Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 126


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Today’s is Yuvi’s big day. Everyone were very excited in Luthra house. Anita and dadi were doing last minute preps for the hotel (the project of Mr. John) inauguration which is today. And Yuvi was getting ready for their album release and twinkle helping helping him.

Twiraj room:
Yuvi:”baby… You also get ready, we all have to go together.”
Twinkle:”i will check the preps downstairs and come.”
She left.
Yuvi got busy on his laptop.

Soon Taneja family cane there. Twinkle was happy seeing them. She hugged all of them: Raman, Pinni, Leela and Dadaji.

Yuvi also came down.
He took their blessings.
Dadaji:”Anita, tell us if you have some work, we will help you.”
Anita, hesitantly:”no papaji”
Dadaji:”this is our project too”
Anita nodded yes and soon they got busy.
Yuvi was on the phone telling his friends to be on time.
Twinkle came there.
Twinkle:”yuvi, relax. Everything will be fine.”
Yuvi, trying to avoid eye contact:”yeah, everything will be fine…”
Twinkle pulled him aside.
Yuvi nodded yes.
Twinkle:”don’t worry, everything will be fine and perfect. Don’t stress yourself, you make it all the way and now you reach your destination. Look at everyone, they are so happy for you. Anita aunty, dadi everyone. They are so proud of you.”
Yuvi:”that’s what i am scared twinkle. What if I can’t do what they expect. What if something wrong happens.”
Twinkle:”nothing will happen. If you think positively everything will be good. Yuvi, just trust yourself.”

Twinkle smiled at him and kissed him on his cheek.
Dadaji, from behind:”ohh sorry, I didn’t see anything…”
They both compose themselves. And felt embarrassed.
Dadaji:”if you wanted to romance, you could have gone to your room” and laughed at them.

Twinkle felt shy and left from there. Dadaji came to Yuvi.
Dadaji:”congrats, today’s is your day. You know Yuvi, i wanted to thank you.”
Yuvi;”for what?”
Dadaji:”look there, my both daughters are together because of you”
Yuvi:”because of your Twinkle too.”
Yuvi got a phone call and excused himself.

After sometimes, they left from home.
Twiraj with Anita and dadi were in one car and Tanejas were in one.
Yuvi:”dadi, where is Sana?”
Dadi:”actually she has an important test today, but she will be there during the performance. I will go and pick her from school as soon as the test finishes.”
Anita:”and Sonia also had an important work”
Yuvi:”ok, even i want Sana to there, she is my sister”
They smiled seeing his love for Sana.

After sometimes, they reached the venue.
All the boys came at the same time with their family. Chinki was also there with Rohan and his family. All the family were talking to each other. An everyone was seeing the venue.
Yuvi:”mom, we need to talk to the manager and we will be back”
Anita stop him by holding his hand.
Yuvi looked at her and saw that she was worried.
He asked the other boys to go ahead and he will come.
Yuvi:”what happened, mom?”
Anita;”don’t know baby! I am just worried, i feel that something will happen, you don’t go anywhere”
Yuvi:”mom, i am here only, i will be there” ( he shows her a room where they can get ready and all)
Anita:”ok, go but take care of yourself”
Yuvi, smilingly:”yes, i will.” He kissed her forehead to assure her.
Dadi came to Anita and she also reassure her.
Yuvi went inside the room.

The managers talk to them explaining them about the events and the timings. He would introduce them and then their recording video will be shown. The boys shoot some videos when they were rehearsing and having fun and the manager decided to use it in their intro to the public.
And then they will perform on stage.

All nodded yes and the boys have a group hug. They were so excited. They were talking to each other.
Yuvi phone rang and he saw unknown number.
He picked it up.

In the venue:
Twinkle and Chinki were talking to each other.
Chinki:”the boys would be so happy today”
Twinkle:”yeah, but they are equally nervous. I never saw Yuvi that nervous”
Chinki:”yeah, he seemed nervous”
Twinkle:”once the first song is done, he will be ok”

Rohan came there worriedly.
Rohan:”girls, did you see Yuvi?”
Twinkle and Chinki nodded no.
Twinkle:”he was with you all, right?”
Rohan:”yeah, but he suddenly disappeared. I don’t know where he went”

Twinkle:”we have to search for him”
Rohan:”yes, but the media and the manager should not know about this”
The girls nodded yes and they went in search of Yuvi.

They looked everywhere, the other boys of the group were also searching for him.

Anita saw twinkle worried and came to her.
Anita:”why are you worried?” Rohan and Chinki came there.

