Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 134

Hey guys, so first of all happy karvachauth for those celebrating. I am really sorry i promised that i would update on Wednesday but couldn’t really sorry. And thanks a lot for your comments on the last one.

Precap: Malhotra and Rajesh comeback.

At night:
Yuvi and Rohan made the arrangements for the family sleeping.
Dadi:”Twinkle, you have to wake up early tomorrow, you have to fast…”
Twinkle nodded yes nervously as she can’t stay without food, but it was for Yuvi, she could do it for him.

Anita:”tomorrow is karvachauth so she needs to fast for you”
Yuvi:”why me?”
Dadaji explained him the meaning of karvachauth.
Yuvi:”ok…” and thinks something.

Rohan noticed him and asked him. Yuvi only smiled at him.

Next morning, early morning:
Everyone woke up even the men even if only Twinkle, Chinki (wanted to keep for Rohan) and Pinni were fasting.

They went to the dining table while dadi was saying that she would make the food but they saw the table full of food.
Dadi:”who made all this?”
Yuvi and Rohan came out of the kitchen wearing the apron and chef hats:”we made…”

Everyone laughed seeing them.
Yuvi:”ladies… your food is already on table so you can proceed”
Rohan:”yeah, eat as much as you want. Then you will not be able to until chanda mama (moon) comes”

The ladies took place. Rohan was surprised seeing Chinki who say down to eat.
Yuvi saw Anita and Leela upset. He went to Leela:”aunty, plz taste it. Your son-in- law doesn’t make such bad food that you can’t eat it.”
Dadaji signed her and she complied.

Yuvi went to Anita.
He made her sit down.
Yuvi:”mom, open your mouth” and made her eat it.
Yuvi:”See when i was small, you used to feed me. Today i am feeding everyone. You are my best cook, so your judgment matters the most.”
Anita laughed at his sayings.

They all ate.

Anita and Dadi made some arrangements for celebrating karvachauth.
Tanejas went back home to get ready. Even Rohan went back.

Twinkle was helping Anita, even if she didn’t talk to Twinkle, Twinkle was happy that she is letting her help.

Yuvi was looking at the decorations outside the house. He senses someone watching him and turned back but didn’t see anyone.
He went ahead to check but Twinkle came there. And Rohan too.
Twinkle:”yuvi, aunty is calling you”
Yuvi:”yeah, lets go”

Anita:”yuvi, Rohan you both eat something…”
Yuvi & Rohan:”no, we mean we are not hungry. We will eat later on…” And they left quickly.
Sana and Twinkle looked at each other sensing something fishy.

Yuvi’s room:
Rohan was beating Yuvi with a pillow.
Rohan:”this is all because of you…”
Yuvi:”me? What did i do?”
Rohan:”because of you, i am starving. What did you say it will be amazing to fast too along with the girls. Really? I am so hungry”
Yuvi:”even i am but we can do this for the girls. They are also in same condition. We should support them”
Rohan:”you know what? I will not let Chinki keep karvachauth after marriage. This is not fair yaar”

Yuvi, smiling naughtily:”marriage?? You already started to think marriage with her”

Rohan:”arey yaar. I was just saying it”
Yuvi:”ohhh, come on, i will talk about your marriage to uncle and aunty.”

Rohan:”shut up, Yuvi. Stop it”
Yuvi:”you have teased me so much now my time”
Rohan and Yuvi hugged each other.
Twinkle and Sana came there and saw them hugging.

Sana:”what is going on?”
The boys broke the hug.
Twinkle:”come on, eat something.”
Yuvi and Rohan signed each other to say something to stop twinkle.

Twinkle:”what are you signing each other?”
Yuvi:”actually baby, when we were outside, we eat samousa on the road. Before you come out while i was checking the decoration”
Twinkle:”but Rohan was not there when i came out”
Rohan:”actually twinkle, i went aside to call Chinki. That’s why. We ate a lot of samousa and we don’t want to eat in front of you, i mean you are fasting”

Twinkle:”ok i will tell aunty…”
Yuvi:”what will you tell mom?”
Twinkle:”that you already ate outside”
Yuvi:”ohh ok…”
Twinkle and Sana left from there.

Sana:”twinkle, they are surely hiding something…”
Twinkle:”yeah… i think so too. Wait i will call Chinki, maybe she knows something.”
Chinki:”i am here itself, what happened?”

Twinkle told her and she said that she doesn’t know.
Taneja family came there. The ladies were applying Mehendi.
Dadaji came to the the boys.
Dadaji:”beta, all the preparations are done? Do you need help?”
Rohan:”no Dadaji, all is done.”
Yuvi:”yeah, you just enjoy”

Dadaji:”we will enjoy later on, the girls are hungry”
Rohan:”right, very hungry…”
Yuvi hit him with his elbow.

The boys were looking at their respective girls.
After Mehendi the girls went to get ready.

Twiraj room:
Twinkle was getting ready, she was wearing a red lengha with golden embroidery. She was putting her jewelry when Yuvi came there.

