous just by hearing it. Yuvi looked around and said ok.
Twinkle thought he will refuse but he agreed which annoyed her a bit but she didn’t show it.
Yuvi went to the table next to them. There was an old couple having dinner and Yuvi went to the lady.
Yuvi:”aunty, you are so gorgeous and beautiful. Uncle is really lucky to have you, but for now, can i have the honour to dance with me, plz. I am sure that you are an awesome dancer, plz. Plz”
The couple was laughing seeing him. And even his group but Twinkle the most.

He danced with the lady on some song and Twinkle also went to the man dance with him.
The others also danced around them.
Sana shoot all the dancing in Yuvi’s phone.
They had great fun.
Then they paid and left for the movie. They watched the movie. And enjoyed a lot.
All the time, while watching the film, twiraj were holding hands and didn’t leave each other.

Precap: don’t know till now….

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