Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 133

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Precap: Twiraj pillow fight and yuvi informing twinkle that they need to go back to India.

Their flight landed in India and soon they reached home.

They rushed inside Luthra house. Everyone was there tensed, even Taneja family. Roch also.
A voice came from behind:”welcome back Prince (Yuvraj)”
Twiraj turned back to face Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra.
Twinkle:”how come you are here? You were in jail…”
Mrs. M:”we were released two days ago and thought to surprise you all”
Yuvi:”what do you want?”
Mr. M:”like before, what we wanted. And you will give everything to me.”

Yuvi:”and why do you think that i will give you all my mom’s property?”
Mr. Malhotra pointed to Yuvi towards Sana who was with Rajesh.
Rajesh:”you forgot me so soon? I give you a little break and you thought that i will leave you like this. Never. So much changed in this time. I mean you got married, got new contract, had album release. So i was angry that you put them in jail and enjoying. That’s why i thought to come back”

Yuvi:”i am not giving you anything, do whatever you want.”
Rajesh:”nephew, don’t make me angry. I am asking you lovingly don’t force me to use other means.”
Twinkle:”we won’t give you anything…”

Rajesh, angrily:”i am not talking to you.” He said that so loudly that twinkle got scared.
Yuvi:”hey, don’t scream. This is our house, get out of here.”
Mr. M:”we won’t. And i have a surprise for you.”
Some inspectors came in there.
Anita:”what’s wrong? Why are you here?”
Inspector:”we have arrest warrant against Mr. Yuvraj Luthra.”
Everyone was shocked.

Anita:”why? Why are you arresting him?”
Inspector:”Mr. Malhotra filed a complaint saying that he kidnapped his daughter, Sana. So we came to arrest him”

Anita:”what? Thats not true. Sana is staying with us since a long time. And even her dadi is here”
Dadi:”we are staying here with our own will”
Mrs. Malhotra:”maa, i know you are worried about Sana, that’s why hiding the truth. But now the inspector is here, he will not let anything to happen to Sana”

Dadi:”stop it you both. How much will you fall?”
The inspector handcuffed Yuvi.
Twinkle:”he didn’t do anything…”
Anita, Leela and others too try to convince the inspector but in vain.
Rohan:”sir, yuvi was not even here in the last few days. He went to London with his wife…”

Twinkle:”yeah, see our passport and all… we just returned.”
Inspector:”they file the missing complaint from before not this week.”
Yuvi:”they were in jail…”
Inspector:”he filed the complaint (pointing towards Rajesh)”
Rajesh:”yeah, she was with me when her parents were in jail”

Rohan:”but sir…”
Inspector:”that’s it. I heard enough. You will tell everything at police station.”
Rohan:”i will come with him.”

Anita wanted to go too but Yuvi stopped her.
Yuvi:”no mom, you won’t come there. Twinkle you also plz stay with mom.”
Twinkle nodded yes and looked at him teary eyed.

Inspector was taking him away and Rohan following them as he didn’t want to leave Yuvi alone.

They reached the doorstep when Sana stopped them.
Sana:”don’t take him away…” she said crying.
Chinki went to her as she was crying a lot.

Sana came forward.
Sana:”he didn’t do anything. I will tell you everything. My parents brought us here and we stayed here with them. But my parents are very bad, they try to hurt Yuvi. They did everything to break Twiraj relationship. They beat Yuvi a lot, in front of me. And he didn’t kidnap me but protect me every time like a brother would. During his album launch, someone kidnapped me, he didn’t think about anything, he left everything to save. He didn’t kidnap me. Plz don’t take him away.” She said all this crying.

Everyone was looking at her emotionally, even if she is small, she understood everything. And supported Yuvi.
Inspector released him saying that they believe Sana as no child will lie like this.

Rajesh:”but she can lie and she is lying”
Inspector:”i don’t think so, and as the victim herself is saying she was not kidnap, we can’t do anything.”

They left from there. Anita went to Sana and kissed her.
Anita:”thank you beta for what you did. We are so proud of you”
Yuvi came to her and hugged her. She cried hugging him.
Sana:”i am sorry because of me…”
Yuvi:”hey partner, you saved me from going to jail. Don’t be sorry, in fact i should thank you…”
Everyone smiled seeing their bond except some people.
Anita went to Mr. M and slapped him hard.
Anita:”did you see even your daughter is against you.”

Mr. M was very angry and moved forward to slap Sana as she ruined their plan but Yuvi stopped.
Yuvi:”don’t you even dare Malhotra”

Sana rushed to her dadi and Twinkle.

Mr. M:”she is my daughter, i have the full right to slap her.”
Rohan:”don’t even think of that or else we will also not hesitate to call back the Inspector to tell him about child abuse and your attempt to slap a child.”

Rajesh:”leave it Malhotra. I don’t want you to go back to jail.”

