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Recap: haldi and mehendi…

At 8:00 in the morning:
Twinkle woke up and on noticing Yuvi next to her, she woke up immediately.
Twinkle, to herself:”oh no. I have to make him go”
She tried waking him up, but Yuvi hugged her more tightly.
Twinkle:”Yuvi… plz get up…”

Finally Yuvi woke up.
Yuvi, still sleepy:”morning…”
Twinkle:”that later on, you need to go…”
Twinkle:”to your house… go.”
Yuvi, on realizing that he was at twinkle’s place:”oh shit, i had to go to R…” then stop seeing Twinkle.
Yuvi:”i need to go. Bye bye…”
After sometimes he left. And Twinkle returned to her bedroom.

Yuvi returned to Luthra house.
In his room:
Yuvi, to himself:”Thank God, everyone is still sleeping. I should get ready”
He went to the washroom and got ready.
And he went out of the house.

Later on:
Everyone woke up, and started to do the last minute preparations for the wedding.

Taneja house:
Twinkle prepared the breakfast for everyone.
Leela:”why did you do that? You should have rest more, you have lots of rituals today”
Twinkle:”maa, leave that. Now just taste it”
Raman:”i will take only small portion…”
Raman:”i am joking… my lovely niece has prepared it, i will eat all.”
Everyone started to eat and were surprised that Twinkle cooked everything good.

Luthra house:
They were having breakfast too.
Rohan:”aunty, do you know where is the groom? He was not in the room when i woke up”
Anita:”I don’t know, I thought he was still sleeping as he was tired. That boy is impossible, today is his wedding, and he left without telling anyone.”
Dadi:”he might went for an important work”
Anita:”what could be more important than his work.”
Rohan noticed Sana who was smiling as she knew everything.
Rohan, questioning:”Sana, do you know where he is?”
Sana cutely nodded yes.
Anita:”where he is?”
Sana:”aunty, he told me not to tell anyone. But don’t worry, he will be back soon”
Rohan:”is he with Twinkle?”
Sana:”no, he is not with Twinkle. He went for a surprise”
Rohan, Anita and Dadi:”surprise???”
Sana nodded yes and then run from there so that they don’t ask her any question.

Soon it was afternoon, and everyone started to get ready.

Leela, Chinki and Pinni were making Twinkle ready in her room. While Raman and Dadaji were looking at the mandap (alter) and the priest.
Twinkle wore the pink lengha which she bought.

Luthra house:
Everyone were ready. But they were worried that Yuvi didn’t return till now.
Anita:”Sana, beta, plz tell us where he is?”
Sana:”aunty, don’t worry. He will come. He should have already but there must be traffic.”
Anita:”aunty (Dadi) what if that Rajesh did something…”
Dadi:”no beta. He can’t do anything now.”
Rohan:”yeah aunty. He is in jail, Yuvi must be back.”
Yuvi arrived at that time.

Yuvi:”sorry sorry. I know i am late but i was stuck in traffic.”
Anita:”where did you go?”
Yuvi, trying to avoid it:”mom, it’s my wedding, so i need to get ready. Buddy, come on, help me.”

The boys went up along with Sana.
Yuvi’s room:
Yuvi went to the washroom to bath and change. Rohan and Sana set all his other things he need to wear.

He came out and was looking dashing in the white sherwani.
Sana:”partner, is it done?”
Yuvi:”yep partner. The surprise is ready”
Rohan:”which surprise? Was it so important that you left on your wedding day?”
Yuvi:”yes it is that important.”
Rohan:”what is it?”
Yuvi:”you will know it during my wedding.”
Sana and Rohan applied perfume to him, he wore his watch and shoes. He made his hair.

Sana:”groom is ready.”
Anita, at the doorstep:”not completely…”
The trio turned to find Dadi and Anita.
Anita:”still one thing left. Sehra (sorry if wrongly written it)

Anita made him wear it and was emotional.
Yuvi:”mom… i am not the girl for which you are crying…”
Anita:”no, your dad wanted to tie this for you. He would have been really happy today.”
Even Yuvi got upset hearing his dad name, he is missing him a lot today.

Rohan:”aunty, uncle must be watching us and he will be really happy for him. He must be dancing too seeing his son getting married.”
Anita and Everyone laughed.
Anita hit Rohan a bit on his cheek.

Anita:”now lets go, the girl’s side must be waiting”

Taneja house:
Twinkle was getting ready, Chinki made her wear the jewelry. While the song tu itni khoobsurat instrumental play in bg.

