Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 128


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Sorry guys this is one is going to be a short one but promise to make longer one next time.

Recap: Yuvi and the boys performing.

After the launch party, Luthra and Taneja family rushed to the hotel.
Mr. John was already waiting for them there.
Anita apologized to make him wait but he said it was ok as he knew about the album launch. He said that Yuvi informed him beforehand.

They entered the hotel and everyone make the last minute preps. The boys didn’t let Yuvi work as he was still feeling dizzy.
He just instruct them and they obey him.

After sometimes, there were media and some people gathered to inaugurate the hotel. Mr. John welcomed the media and talked about the hotel.
Some journalists asked Yuvi, Anita and Leela some questions. Twinkle, Roch and the other boys were taking pictures of the hotel.
Yuvi came to them.
Yuvi:”why are you taking so much pictures?”
Twinkle:”to create the website of our hotel, so that tourists could know about it.”
Yuvi:”great! I didn’t think about that.”

Chinki:”Rohan and I will make the website, you manage the hotel”
Twinkle:”and i will update the website”
Yuvi impressed by them:”wow, everyone is becoming responsible with this project, Guys… (The boys) You could even join in, during holidays, we will be all working together.”

Rohan:”great idea! But you must vacancy for everyone”
Anita:”what are you boys talking about?”
Yuvi:”mom, you have your full staff present in our school holidays. You can call us anytime”

Anita:”i will…”
After the inauguration, everyone return home exhausted especially Yuvi. Twinkle changes his bandage and then he slept like a baby. Twinkle smiled seeing him.

Next morning,
As it was Saturday, Yuvi woke up late and near 10 am, he came downstairs. Roch was there with Twinkle and Sana.
Yuvi:”hey guys, what’s going on?”
Twinkle:”there are some problems in college due to which we got a full week off.”
Sana:”me too, but i am going camping with my teacher and friends.”
Yuvi:”great, you will enjoy a lot, but you will have to take care”
Sana:”don’t worry, partner. I am going tomorrow morning”
Yuvi:”i will drop you…”
Sana:”no they are coming to pick everyone”

Dadaji came there.
Twiraj hugged him and took his blessings. Anita and dadi came there.
Dadaji:anita, i want to gift something to Yuvi, can i give to him”

Dadaji give an envelop to Yuvi. He opened it and found two tickets for London.
Yuvi:”dadaji, tickets”
Dadaji:”for you and Twinkle. For your honeymoon”
Dadaji:”no bata, this is a gift you can’t refuse me, plz”
Yuvi nodded yes and looked at Anita and she through signs gave him the permission to go.
Yuvi:”but the album…”
Rohan:”I will handle that…”
Dadaji:”come on, go do your packing.”

Twiraj were doing their packing, while Yuvi was teasing Twinkle.
After sometimes they left.

Precap: Twiraj honeymoon.

Sorry for short update.

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