Rohan:”aunty, Yuvi is missing. We tried to search for him but he isn’t here.”
Anita:”what? Where did he go?”
The while family came there and heard everything.
Rohan brought them to the room.
They were all worried.
Twinkle tried his call but no answer.

Anita:”where could he go?”
The manager came there and heard them saying about Yuvi’s disappearance.
Manager:”what? Where is he? How can he just leave like that?”

Rohan:”sir, we don’t know. He was here with us but he suddenly disappeared”

Manager:”he could have said that he is nervous and didn’t want to perform. I would not have wasted my time and money on him.”
Twinkle:”he is missing and you are only thinking about your money. We all know that Yuvi was nervous but because of that he would never leave his friends and most importantly his dream”

Anita:”she is right. Something must have happened. He was very excited about this day, he would not leave that just because he was nervous”
Everyone say the same thing about Yuvi and everyone supported him even Taneja family.

Manager:”ok, you are lucky that our chief guest has not arrived yet, and i can delay their performance for an hour more, try to find him till that. But the other boys cannot go out of here.”
Rohan:”ok, we will be here, our family would go in search of him”

The manger left from there.
All of them started to get more worried.

At the same time that was happening at the venue:

Yuvi was in the car, he seemed worried.
He thinks of what happened at the venue.
When yuvi got the phone call.
Caller:”Yuvraj Luthra, today is your life big day right? So i thought to gift you something. You will leave the venue without anyone noticing you and neither you would inform anyone and come right now to me”

Yuvi:”why would i do so?”
Caller:”because your baby sister, at least you considers as your sister, Sana is with me. She is crying, come and save her from me”
Yuvi:”don’t you dare do anything to her! And how can I believe that she is with you. She was at school.”
Caller:”ok then talk to her”
Sana, crying:”partner…”
Caller:”now you will come here alone. Right now. I will send you the address after this call.”
He hang up the phone.
Yuvi looked at the boys behind him. He doesn’t know what to do. He couldn’t leave the boys like that and if he doesn’t they will harm Sana.

He thinks:”the boys will understand me, they will when they get to know why i did so. I can’t risk Sana’s life for our dream. Sorry guys”
He got the message and left from there.
Flashback ends.

In the car:
Yuvi to himself:”i don’t have any option, they will understand me. And if i know what they want i will give it to them and take Sana and reached there asap”

He reached the place and got down the car. Someone hit him on his head and he fell down. He felt dizzy for sometimes and the person dragged him inside the place.

Yuvi with much difficulty got up and saw Sana tied to a chair there. He wanted to go there but the kidnapper stopped him. Sana smiled seeing him.

Yuvi:”who are you?”
He showed his face and it was Mohit. Yuvi got angry remembering how he forced twinkle to marry him. Some men hold yuvi so that he doesn’t do anything.
Mohit:”sorry I didn’t want to involve your family in our matter but I didn’t have any option. Twinkle, my twinkle insulted me because of you in front of everyone”
Yuvi:”don’t take her name from your mouth. She is my wife and that thanks to you. If you didn’t force her, she might have been married to you right now. Twinkle is only mine and see God help us in becoming one”

Mohit:”what great lines! But now just think in some ways, because of twinkle your special day is ruined.”
Yuvi:”no, because of you. And it’s still not ruined completely.”
Mohit:”why do you love her so much? She has given you only pain.”
Yuvi:”leave Sana, you have problems with me not with her.”

Mohit:”you know what I understood something about you, you would not mind if i beat you or even kill you, but you get very angry if someone even touch your family members. Your family members are your weakness”
Yuvi:”yeah they are my weakness but also my strengths. I can do anything for them”

Mohit:”you can do anything for them right? Ok divorce twinkle and i will leave her”
Yuvi:”what do you think i can’t take her from here without agreeing to any of your demands”
Mohit:”no you can’t! I won’t let you. So my demand is you divorce twinkle and marry her, Sonia”
Sonia came next to Mohit.
Yuvi:”ohh, so here is how he always got to know what was happening in our house”
Sonia:”come on Yuvi, i would have not let him hurt Sana”

Mohit:”yeah, she stopped me from slapping het when she was irritating me when she was crying”
Yuvi:”you slapped her?”
Sonia:”no i stop him, i know that you love Sana a lot”

Mohit:”even i love twinkle a lot that’s why i am doing all this.”
Yuvi:”this is not love, this is obsession. You don’t love her, just because she refused you, you want her at any cost”

Sonia:”even i love you Yuvi, since school. I came here only to be with you, but you got married to that twinkle. Why did you marry her. She is nothing compared to me. What does she have that you want her and not me. Even i can become like her”

Yuvi:”no one can become as twinkle…”
Sonia:”twinkle twinkle, you just see her. Why don’t you see that i love you more that her. And i want you to love me as well as just like you love twinkle. I want you to kiss me like you kiss twinkle. I want you to be in your arms”
Yuvi:”just shut up. This, what you want from me is only for twinkle. She is the only one in my life, and the only girl that i will love”

Mohit:”Yuvi, not fair, you have to think about your little sister. Look at her, how much she is scared”
Yuvi looked towards her and she still had tears in her eyes.
He felt bad seeing her.
Mohit:”you know what till you take your decision, i mean choice between Sana and Twinkle, i will enjoy myself. I would take my revenge of your twinkle’s insult from you.”