Chinki:”you are looking so pretty. Yuvi won’t be able to take off his eyes on you”
Twinkle blushed.
Raman, Pinni, Leela and Dadaji came there.
Leela:”my little princess grew up very fast.”
She hugged Twinkle. They have an emotional moment.

Chinki:”now stop it, otherwise all your make up will be spoilt.”
Leela wiped Twinkle’s tears.

Leela and the others went down as someone came to inform them that Yuvi and his family came.

Twinkle was alone in the room.

Leela performed aarthi of Yuvi. Then he came in. There were big red chairs on a stage, where Yuvi went to sit.
Soon Chinki brought Twinkle down. Yuvi was mesmerized seeing her. All the guests were praising Twinkle for her beauty.
She came next to Yuvi and he was still lost in her. Twinkle came a bit close and pinched his hand which brought him back to his senses.

Yuvi:”what Twinkle? Girls normally are shy on their wedding day but you… you are still tigress.”
Twinkle:”why should i change? I will still remain as i was”
Yuvi:”yes tigress…”

All joined them on stage so they stopped their nok jhok.
Chinki:”Yuvi, come on, you will have to find your name in Twinkle’s mehendi…”
Yuvi:”ok…. (he took her right hand and showed it to everyone) here it is.”
They were surprised that he found it even without searching.
Rohan:”how did you find it?”
Twinkle blushed remembering what happened yesterday.
Yuvi:”arey because i searched for it yesterday night….”
Twinkle was surprised that he said it, even Yuvi was when he realized it.
Anita twisted his ear.
Leela:”what did we say? That you cannot meet before marriage.”
Yuvi:”but it was in mehendi function itself.”
Chinki:”no, i was with her and you were not finding the name.”
Dadaji:”arey leave him, and i knew that he came to meet Twinkle”

Twiraj looked at each other being surprised.
Dadaji:”not only him, but Rohan also came to meet Chinki the day before.”
The boys looked at each other.
Dadaji:”i was awake and saw everything. The sweet and chocolate surprise”

The 4 of them bend their heads down being shy.
Dadi:”stop teasing them now, we should start the rituals.”
Anita:”there is still time for varmala…. what to do?”
Yuvi:”there is still time right?”
Sana:”so partner, show them the surprise.”
Yuvi smiled at her.
Twinkle:”which surprise?”
Yuvi took Twinkle hand and brought her down. Everyone else followed them. He went to take the mike.

Yuvi:”hello everybody, i know all of you are wondering why i took the mike, even my family is asking the same question. So let me tell you. Today is my wedding but i have a surprise for you all. But before that, Ro… come here.”

Rohan was confused but came nevertheless.
Yuvi:”buddy, this surprise is for you. You have supported me throughout. I can’t imagine my life without my buddy. And i wanted to thank you for what you did for me. So here is the surprise.”
Rohan’s parents came there along with their other friends (all knew about the surprise)

Rohan went to them and hugged them. But still confused.
Yuvi went to Chinki and brought her to Rohan and his family. Rohan was surprised as he didn’t inform his parents about his relationship with Chinki.
Yuvi:”don’t worry buddy, i told them everything about you and Chinki.”

Rohan was further surprised.
Yuvi:”i know that you should have been the one to tell them but you tell them or me it’s the same thing. And Chinki…. look there.”
Chinki mom and dad were also there.
Yuvi:”i guess you all are further confused so let me clear it. Along with me wedding, it is Rohan and Chinki’s engagement.”

Roch were shocked and surprised along with Luthras and Tanejas while all the guests clapped for them.
Yuvi:”buddy, i talk to both your parents and they agreed to your relationship and your engagement is today.”

Twinkle came to Chinki and hugged her. Chinki and Rohan were really happy. They both took the blessing of both parents.

Yuvi;”so come on, on stage right now.” Both Twiraj brought Roch on stage.

Rohan:”but ring?”
Yuvi;”what do you think that i was doing since morning?”
They done the Roka ceremony and Roch made each other wear the ring.
Yuvi:”i hope you like the rings…”
Roch nodded yes. They both smiled at each other.

Rohan:”so that was your surprise? You left in the morning for this?”
Yuvi:”i had to buy the rings, bring your parents so it took time.”
Rohan:”and you didn’t tell me anything… wow. My engagement and you hide from me.”
Chinki:”our engagement and he hide it from us…”
Twinkle:”you didn’t even tell me?”
Yuvi:”surprise baba, surprise. Only Sana knew it. She is partner, partners always share secret missions”
Sana:”right, partner.”
They hi-five each other.

Precap: Twiraj wedding….

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