tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 14

@the unknown place
Twinkle arrived: “where is this place? And what was chinki doing here?” and she entered.
It was dark and twinkle called out chinki. Then, a spotlight falls on twinkle.
Yuvi came to her and said: “sorry, chinki is not here…” twinkle was shocked to see him.
Yuvi: “twinkle, I want you to see the most beautiful girl in the world. She is very special for everyone. She is very lovely and caring. She is someone who describes beauty. She is someone who would care for a little baby crying on the road, she is afraid of thunders but loves the rain. And those are the reasons why I love her so much. Today, I want to show you how she looks like.”
And the light turned on, the walls were all covered with twinkle’s pictures, with her dad when she was small, with her mom and family, and with chinki. Twinkle was stunned seeing all this, she looked around. And when she turned, she found yuvi on his knees saying: “I want to say to that girl that I LOVE HER.”

Twinkle was impressed by him but didn’t want to express it. Yuvi continued: “I LOVE YOU TWINKLE.”
Twinkle remembers all the time with yuvi but also remembers what her mom said about Anita and yuvi.
Twinkle: “yuvi, stop this. You used my friend to call me here. That’s not right”
Yuvi stand up and said: “I know, I told chinki to call you but if I had call, you wouldn’t have come. Forget about coming here, you wouldn’t even answer my phone… ok I am sorry to call you this way.”

Twinkle: “plz yuvi, stop all this”
Yuvi: “ok, I will stop, but tell me the reason about your refusal first.”
Twinkle: “you already know everything… our moms…”
Yuvi: “forget about them, just tell me what your heart tells you.”
Twinkle: “and how could you think that I will love you? How did you think that I will love the boy whom I hate so much?”
And Twinkle ran out of there, leaving yuvi disappointed and sad.
Rohan and chinki who were out came to yuvi and asked: “why did twinkle ran out?”
Yuvi: “because she doesn’t love me”

Chinki: “I will go to her and asked her not to let the rivalry come between you guys.” Chinki was about to leave but yuvi stopped her.
Yuvi: “no, you won’t say anything to her. Let her be. I have tried enough, she doesn’t love me. I will not even try now. I can’t force her”
Chinki: “but…” yuvi nod no and left from there telling not to anything now.

precap: yuvi asked Anita the reasonof her enmity with the tanejas

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  1. Awesome.. U are just superb

  2. superb. ….

  3. wow very touching when twinkle ran out and made yuvi sad…
    very nice zai…

  4. hi..zai bht zabardast the epi ,.nxt epi ka intezar hai :-);-)

  5. Very emotional epi…loved it…

  6. Thank you. Sorry for not posting today as i was bit busy and tired but I will try to post longer ones tomorrow

  7. Guys I know some were expecting that twinkle would accept his love but I wanted some past secrets to be revealed before that. Sorry to make you wait for twinraj love confession especially of twinkle.

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