He was mesmerized seeing her.
Yuvi came to her.
Yuvi:”my baby is looking so pretty”
Twinkle:”you also look good in traditional”
(Yuvi was wearing a blue kurta, same in their karvachauth in the serial)

Yuvi took her bracelets and made her wear it.
Twinkle:”yuvi, you go, i will wear it”
Yuvi:”no, i want to make my baby ready”

Next he made her wear the earrings. He took opportunity to kiss her on her cheeks.
He turned her around and put her her hair on one side to make her wear the necklace.
He then put her maang tika (jewelry on the head: sorry if i have written it wrong)

Yuvi:”hmmm, looking like a bride”
Twinkle:”now go…”
Yuvi was going but Twinkle felt dizzy. He hold her.
Yuvi:”you are fine?”
Twinkle:”yeah, just felt dizzy. I haven’t stay hungry for such long hours. First time, that’s why”

Yuvi:”come on, we will go together, and i am not going to leave you alone.”
Twinkle:”ok, lets go”
They both went downstairs.
Leela went to Twinkle:”you are looking so pretty.”
Twinkle:”thank you maa”

Anita were attending some guests.
Dadi:”we should go on the terrace to see the moon.”
They all proceed to the terrace.

Yuvi felt weird and looked around.
Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”don’t know yaar, i felt someone was there”
Rohan:”there (pointing to a pillar), come we will check”
They checked but there was no one.
Rohan:”there is no one”
Yuvi:”yeah maybe i was wrong.”
Rohan:”now come on yaar, let’s go. I am hungry. Pray that the moon comes out soon”

Yuvi:”ohh yeah, twinkle was feeling dizzy i need to be with her”
Rohan:”you need to be her”

They both went upstairs. Rohan went to Chinki.
Yuvi searched for twinkle. He came to Rohan and Chinki asking her where she is.

Anita came there.
Anita:”Yuvi, Rohan, come eat something, come on at least taste it.”
Yuvi:”no mom…”
Twinkle came there and everyone were looking at them.
Rohan:”aunty, we will eat later on”
Yuvi:”yeah mom, later on…”
Anita:”but why?”
Rohan and Yuvi, revealed it:”because we have also fast…”

Everyone was surprised.
Twinkle and Chinki:”what?”
The boys felt shy and bend their head down.
Anita and the others laughed.
Anita just touch his hair.

Dadaji came there.
Dadaji:”arey wow. That’s great. But why didn’t you tell anyone”
Rohan:”we thought you will laugh at us”
Dadaji:”there is nothing to laugh at. Instead i am proud of you both”

The boys smiled at him.

Soon one woman said that the moon has appeared.
The girls started to do the rituals (sorry I don’t the rituals so won’t go in details)

The boys opened the girls fast and the girls opened for the boys.
(Everyone know about Roch relationship so they had no problem about them keeping fast for each other)

They made each other eat.
Twinkle to Yuvi:” yuvi, i have a gift for you, i will bring it”
She went down. Yuvi was talking to Dadaji
And all of them went downstairs except Anita as she was busy.
Someone came from behind and pushed her. And she fell from the terrace. She held on something.
She screamed, the person was going but hide seeing Twinkle coming there.
Twinkle heard Anita screaming and come to her.
Twinkle:”aunty… don’t worry. I will do something”
She tried to do something.
Anita:”call yuvi”

Twinkle:”aunty i will call him, don’t worry”
She was about to go but that person hit her with something on her head.
Twinkle screamed.
She tried to catch the person but he/she pushed her due to which she also fell as Anita.
And that person run from there.
Anita:”twinkle… you are ok?”
Twinkle, due to her injury was dizzy.
Anita:”twinkle?” She saw twinkle closing her eyes.
Anita, shouted:”twinkle…”
Anita screamed for Yuvi. Twinkle also screamed.

But due to a lot of noise downstairs no one could hear them.

Sana came there to call Anita and saw them.
Anita:”beta, go call Yuvi”
Sana rushed downstairs and informed everyone. All rushed upstairs.
Yuvi:”mom… Twinkle”
He hand them hands. But his hand couldn’t reach. He bend forward. Rohan and him make Anita came up first. They put all their force to pull her out. They finally did it and he went to Twinkle.

Yuvi:”Twinkle, give me your hands…”
Twinkle with great difficulty gave her hand.
She was about to slip but Yuvi caught her.
Yuvi:”Twinkle, i got you. Don’t worry.”

He pulled her up and once she was up, Yuvi hugged her.
Leela:”are you fine?”
But Twinkle felt unconscious. She felt in Yuvi’s arms.
Anita:”baby, she is hurt on the head.”
Dadaji:”we should take her to the hospital”

Yuvi picked her up and they took her to the hospital.

In the hospital
Doctors checked her and say that it was not serious but told them to be careful.
She was still unconscious and let her take rest.
Yuvu went inside her ward and hold her hands. He was teary eyed seeing her in that state. He kissed her on her forehead.

On the other side:
Rajesh house:
The trio were celebrating for their victory. It was Malhotra who tried to harm Anita and Twinkle.
Rajesh:”bechara Yuvi (Poor Yuvi). He has more to see and suffer”

In the hospital:
Yuvi came out of the ward and the other family members went inside.
Rohan:”Yuvi, she will be fine”
Yuvi:”I won’t leave them… i know that they did it”
Rohan:”calm down. Even i know that it is them. But right now, Twinkle needs you”

Yuvi:”i am going to them.”
Rohan:”are you sure?”
Yuvi:”yeah… i am not going to leave them.”
Rohan:”Yuvi, we will see them later on, be with Twinkle right now”
Yuvi nodded yes.

Precap: didn’t decide

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