Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 135


Hey guys, so sorry that I didn’t update for such a long time. But now as my exams are over i will update regularly as before.
As I couldn’t update on Diwali occasion i would try to compensate for it. It won’t be the Diwali celebration but something else.

Today i am going to reveal the complete mystery of what actually happened 20 years ago. So prepare yourself.

Recap: Karvachauth and Twinkle & Anita life in danger.

Next day:
Twinkle came back from the hospital, everyone was with her. All their friends were there, Yuvi’s group. Yuvi excused himself and came out of the room, followed by Rohan.

Yuvi:”twinkle is at home, everyone is with her right now. I have to see them. I can’t stay quiet if they hurt my family.”
Rohan:”ok, i will come with you.”

Yuvi:”no Ro. You have to stay here, what if they do something else.”
Rohan:”ok, i will be here but you take care”
Yuvi:”yeah and don’t tell anything if someone ask about me.”
Rohan nodded yes and Yuvi left.

Rajesh house:
As Yuvi went there before, he knew the address.

While he was driving, he received a phone call.
Rajesh:”nephew, i am glad you are coming to meet me…”
Yuvi, surprised.
Rajesh:”don’t worry. Malhotra is just following you.”
Yuvi:”find a place to hide Rajesh, I won’t leave you for what you did to my mom and Twinkle.”
Rajesh:”come on nephew, i am your uncle, don’t be angry with me. You insulted me so i took my revenge. You know what, come to me then we will talk. It will be more fun to see your angry face.”
He hung up.

Rajesh home:
Yuvi reached there along with Malhotra who was following him. Malhotra came to him smilingly.
M:”welcome prince”
Yuvi jerked his hand and punched him.

Yuvi:”how dare you touch my mom and Twinkle?”
M:”relax, Prince, relax.”
Rajesh came there.

Rajesh:”nephew, calm down. Come in”
They entered the house.
Yuvi:”why did you do that?”
Rajesh:”simple, you insulted me and i took my revenge”
Yuvi:”you won’t touch my family.”
Rajesh:”you are warning me?”
Yuvi:”take it as a warning itself”

Rajesh:”don’t make me angry”
Yuvi:”you know what i can make you arrested for what you did yesterday”
Rajesh:”how, no one saw us. Yuvraj, this is just the starting, you wait and watch, i will make you beg for your family lives”
Yuvi stared at him angrily.

Yuvi:”i was respecting you till now because you are my oncle, I didn’t send you to jail, but no more. If you try again to touch my family, i will send you to jail. And you will be punish for all that you did 20 years ago also.”
Rajesh laughed.
Rajesh:”for what i did long ago? You don’t even know what i did long ago. Yuvraj, the things/ information you know is like half of what really happened. You don’t know the truth. Let me tell it to you. If not me then no one will be able to tell you that.”

Malhotra:”what are you doing? You cannot tell him. If you do tell him, then everything will be over, everything we did 20 years ago would be over”
Rajesh:”he is right. You are really smart right, then find it be yourself, just as you found out that your dad committed suicide.”
Yuvi, thinks:”I won’t be able to find as he said that no one knows it.”

Yuvi:”why? You are scared that once the truth is out then you will be gone. I thought you were courageous and will tell it to me once and for all.”
Rajesh:”come on go now. Find out and then come here. It will be fun then.”

Yuvi:”why don’t you tell it to me? You will see the fun today itself.”
Malhotra:”he told you right to go, then go”
Yuvi, to Malhotra:”you are just a puppet of him. He said something and you immediately follow his orders.”

Malhotra:”shut up.”
Rajesh:”Malhotra, why can’t you see that he is trying to make you angry so that you tell him everything”
Yuvi:”you will tell me right now.”
Rajesh:”ok, but…”
Yuvi looked at him curiously.

Rajesh:”but you can’t tell anyone about it. And to make sure of that, you are not going anywhere from here. Malhotra tie him to the chair. Once you know the truth, I can’t let you go out. Decide what you want, find it by yourself and save your family from my tortures or i tell you the truth and you stay here while i go to torture your loved ones.”

Yuvi thinks a bit.
Yuvi, thinks:”Ro is there, he will handle them. And the other boys too. They will handle it. I have to know the truth otherwise I won’t be able to find it”

Yuvi:”tell me the truth”
Rajesh:”you are risking your family for this truth.”
Yuvi:”just tell the truth”
Malhotra tied him to a chair with ropes.

