Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 129


I am really sorry for such a long wait, i know that you all are very angry but i am really busy as my final exams are approaching… I was thinking to end the ff before that or if i continue it then you guys will have to wait for a long time.

Recap: Hotel inauguration & dadaji offering tickets to them to London.

At airport:
Twiraj said bye to everyone and they checked in.
Soon they fly off to London.
In the flight:
Twinkle:”Yuvi, i am so excited… I am going to London for the first time.” She said loudly.

People around them look at them.
Yuvi:”calm down baby, i know you are excited but control.”
Twinkle, with a cute face and holding her ears:”sorry…”
Yuvi, smiling:”its ok… Now that you are making such a cute face”
Twinkle:”are you not excited?”
Yuvi:”i am but not showing it”
Twinkle:”yuvi, i have make all the plans, we will visit many places, will do lots of shopping…”
Yuvi:”but i was thinking not to let you go out of the bed”
Twinkle:”Yuvi… You have become very naughty.”
Yuvi:”in your love jaaneman…”
Twinkle blushed and smiled at him.

Soon, twinkle fell asleep on Yuvi’s shoulder.
Yuvi moved her hair which was on her face and smiled looking at her. He kissed her forehead and covered her with the blanket.

After several hours, Yuvi woke her up.
Twinkle, like a baby:”no plz, let me sleep”
Yuvi:”twinkle we have nearly reach London so come on wake up”
Twinkle unwilling woke up.
Twinkle looked at him confused.
Yuvi:”its night here…”
Twinkle:”oh yeah… Didn’t you sleep? Your eyes are so red and tired”
Yuvi:”no actually I don’t sleep in flight.”
Yuvi:”don’t know! Whenever mom and I travelled i never slept. She tried a lot to make me sleep but i resisted. And now also I can’t sleep in flight”

Twinkle:”ok, so first you will do when we will go to the hotel, you will directly go to bed and sleep”
Yuvi:”ok ma’am”
They smiled.
Soon they reach London. They collected their luggage and went out of the airport.

Twinkle:”we will not get taxi at this time”
Yuvi:”baby, see there.”
There was a boy who was talking on the phone.
Twinkle:”who is he?”
Yuvi:”come i will introduce him to you.”
They came to the boy.

Yuvi:”hi Sunny… Twinkle, he is Sunny, when i came here last time he helped me a lot”
Sunny:”so you are Twinkle, the lucky girl”
Twinkle, confused:”lucky girl?”
Yuvi:”let’s go, it’s really late”
He put their luggage in the car.

In the car:
Twinkle:”so what were you saying about me being lucky?”
Yuvi:”leave it Twinkle”
Sunny:”you didn’t tell her.”
Yuvi:”shut up and drive”
Twinkle:”no tell me, i am his wife, i have the right to know everything about him”
Sunny:”she is right”

Twinkle:”come on tell me”
Sunny:”last time, when he came here for treatment, he didn’t stop talking about you. You know, the whole community where you are going to stay, know you. He talked about you all the time. He described every single detail about you. And he was completely right and perfect”

(Anita and Yuvi were living in a house when they were and Twiraj were going there itself as Anita bought the house)

Yuvi hide his face with his hands.
Twinkle was blushing and happy about this. She always knew that Yuvi loves her a lot but to this extent that he talked about her only even when she was not accepting his love. She was smiling.

They reached the house and Sunny helped them with the luggage and said bye. He went to his home which was actually in the neighborhood.
Yuvi welcomed Twinkle.
She was impressed seeing the house. It was like any house of London, but with Indian touch in every room. Anita decorated it herself last time. And Yuvi did the same but only for the rooms: his and Anita’s.

Twiraj went to their room (obviously now it is Twinkle’s room also)
Yuvi went to change while Twinkle pit the bags in a corner. Yuvi came back and hugged her from behind.

Yuvi:”so you like the house?”
Yuvi turned her around.
Yuvi:”what hmmm?”
Twinkle:”i love you for everything, for being with all the time, for telling so much about me even if i was not accepting you at that time”
Yuvi:”baby, i love you too…” He kissed her forehead.
Yuvi:”and at that time, I knew you love me but was just ignoring it”
Twinkle hugged him.

Yuvi:”come on , go change”
Twinkle went and when she came back Yuvi was already asleep as he was very tired.

Precap: lots of romance between Twiraj and some nok jhok.

Sorry again for the long wait and short update.
Felt really bad when i got to know that tei is ending on 16 September. Can’t believe we will not be able to see Zain and Jasmine again like this. But really hope they get another serial. And especially Zain, wish he gets another role quickly and a positive one this time, I don’t want to see him in negative again. Wish them best of luck for the future.

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