Malhotra back off.
Rajesh:”you confirmed my doubt.”
Yuvi look at him confused.
Rajesh:”you are exactly like your father…”
Yuvi turned away listening his father’s name. (Remember he did the same when twinkle talked about his dad. He is just angry on his father: for misbehaving with Leela and committing suicide)

Twinkle noticed Yuvi’s discomfort and she also remembered the time when Yuvi got disturbed when she said about his dad.

Rajesh:”you are like him, he also could do anything for his family…”
Yuvi closed his eyes remembering what ever he has learnt about his father in the last days.

Rohan also noticed that Yuvi was getting disturbed.
Rohan, thinks:”i have to stop him. Yuvi is angry on dad. And right now this will only disturb him”

Rajesh also noticed Yuvi.
Rajesh:”he would do anything to protect his family. But he lost in the end, he couldn’t bear it and ended his life.”

Rohan:”Why don’t you come on the point? Why are you saying all this? Yuvi doesn’t need to anything about his father from you. Anita aunty is there to tell him”

Rajesh:”i am the one who spend the most time with me. Yuvi, we used to play football maybe thats why you also love football. He gifted you our favorite ball. I saw him giving it to you. But i didn’t mind, you are my nephew and i thought that my child should also play with you. But i don’t have any child… you don’t have any sister/brother to play with you, so sad. I can give you a small sibling of your mom agrees to marry me….”
Everyone was shocked hearing that.

Rajesh:”i still love her like before…. when she was taking care of me…”
Anita was feeling disgusted hearing all this.
Yuvi was very angry at this point and slapped him.
Yuvi:”you may be my uncle but i won’t spare you if you say anything for my mom. I won’t tolerate anything against my mom, and such disgusting thing, absolutely not.”

Twinkle:”you don’t have any right to talk like this. Don’t forget, she is your bhabhi. What you are thinking is impossible.”

Rajesh:”bhabhi… why she had to be my bhabhi?”
Yuvi:”get out of here. I won’t bear you anymore…”
He pulled him till the doorstep and pushed him out.
Rohan and Chinki did the same with Mr and Mrs. Malhotra. They closed the door on their face.
Rajesh, screaming:”you will regret that Yuvraj. You have now live like a prince till now, i will make you beg in front of me.”

Anita was very disturbed by what Rajesh said.
Yuvi came to her and hugged her.
Yuvi:”mom, relax. I am with you right? He won’t do anything. See everyone is here with us. You fought with him alone last time but today we all are with you.”

Dadaji:”yes beta… i didn’t know that you went through this long ago.”
Leela:”why did you not tell me? At that time, we were friends right?”
Anita:”Raj handled it at that time. I thought he wouldn’t do anything such again”

Rohan, to cheer her up:”aunty, next time he trouble you, just beat him with a broom like in movies, see how he will run”
They all laughed at his statement.

Anita:”you will always make me laugh right?”
Rohan:”that’s my duty ma’am…”
Yuvi:”obviously, you are her second son, you need to make her laugh if i can’t do it”
Everyone smile.

Anita noticed Sana sad.
Anita:”Sana, come here…” Everyone was tensed seeing her.
She sat next to her.
Anita:”beta, don’t worry. You will always stay here with all of us.”
Sana:”you won’t hate me for what my parents did.”

Yuvi sat down on his knees:”no never. I won’t hate you, but love you more than before.” He started to tickle her to make her laugh.
Dadi apologize to everyone for her son’s doing and said that she should leave from there
Twinkle:”dadi, Sana stopped now you. We will never be angry on you. And yes this is your house too. You can’t go from here.”

Anita:”she is right. You won’t leave this house.”
Everyone looked at her, it’s the first time she agreed to Twinkle.
Anita, seeing their surprised face:”what? I will support her if she is doing right. And this is my house, i will decide”

Twinkle smiled thinking that first time Anita agreed to her.

Yuvi:”aunty (Leela) if you don’t mind, plz stay here today. They are very of what happened, they will surely do something. Plz for tonight.”
Leela looked at Anita as if asking permission, after all it was her house.

Anita:”you can stay… i do not want you to taunt me afterwards that because of me and my family you were troubled.”
Leela:”i won’t taunt you because we staying here. And yeah, it’s for your safety. I don’t want you to be hurt… only i have that right to insult you.”

Everyone smiled that even though they were arguing they could see the love and concern about each other.

Twinkle was in the kitchen making tea for everyone. Yuvi came there to drink water.

Twinkle noticed him sad.
She came to him and signed him what happened.
Yuvi:”i am tensed Twinkle, i threw them out. They won’t stay quiet. They will surely do something. I can’t afford to see you all hurt. I have an idea, you, mom and everyone, Chinki, Rohan, are going from here. I will send you all somewhere safe and will deal with him.”

Twinkle:”are you mad? You just said to Anita aunty that we all are with her, together. And we will face Rajesh and Malhotras together.”