Rajesh:”so where do i start? Hmmmm let me think.”
Yuvi was getting angry as he know that he is doing so to irritate him.

Rajesh:”you know that your dad threw me out of the house when i tried to… you know with your mom. So i got very angry that my brother threw me out just for a girl. I was really angry. Then i teamed up with Malhotra who was angry towards Tanejas, and you know the reason that Mr. Luthra told his truth to Twinkle’s dad. These are the things you already know.”
Yuvi looked at him and nodded yes.

Rajesh:”so now start my story, when that day, Leela came to the hospital for her check up, my brother, your dad was not there. He went to another hospital for a complicated delivery. So i took his place.”

Yuvi, shocked:”what? It means you…”
Rajesh:”yes, i was the one who misbehaved with Leela Taneja and tried to…”
Yuvi:”why did you do that?”
Rajesh:”don’t interrupt me. Leela didn’t think about anything and went to police. I thought she would confront Anita first and there would be big fights but that didn’t happen. Your dad was absolutely clueless of what happened when police came to your house. He didn’t react. Anita requested the police to find proofs first and then arrest him and the police agreed.”

Malhotra:”then we started sending threatening letters to your dad, we told him that if he wants his name clear, then to let Rajesh take his place in his family. First he refused, he tore those letters. And then the last threatening letter that you have.”

Yuvi remembered the same handwriting on the letter and in Malhotra’s files.

Rajesh:”and don’t know how this news went to the media, and it was the big headline of the next day, people started to abuse your father. He couldn’t bear it and committed suicide. That was a shock for us, for me. I didn’t want him to commit suicide, after all he was my brother. But then i thought it was good only, as now i could take his place but that idiot committed suicide at home itself when your mom was there. I couldn’t take his place. And then the fight started between Leela and Anita.”

Malhotra:”Tanejas were shocked to hear the death of your dad. And Leela was regretting a lot. She was thinking to apologize to Anita and make her understand and she try to but Anita was angry at that time, she didn’t listen to her. Then Leela and her family went away….”

Yuvi:”and then the photos and mom accused her”
Malhotra:”right. But what happened during that time, we will tell. First i went to your mom, she didn’t know that your dad and Twinkle’s dad fought with me and threw me out. But Leela knows it, that’s why i used to hide from her when i came to your place. When i met your mom, she was broken, you were small. She was fighting with everyone. And i showed her those pictures. But it was not your dad or Leela in the pictures, it was me and my wife. We just morphed the picture.”

Rajesh:”and at that time, your mom was so angry with Leela that she believed everything we told her. Once Leela was back, your mom confronted her and told her exactly those things that we put into her mind.”

Malhotra:”twinkle’s dad was very angry and took their second daughter and went away.”
Yuvi:”and their accident. They died”
Rajesh:”nope, not exactly. It was not an accident, we planned his death.”

Yuvi was shocked hearing that.
Yuvi:”you killed them.”
Rajesh nodded yes and laughed.
Yuvi:”that’s why Sonia was saying about killing someone.”

Rajesh:”ohh so you knew that too. Good. Good”

Yuvi:”why did you kill them?”
Malhotra:”revenge, he insulted me”
Rajesh:”revenge is a very bad thing, Yuvraj”

Yuvi had mixed feeling at that time: sad, shock. He didn’t know how to react. All the truth he got to know but it was difficult to handle all this truth at the same time.

Rajesh:”and then i went back to your mom, i said that i will marry her and give you my name. But she slapped me and told me to never show my face to her. I was very upset and i tried to make her mine. I tried to come close to her but she pushed me and called the police. They arrested me.”

Malhotra:”i bailed him out and after few months we went to London.”
Rajesh:”i promised that i will definitely come back and see i am back. Now you know the story. What will you do now?”

Rajesh walked to him.
Rajesh:”now let me tell you, you will stay here with Malhotra and i am going to your house.”

Yuvi:”don’t do anything to them. Do everything that you want with me.”
Rajesh:”i gave you the choice before and you agree, now don’t refuse. And Malhotra will also take care of you here.”

Yuvi:”you want to beat me, go ahead. Kill me if you want but don’t do anything to my family.”
Rajesh laughed:”see Malhotra, i told you that he will beg in front of me. But i am not backing off. You take care of him, i will see his family and some of the boys (his goons) are going with me.”

Malhotra nodded yes and smiled at Yuvi.

Precap: Malhotra is beating Yuvi in Rajesh house and on the other side Rajesh went to Luthra house

Hope you like it and next will be either tonight or tomorrow

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