He started to beat Yuvi. He tried to fight back but couldn’t as those men were holding his hands.
Sana was crying seeing him being beaten. Yuvi looked at her and thinks how to get her out of there.
Mohit was about to hit him but Yuvi kicked him in his stomach due to which he fell down.

At the venue:
Anita:”i will call at home and checked if he is there”
She called and asked the servant but he said that Yuvi didn’t come there.
Twinkle thinks where could he go and continued to call him.
Rohan:”twinkle i will give you an address, i want you to go there and checked there”

(It is the place where Yuvi usually go when he is upset, and when he was small with his dad. Twinkle doesn’t know about that place.)

Twinkle after sometimes came back and nodded no to Rohan.
Everyone was worried as they checked all the place where Yuvi could go.

Isolated place:
Mohit fell down and Yuvi fight with the men. Mohit again hit him but Yuvi stopped him and hit him a lot. Seeing Mohit’s condition, Sonia went to Sana and asked Yuvi to stop beating Mohit.

Yuvi went to her and said:”you only said that you would not hurt her. And you can’t actually. One more thing Sonia, better if you go back to your parents right now. I don’t want to throw you out of my house. So better you leave by yourself. And about Mohit (who was a bit unconscious) he will have his punishment. I don’t want to disrespect you by saying anything so better if you don’t show me your face again”

He untied Sana and hugged her. He took her out but Mohit followed him and hit him on his head again.
Yuvi yell due to the pain. Now blood came out as he was hit the second time at the same place.
Yuvi touched his head and saw blood. He looked at Mohit angrily.
Mohit:”what did you think i will let you so easily?”
He was about to hit Yuvi again with the rod but he blocked it on time. And their fight started again.
Sana was very disturbed seeing all that.
She noticed some police officers who were inspecting some boxes as they were near a factory and she run to them.
She told the inspectors and pulled them to Yuvi and Mohit.
The police stopped the fight. And Sana told them how Mohit kidnapped her and everything.
Yuvi was hurt. And the police arrest Mohit and took him away.
Yuvi hugged Sana and asked her if she was hurt or not. She nodded no and said that he need to rush to the concert.

They run to the car and he told her to call twinkle as everyone would be worried as he didn’t inform anyone.
Sana tried but saw there was no network.

Yuvi drove as fast as he could.

At the venue:
45 minutes went already, and they couldn’t find anything. The manger came to them and asked but everyone stayed quiet.
Manager:”ok, now I don’t have any excuse as the guests have arrived… As Yuvi is not here, you guys will performed without him. Rohan you know the full song so you will sing his lines.”
Rohan:”no that’s impossible, i will never take his place, either we will wait for Yuvi or this performance will not happen…”
All the boys agrees to Rohan.
Manager:”you will have to do it without him and if you try to cancel this performance then I will banned your group, you guys will never be able to perform again”

Anita:”plz don’t do this. Music is their passion, don’t snatch this to them”

Twinkle:”they will perform…”
Everyone look at her.
Rohan:”twinkle, not without Yuvi”
Manager:”good at least one understands the situation. Explain to them”
He left from there.

Rohan:”no twinkle, we will not without Yuvi. We promised each other that if we want to make music it would be with our friends and this is all Yuvi’s effort due to which we are here”

Twinkle:”i know, but we can’t let him ban you all. You guys will have to perform. As you say, this is Yuvi’s effort, would you guys let his effort be wasted. Yes this is his dream would you guys not fulfill it for him.”
Rohan and the other boys look at each other and all agree to twinkle.

The manger seemed happy about their decision obviously he will not lose money now.

He went on stage and apologized for the delay. He introduced the boys by showing the video. He didn’t say their names as he couldn’t just remove Yuvi’s name from the video, so he made sure that the video stopped before showing their name. And said that he will say their names at the end of the first song.

The boys went on stage nervously and being worried for Yuvi.

Precap: so what do you think will the boys performed without Yuvi?

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