Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 144 tashan e shaadi


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And yesterday was my birthday, i wanted twiraj wedding to be on my birthday, but couldn’t.
Recap: Yuvi’s surprise for Roch, them getting engaged.

After the engagement, both Twiraj took their places back. Soon the marriage rituals started.
They started from varmala, where both made each other wear it.

Next they went to the mandap and sat down. The priest started to recite some mantras (sorry I don’t know about all the rituals, so might miss some of them)

Sorry if i do a mistake with the vows.

Then they took the wedding vows (pheras)
The groom walks first then followed by the bride. They read it aloud. While others threw flowers on them.
Yuvi:”i promise that i will provide everything for her as well as family welfare and happiness.

Twinkle:”I promise to take the responsibility of home, food and finance.”

Yuvi:”i promise to protect her and the family by all my strength in God’s name”

Twinkle:”I promise that at all time i shall continue to fulfill his heart with strength and courage. I promise to be his strength and stand by him in all tough and turbulent times”

Twinkle came in front followed by Yuvi.

Twinkle:”i accept him as my husband i promise that every man in her life will be secondary for me.”

Yuvi:”i accept her as my wife, and I promise for prosperity and wealth as a couple”

Yuvi:”I confess that she has brought sanctity and auspiciousness in his life. I pray to God to bestow him and her with good children and grant them a long live”

Twinkle:”i promise to acquire happiness and harmony via respect, faith, mutual love and understanding.

Yuvi:”i accepts her as my best friend.”
Twinkle:”I promise to honour him with all the respect and love i can”

Yuvi:”i wish for her happiness”
Twinkle:”I commit to stand by his side always”

Twinkle:”I promise that i have become his spouse by the law of God, holy fire, and the Holy scriptures. The promises i have made have been spoken with a pure heart and pure mind. All the angels are witnesses to this fact. I shall neither deceive him nor will i ever let him down.”

Yuvi:”i promise her that by walking this seventh step with her, our love and companionship have become inseparable and eternal. We have experienced spiritual union in God.
Now she has become completely his. He offers his total self to her.

(Sorry if there has been any mistake. I just googled it and got these)

After the pheras, they took their places. The priest asked Yuvi to make her wear the mangalsutra (wedding chain). Yuvi took it from a plater and put it around Twinkle’s neck.
Everyone smiled seeing them. Next he took the sindoor and both remembered the first time, how Yuvi put sindoor on her forehead. At that time, they were more confused than happy but now there is only happiness.

Finally he put the sindoor on her maang (forehead)
And the priest announced that the wedding is done. And asked them to take the blessing of the elders. Twiraj went to Dadaji and dadi first and then to the others.

Leela:”twinkle, don’t trouble him (Yuvi), ok?”
Twinkle:”mom, you changed side after marriage”
Yuvi:”that’s Yuvi’s charm, baby, every girl or women will fall for me.”
Twinkle hit him a little bit.
Leela:”calm down, tigress twinkle”
Twinkle:”maa, even you are calling me tigress, not fair. You teamed up with him.”
Anita:”but i am with my DIL.”
Twinkle hugged her.

Abd the vidaai started but it was not as emotional as others. Because Twinkle is going next door itself so it was not so much emotional.

Luthra house:
Even after the vidaai, Tanejas came to Luthra house for the other rituals. But not as Twinkle’s mother but Anita’s best friend.

They performed the rituals of rings (searching rings). Twinkle won it.
Afterwards they went to the room.

Yuvi:”baby, you should change, lengha looks very heavy.”
Twinkle just remove the jewelry and came next to him on the bed.
Twinkle:”i am so happy today, i mean we got married, Roch’s engagement…”
Yuvi:”yeah, i am happy too. Everything is fine, our moms, us, everyone. I just hope that there is no problem anymore”

Twinkle:”there won’t be, and if there is, we all will face it together.”
She hugged him.
Twinkle:”anyway why didn’t you tell me about the surprise?”
Yuvi:”because it was a surprise”
Twinkle:”ok… but next time, no such surprise, you will share it with me.”
Yuvi:”ok… i will share it with you, unless it is for you. That i won’t share it.”
Twinkle:”ok done.”

They hugged once again.
Yuvi:”baby, we completed all the rituals of marriage, right”
Twinkle:”yeah, why?”
Yuvi:”then suhaagraat is still there…” and smiled.
Twinkle, shy:”ahh so?”
Yuvi:”so i was thinking to complete it too, naa?”
Twinkle:”i need to change, so i am going”
She stands up but Yuvi pulled her back and she fell next to him.
He kissed her forehead, then cheeks. Twinkle also kissed his forehead.
And then…. (you all know)

Precap: don’t know.

Hope you like it….
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