tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 13


Yuvi was with his friends talking. Twinkle arrived and was sad. She told chinki that yuvi must be very hurt and sad. Chinki noticed yuvi happily chatting.
Chinki: “He doesn’t seem sad”
Twinkle: “what?” and chinki point towards yuvi.
Twinkle felt bad and said: “why should I feel bad?”
Chinki: “what? You are feeling bad?”
Twinkle: “no, let’s go”

After class,
Twinkle was walking when yuvi appeared in front of her.
Yuvi: “hi…”
Twinkle: “leave my way”
Yuvi: “ok but one question… why did you feel bad in the morning when you saw that I wasn’t affected about yesterday?”
Twinkle realized that he saw at that time: “why will I feel bad?”
Yuvi: “ok” and he left.
Twinkle to herself: “why is he behaving this way?”

Yuvi was waiting for someone to come and saw chinki. He rushed to her.
Chinki: “what do you want?”
Yuvi: “listen, I suppose twinkle told you everything…” chinki nod yes.
Yuvi: “so you know that I proposed her… listen I really love her. I don’t want our relationship to ruin because of the enmity of our moms. We are not at fault, we don’t even know the reason of the hatred between them. But I want to be with twinkle. Plz chinki, I want to make her realize how much I love her. Plz I need your help! Plz”
Chinki surprised by yuvi: “ok but if twinkle really doesn’t love you then, you will not trouble her? Ok?”

Yuvi: “yes, if she tells me that she doesn’t love me for another reason except the enmity between our families, I will not trouble her. I promise.”
Chinki: “ok, what should I do?”
Yuvi: “for now, just tell me what she likes?” and chinki told him something muted.
@ twinkle house
Twinkle was in her room and on her phone. She thinks: “why yuvi behaved like this? Doesn’t he care that I didn’t accept his proposal? He seems happy by my refusal.”
Leela came to her and asked her what happened?
Twinkle: “nothing maa, college issue.”
Leela: “Raman and I are going for a meeting, we will be late. Take care”
Twinkle: “ok maa”
@an unknown place,

Rohan and chinki asked yuvi why he called them here. Yuvi requested chinki to see the preps that he made and if twinkle will like.
When they came out, chinki said that twinkle will love it. Rohan and chinki tease yuvi.
Rohan: “I didn’t know that my friend was so romantic”
Yuvi said to chinki to call twinkle.
Chinki called her and said: “twinkle, plz come here, I have to show you something”
Twinkle: “but what?”
Chinki: “just come here, and told her the address”
Twinkle hurriedly came out of her house and thinks: “what happened to chinki? Is she in problem?” and leaves hurriedly.

precap: yuvi proposed to twinkle ina very romantic way

Credit to: zai

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  1. it is awesome. …plz make it long

  2. Nice episode hope twinkle accept the proposal

  3. Hey Zai…i just found ur ff and i was so glad coz im a big fan of twinraj…i literally read ur ff till this part in half an hour…u write really well dear…keep up the good work…

  4. Zai,plz make it a little longer bt anyways it was a superb epi.i hope twinkle accepts the proposal.

  5. Thanks guys I will try to make it longer next time.

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