Yuvi:”why don’t you understand Twinkle? Did you see mom’s state when he was saying all that rubbish. I didn’t see mom so disturbed in my life. I can’t see her like that. And Sana… she is small and still bearing all this. Because of whom, me…”

Twinkle:”nothing is because of you, Yuvi. Why do you think so?”
Yuvi:”because i am, Twinkle. All this, is because of me. I shouldn’t have sent them to jail or beat that Rajesh in Goa. If i didn’t do that all this would not happen today”

Twinkle:”yeah, it would not happen today… it would have happened earlier. If you didn’t take this step, they would have done this before itself. And you did it to protect all of us. And this time too, we will protect each other. Did you see that maa and Anita aunty are coming close, they are supporting each other. Once all of us are united, nothing can break us. But for that we need to stay together.”

Yuvi:”they will hurt everyone, i know it.”
He bend down not being able to make eye contact. He had tears in his eyes.

Twinkle tilt his face up:”Yuvi, we will protect each other. And what do you think Anita aunty and me will be able to live without you. Sana, she just said that you always protect her, will you leave her alone. We are one, don’t forget that. We will support each other no matter what. Ok, now don’t say that you will send us away. I didn’t scold you but Anita aunty will definitely and even beat you of possible”

Yuvi smiled at her last sentence. He hugged her tightly.
Twinkle knew that he was worried, and truly she was too. But right now she cannot show it as Yuvi will not have courage. Is she tell him that she is also afraid, he will insist to send them away and she didn’t want that. So she controlled her emotions so as he doesn’t get tensed.

Sana came there while they were hugging each other.
Sana:”what happened?”
They broke the hug and Yuvi wiped his tears.
Twinkle:”nothing. Do you need something?”
Sana:”actually you came to make tea right? Everyone is waiting for it outside.”

Twinkle:”yeah its ready. I will bring it.”
Sana:”yuvi, Ro was calling you in your room.”
Yuvi:”i will come…”
Sana was about to go but turned back.
Yuvi looked at her.
Sana:”i love you…”
Yuvi smiled at her and said:”love you too…”

Twiraj room:
Rohan to Yuvi:”you are fine?”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Rohan:”don’t worry. We will handle them. And what happened to you when he was telling about your dad. Why were you uncomfortable?”
Yuvi:”i don’t want to talk about this…”

Rohan:”you didn’t hide anything from me, Yuvi. You have to tell me. I have been noticing this for some days, whenever someone talk about Raj uncle, why do you uncomfortable?”

Yuvi, angrily:”because i am ashamed of him…. i hate him for what he did.” He sat down on his bed remembering all the incidents.
Rohan came to him and sat next to him.

Rohan:”what? Why?”
Yuvi, teary eyed:”did he not think once before misbehaving with Leela aunty? Did he not think about me and mom, when he commit suicide? He could have rectify his mistake by apologizing to her but no he didn’t. He preferred to kill himself. That’s why i don’t want to talk about him….”
Yuvi noticed Anita at the doorstep.

Yuvi:”mom…” Rohan turned to her.

Anita cried there.
Yuvi brought her inside the room.
Yuvi:”mom, sorry. I didn’t want…”
Anita:”see, that’s why i didn’t want you to know the truth. I knew you will hate him. And see, you hate him, the one whom you considered as you idol, you hate him today. But Yuvi, i am telling you that he didn’t do that. I trust him, he would never do this to me. He loved only me, he always told me that. He won’t do that. (She went to Rohan) Rohan, tell him, that his dad is not like that. Tell him not to hate him…”

Rohan made her sit down and made her drink water.
Yuvi:”mom, i am sorry. I won’t say that. I am sorry. Plz forgive me. I promise i won’t say that.” ( he knew that Anita is very emotional about her husband that’s why he apologized)

He hugged her to comfort her.
Anita, kept saying:”no he didn’t do anything…” Yuvi broke the hug.

Yuvi:”mom, relax.”
Anita:”yuvi, think, the one who threw out his own brother, his soul brother, of the house just because he misbehaves with a girl, he can’t think to do that with any girl/women.”
Yuvi tried to calm her down. Finally she did.
Anita:”you won’t say that again, right?”
Yuvi:”I won’t, i promise.”
Dadi came there and took Anita with her for lunch.

Rohan:”aunty is right, Yuvi”
Yuvi:”about what?”
Rohan:”how can someone who protect your mom from his own brother do the se thing with another woman.”

Yuvi realized what Anita said.
Yuvi:”you want to say that he didn’t do anything.”
Rohan:”we don’t know… actually, no one knows what really happened.”
Yuvi:”Leela aunty herself today that.”
Rohan:”maybe she also misunderstood… don’t you think we should find out.”

Yuvi got thoughtful and think about it.
Yuvi:”ok, we will try to know more about what happened on that day.”
Yuvi and Rohan joined hands to find the truth.

Precap: the boys tried finding some clues. Rajesh and Malhotras are celebrating. Rajesh congratulates them for their first victory.

Shocked guys?? Hope you like it.
What do you think is their first victory?

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