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Hey guys thank you so much for your comments and support from the beginning and also for all your love.

So right now, we are very confused about the current track of tei, don’t know what will happen. What do you think about the track and about the pair?
For me the track is confusing but i think that both boys should let twinkle alone for sometime. Give her time to think about all this. Because whenever they are trying to convince twinkle they are only confusing her more. So i think that Yuvi and knuj should not have followed her to Mussorie.

But about the pair i am still confused… Writers are just shifting among both…
Guys share your views about the current track.

Precap: twinkle slapped Mohit for telling badmouthing about Yuvi.

Tomorrow is a big day for Yuvi, his album is going to release and his project will complete.
He is really happy and excited but not more than his family. Anita, dadi, Sana all were really happy for him.
Twinkle happiness is beyond boundaries.

In college,
Yuvi and his group was discussing about the release.

Twinkle and Chinki were walking the corridor when she met Mr. Rahul.
The girls greet him.

Twinkle:”yes sir…”
Rahul:”congrats for your husband. I heard that tomorrow is a big day for him”
Twinkle:”yes his dream will be fulfilled tomorrow”
Rahul:”good good. And what about you? Are you happy?”
Twinkle, confused:”what do you mean? Of course, i am very happy for him”
Rahul:”i thought that you would be jealous”
Twinkle:”jealous? For what?”
Rahul:”because now he will be a celebrity, many girls would roam around him. He will start to neglect you. That’s why”
Saying this, he left.

Chinki:”leave it twinkle.”

They joined the group. Yuvi noticed twinkle being upset. He asked the reason.
But twinkle left from there.
Yuvi:”what happened? Why is she upset?”
Chinki:”mood is off… Thanks to our great teacher Rahul sir”
Yuvi:”what did he say now?”
Rohan:”leave that! Go to twinkle”

Yuvi also left following twinkle. And Rohan asked Chinki. She told them what Rahul sir said.

Twinkle went to the garden behind the cafeteria. Yuvi came to there and saw her upset.
Yuvi:”Janemaan, what happened?”
Twinkle didn’t say anything.
Yuvi:”what did the arrogant teacher say?”
Twinkle:”you will never leave, right?”
Yuvi:”baby what happened?”
Twinkle told him everything.
After hearing her, Yuvi laughed.
Twinkle:”why are you laughing?”
Yuvi:”my innocent wife… How can i leave my beautiful wife?”
Twinkle:”don’t joke”
Yuvi:”ok, ok. Baby, whatever happened, i will never leave you. How can someone leave his life. You are my life. And about what he said, yeah maybe there will be thousand of girls roaming around me and the other boys but my eyes will only search for one girl and that girl is you. Twinkle, I can’t and i will never think about a girl the way i think about you. My love is only for you not for any other girl. No one can take your place and neither i am going to give your place to anyone else”

Yuvi:”pakka wala promise”
Twinkle:”but i am still scared, already everyone wants to separate us… I don’t want that even this fame and all also ruined our relationship”
Yuvi:”it will not… And if you are still scared about this then… Then I won’t signed any contract for music. I can sacrifice this for you”
Twinkle:”what? No you can’t! You will never do what, understood? Your music is your passion and for no one you will leave it, not even for me. You will never leave music. You say that i am your life, so your life is telling you that you can’t abandoned music and this is an order!”
Yuvi:”ok boss. Your orders are my command boss”
Twinkle:”and don’t forget that music connects you to your dad”
Yuvi:”twinkle plz, I don’t want to talk about my dad”
Twinkle:”why? Why don’t you want to talk about your dad?”
Yuvi:”twinkle plz…”
Twinkle:”what yuvi?”
Yuvi:”twinkle plZ”
Twinkle:”ok, don’t spoil your mood”
Yuvi:”now lets go”
Yuvi got up but twinkle pulled him back.

Yuvi:”what happened baby?”
Twinkle:”you will never say that you will leave music for me”
Yuvi:”never… And yeah don’t take that professor words to your heart, he likes to comment on relationship”
Twinkle:”ok…” And she kissed him on his cheek.

Yuvi:”wow, my wife is in romantic mood today!”
Twinkle hugged him tightly.

During evening,
Twiraj returned home.
Twinkle:”yes aunty…”
Anita:”your family is coming for dinner so plz tell the servants what to cook for them”
Yuvi:”but mom, suddenly?”
Anita:”I thought to invite them and both families could celebrate together for the project. We are still partners.”
Yuvi smiled at her.

Twinkle:”aunty, i will just change and come”

Twiraj room:
Twinkle changed and freshen up.
She was looking tensed, Yuvi who was busy with his laptop, noticed her and asked her.
Twinkle:”actually i found it quite weird that aunty has invited maa”
Yuvi:”maybe she wants to celebrate”
Twinkle:”no Yuvi, I don’t think so. What if they are planning for something.”
Yuvi:”twinkle relax! I don’t think so but we will stay alarmed for anything.”
Yuvi:”oh and I invited Rohan and Chinki also”
Twinkle smiled at him.
Twinkle:”I will go…”
Yuvi:”twinkle… Are you going to cook or just tell the servants what to cook?”
Yuvi:”asking for precaution… I don’t want to finish all the food just like the kheer you made”
Twinkle looked at him angrily and left from there.

During dinner,
Rohan and Chinki came before to help Twiraj.
Taneja family arrived, Twinkle hugged all of them and Yuvi took their blessing but only dadaji gave it wholeheartedly.
He felt a bit bad but ignored it.

It was quite an awkward situation. Both families were uncomfortable talking to each other. Only Dadaji was talking to Anita and Yuvi. And on the other side, Dadi was talking to Leela, Pinni and Raman.

Twinkle told everyone that dinner was ready. And they went to the dinning table.
Dadaji tried to make Anita and Leela talked and was successful at times. It was getting a bit less uncomfortable and Dadaji were talking about business with Anita, Leela and Raman. Pinni was busy with dadi.
The lovebirds Roch were busy chatting with each other.
Sana was sitting next to Yuvi and talking to him. Yuvi looked at twinkle who was serving everyone and signed her to come next to him.
Twinkle nodded no.
Yuvi pretended to be angry and looked away and chat with Sana.
Twinkle smiled on his childish behavior.
After serving everyone she came to sit next to Yuvi.
He looked away but was smiling.
Twinkle looking at everyone and found them busy talking to each other, took the opportunity to kiss Yuvi on his left cheek.

Yuvi was surprised by her act. And Sana who saw everything was giggling.
Yuvi looked at her:”my baby has become very courageous, she is kissing me in front of everyone”
Twinkle:”yeah, she has become courageous staying with her husband.”
Yuvi:”ohhh, now that you gave me a gift, you must have a return gift…”
And he also kissed her on her right cheek.
Sana was giggling all the time.
Twinkle noticed her and stopped Yuvi.

Yuvi, looking at Sana:”don’t worry Twinkle, she is also learning how to romance in public”
Twinkle:”shut up”
Sana:”twinkle di, who made the food?”
Sana and Yuvi looked at each other and laughed.
Yuvi:”actually she knows about the kheer disaster”
Sana:”i tasted it”
Yuvi;”when i tested it in the kitchen, i made her taste it too”
Twinkle:”don’t worry I didn’t make it. So you can eat it”
And they three laughed. And started to eat.
The rest of the dinner went quite well without any fight.

Precap: Yuvi’s biggest day but he is missing.

Guys sorry for late update and now i will update on specific days which are Friday and Saturday and maybe Thursday, because i am not getting much time to write. Hope you guys understand.
And guys plz do comment.

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