Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 138


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Recap: Rajesh and Malhotra arrested.

In the hospital:
The doctor checked Yuvi as he was badly injured on his head.
Doctors came out after some times.
Rohan:”doc, is he fine?”
Doctor:”was he hurt preciously on his head?”

Rohan and Anita said yes.
Doctor:”he got hit at the same place, his case is really complicated but we are trying our best. Maybe we have to do operation”
Rohan:”but sir, Yuvi already went under operation before also.”
Doctor:”ok, can you tell me which doctor treated him at that time?”
Anita gave him all the details about London and all.

Doctors went inside again.
The boys also did their bandage.
Leela, to Twinkle:”beta, he will be fine…”
Twinkle hugged her tightly.
Twinkle:”i know, nothing will happen to him.”

Anita also was teary eyed.
Rohan:”aunty, Yuvi will be fine…”
Anita nodded yes.
Anita:”he will be fine, he has to be fine”
Rohan made her sit down.

Rohan came to Jay.
Rohan:”Yuvi was about to say something about Rajesh, do you know it?”
Jay nodded no.
Doctors begun with the operation.

After several hours:
The doctors came out of the options theater.
Doctor:”we did the operation but we still have to wait for him to be conscious to know his exact position, right now I can’t say much. Excuse me…”
He went.

The nurse informed them that they can meet her if they want to. But one by one. So Anita went first.
She was crying looking at him in that state.
She took his hand and kissed it.
Anita:”baby, you have to wake up now…. your mom needs you.”
She spends some time and then came out.

Twinkle went next.
She was also crying. She sat next to the bed and looked at him.
She holds his hand. She didn’t know how to react, she was just holding his hand.

After sometimes, the nurse told her to go out.
Everyone was there, but the some left as they couldn’t stay there at night. Only Rohan, Twinkle and Anita stayed there.

As they were allowed in the room, the 3 of them were there itself. Rohan felt asleep on the sofa while Twinkle and Anita were at the sides of the bed.

In the morning:
Yuvi regained consciousness and looked around, he found Anita and Twinkle and then Rohan.

He moved a bit due to which Anita woke up.
Anita:”Yuvi…” hearing her, Twinkle and Rohan woke up too.
The 3 of them surrounded him.
They all were asking how he was.
Yuvi, with a bit of pain:”i am… fine… i mean… i think”
Rohan:”i will call the doctor…”

Anita kissed his forehead.
Doctor came in and Anita and Twinkle backed off to let him check.
Doctor:”so Yuvi how are you feeling?”
Yuvi:”its paining…”
Yuvi:”my head…”
Doctor:”it’s because you underwent an operation again of brain, but don’t worry. The pain will reduce in some days.”

Rohan:”doctor, can’t you give him some painkillers till then…”
Doctor:”I don’t think so… but i will see it afterwards when he will go home… you rest, i will carry out some test in some time.”

He went out, followed by Anita and Rohan.
Anita:”doctor, any problem?”
Doctor:”yeah, actually he shouldn’t feel so much pain. That’s why i will keep him under observation for a few more days. Maybe because he already had a surgery at the same place, that’s why it’s paining but still i will keep him.”

Anita:”ok, doctor. I will have to convince him to stay here”
Rohan:”aunty, i will talk to him”

Inside the room.
Yuvi:”baby, i am fine…”
Twinkle hugged him.
Yuvi:”i am telling you i am fine…”
Twinkle:”you went there, right?”
Twinkle:”to that Rajesh’s house don’t lie to me, i know you mush have went there by yourself. They didn’t take you there…”

Yuvi:”yeah, i went there… i was a angry that they…”
Twinkle:”what if something happened to you? What will i and Anita aunty do then?”
Yuvi:”you are here to take care of mom, even if she would fight with you if i am not there”

Twinkle:”don’t say that. You really scared me yesterday. Don’t ever put your life in danger, ok?”
Yuvi, smiling:”ok ma’am. As you say”
Anita came there.

Anita:”you are fine, right?”
Yuvi nodded yes:”but it pains…”
Anita:”why did you do that? You should have let him beat me instead of you”
Yuvi:”mom, how can i let anyone hurt you? Till i am with you, no one can harm my mom”

Anita kissed his forehead again.
Rohan came there with the medicines.
Yuvi:”buddy, ask the doctor when can i go home?”

Rohan and Anita looked at each other. Twinkle also noticed them.

Rohan:”buddy, actually, i was thinking that it will be fun to stay in hospital for some days. There will always be a nurse who will take cafe of you. You just have to tell her and she will do it. So why not you….”

Yuvi:”how many days will i have to stay?”
Rohan:”not long… few days”
Yuvi:”your few days means approximately a month right? Mom, plz tell them i want to go home. Plz mom”

Anita:”Yuvi, you will have to stay as long ad the doctor wants to keep you. I can’t do anything about that”
Yuvi:”mom plz… plz”
Rohan:”buddy, i will be with you…”
Yuvi:”i will get bored here…”
Anita:”Yuvi, stop behaving like a child. You will have to stay.”
Yuvi:”ok… but on one condition.”
Yuvi:”for now, you should go… you are here since yesterday, mom, you will be tired. Plz for me rest a bit because after that i will trouble you a lot.”

Anita, smiling:”ok, ok… but you will rest and stay here.”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Rohan:”aunty, i will drop you and go to my place also, actually mom is worried then i will come back here”
Twinkle:”aunty i will stay here, don’t worry, i will take care of him”
Anita nodded yes and left from there.

Twinkle:”why don’t you want to stay in hospital?”
Yuvi:”because it’s boring. There is nothing to do apart from lying on the bed.”
Twinkle:”only few days then when you will be back i will listen to you. All will happen as you wish.”

Twinkle:”good husband…”
Yuvi:”ohh no! I forgot…”
Yuvi:”i had to tell you all about Rajesh and Malhotra…”
Twinkle:”Yuvi, we will talk about them when you are fully ok. When you will come back at home. Right now I don’t even want to hear their name, if they comes in front of me, i will beat them so much”

Yuvi, whispering:”if by only this small thing, you will beat them, then if you know what they did long ago, you will surely kill them. And to control you i will have to be fit and fine…”
Twinkle:”did you say anything?”
Yuvi:”i was saying to calm down my tigress. You are right i will tell everyone afterwards”
Twinkle:”Yuvi, you rest a bit now.”
Yuvi:”twinkle, i know that mom and Rohan will not tell me, but you plz tell me what doctors said? I mean about the pain.”

Twinkle:”Yuvi, actually even I don’t know. I was about to go and ask the doctor. You sleep, i will talk to him and come. Ok?”
Yuvi nodded yes and closed his eyes to rest.

Precap: don’t know till now…

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And yes, i know that this one is small in length but promise next one will be longer

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