Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 137


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Recap: Yuvi being tortured and his friends too.

Rajesh’s house:
Yuvi thinks to do something so that he gets out of here. He tried to open the ropes but couldn’t as it was tightly tied. He looked around to find something to cut it but nothing.
Yuvi, to himself:”that Rajesh and Malhotra are very smart. But i need to find a way out. What to do?”

Luthra house:
The boys were hurt.
Twinkle:”we need to find Yuvi.”
Rohan:”maybe i know where he is. He is at his house, i mean Rajesh’s house.”
Anita:”but we can’t go from here.”
Rohan:”that’s the problem, if someone goes missing, he will be alarmed and he might hurt Yuvi more.”

Twinkle:”what will we do?”
Sana:”i can go…”
Rohan:”what? No Sana, how will you go there?”
Sana:”papa will not hurt me… so maybe I should know”
Anita:”no Sana. He is blinded by money now, he will not even see his daughter and might harm you. I won’t let you go.”

Rohan:”maybe, Jay can go…”
Twinkle:”who is Jay?”
Rohan:”our friend, remember paint ball game, he was there. He is in our college, Twinkle.”
Twinkle:”ohh, right. I know.”
Rohan:”but for that, i will have to messaged him. So you have to cover me up”
They all cover him up while he send the message.
He put his phone on silent in case if he answers back.

Rajesh house:
Yuvi:”why do you call me Prince?”
Malhotra:”that’s the significance of your name right? Anyway, i was enjoying myself at beating you but I can’t kill you so i have to stop, why don’t i try something else.”

He brought a bucket full of water and throw it on Yuvi.
Yuvi screamed as the water made his wound burned.

Luthra house:
Rohan:”it’s been 30 minutes, but still Jay didn’t answer. Don’t know if he read the message or not?”
Anita:”i hope he read the message quickly.”

Rajesh house:
Malhotra and Yuvi heard police siren outside the house.
Malhotra:”police? Did your family inform police…”

He went out to check and Jay entered there.
Yuvi:”Jay? What are you doing here?”
Jay:”say thanks, that I didn’t come to your house earlier and that Rohan messaged me about your kidnapping.”
He opened his ropes and helped Yuvi.

Malhotra:”there is no police… who are you?”
Jay:”ohh, all these fights, you handle it. You know I can’t beat someone.”

Malhotra tried to beat Yuvi but he defended himself well.
Yuvi beat him a bit and he felt unconscious.

Jay:”lets go…”
Yuvi:”we are taking him along…”
Yuvi:”he will help me in something.”
They left from there. Yuvi put Malhotra in the car.
Yuvi:”and you are also coming with me”

Luthra house:
Karan:”yaar, its been one hour… he didn’t even reply. I think we should try something else.”
Rohan:”yes but what? He was the only one from our friend group who is not here”

In the car:
Yuvi:”Jay, you will go in my room and try to record all that they will say. I need to make them tell the whole truth.”

Outside Luthra house:
Jay went by the balcony to Yuvi’s room. And started to execute his part.

Yuvi brings Malhotra out of the car and make him conscious. Malhotra was confused that why did Yuvi bring him here.

Yuvi opened his hands and tied his own hands.
Malhotra:”what are you doing?”
Yuvi:”sorry for my friend. I mean i know that if I escaped then Rajesh will hurt my family so that’s why. And i dropped Jay at his home before coming here. So take me in and tell your boss that police came there so you took me out of there”

Malhotra knocked at the door. Rajesh’s goons opened it.
Malhotra brought Yuvi inside. Everyone was a bit relieved seeing him.

Rajesh:”why did you bring him here?”
Malhotra:”police came there… I don’t know how.”
Rajesh:”you could have call me…”
Malhotra:”I didn’t get time…. i just escaped from there.”
Rajesh:”but how did Police came there? You (Yuvi) call them….”

Rajesh:”you didn’t do good…”
Rohan:”we call the police….” he said to save Yuvi as he thought that he will hurt him.
Rajesh:”so you call them…”
Yuvi:”no i did… i call them. They didn’t even know where i was.”
Rajesh:”point… ”
Malhotra was tensed as he lied to Rajesh.
Rajesh noticed him:”what happened to you?”

Malhotra:”nothing… i am fine.”
Yuvi:”now i can tell my family the truth which you said to me few hours ago…”

Rajesh:”you won’t say anything…”
Yuvi:”you will stop me… stop me then. But i will tell them. Once they know it, all this enmity will be over.”

Everyone was confused about what he said.
Anita:”Yuvi, what do you mean?”
Yuvi:”mom, 20 years ago…”
Rajesh beat him so that he does not say anything. The boys tried to save him but the goons stopped them.
Yuvi:”20 years ago… he had done everything…”
Rajesh, still beating him:”just shut up…”
Yuvi:”he made….”
But as Rajesh was beating he couldn’t say anything.
The other boys also struggled a lot with the goons but the goons overpowered them.
Malhotra stopped Rajesh.
Malhotra:”we can’t kill him…”
Rajesh:”you shouldn’t have brought him here. You knew he will reveal everything. Now even if he dies, I don’t care.”

Malhotra didn’t stop him afterwards as he also thinks that Yuvi will end everything.
Jay was recording everything from Yuvi’s room.
As he saw that Yuvi would not be able to support more pain. He called the police and informed them.
Till then, every time, Yuvi tried to tell the truth, he was beaten up.

The police arrived just then. And saw everything.
They arrest them.
Rajesh:”we didn’t do anything, he did all.”
Dadaji:”how much will you lie? Inspector, plz take them away.”
Yuvi:”wait inspector. I want to give you the proofs of what he did.”
Jay came downstairs.

The boys were surprised seeing him.
Jay:”what did you think that i will not save him seeing your messages?”
Rohan:”you could at least messaged back”
Jay handed the recording to the inspector.

Yuvi:”but before you take them, i want to say the truth in front of him. He lied a lot, he will be punished not only for what he did today but for what he did long ago also”
Yuvi was about to say something.
Yuvi:”mom, 20 year ago, Leela aunty was nor wrong and Aunty, even my mom was not wrong…”
Rajesh:”I can’t let him tell the truth.” He saw the police stick and took it without anyone noticing it. He was about to hit Anita.
Yuvi:”he did all… (he saw Rajesh trying to hit Anita) Mom.” He pulled Anita and he got hit on the head.

The inspector took Rajesh away. Yuvi fell down.
Twinkle hold him.
Anita:”Yuvi, yuvi”
Twinkle:”Yuvi, open your eyes.” But he fell unconscious.
Rohan:”we should take him to the hospital.”
Anita:”yeah lets go”
The boys picked him up.

Precap: in hospital….

Really sorry for the delay, hope you like it.

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It’s called Ragini’s limitless for Laksh.

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