Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 124

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Recap: twiraj plan of being angry to each other.

After college:
Roch, twiraj were in the parking lot of the college.
Rohan:”girls, we are going to studio for recording, so you will have to go alone”
Twinkle and Chinki nodded yes.
Yuvi:”we will be late, ok? We have to record many songs today”
Twinkle:”ok i will tell aunty… And best of luck”
Chinki:”best of luck”
The boys said thank you and left.

Chinki:”twinkle, i have to buy something for my mom, so can we go to the mall before going home”
Twinkle:”ok… Even i want to gift Yuvi something”
Twinkle, blushing:”lets go”

In the studio, the boys were busy recording the songs. They were recording one after the other as they lack time. The album was about to release in three days time.

The mall:
Chinki already purchased what she had to.
They were walking and chatting.
Twinkle saw a watch and said to Chinki that she will buy it for Yuvi.
She bought the watch and they came out of the shop.
Suddenly Chinki bumped into someone. Chinki apologized and then they noticed that it was Mohit.
Mohit smirks seeing them and acts like being surprised to see them.
Mohit:”twinkle, how are you?”
But the girls didn’t answer.
Mohit:”see twinkle, i know what i have done was wrong and i want to apologize to you. Plz forgive me”

Twinkle was angry remembering how he forced her to marry him and now all the planning that he is doing. But this time she couldn’t do anything as her mom and Anita were his accomplices.

Twinkle just look away.
Mohit continued:”i am really sorry twinkle, my one mistake ruined your life”
Twinkle and Chinki looked at each with a questioning look.

Chinki:”what do you mean? What ruined twinkle’s life?”
Mohit:”because of me she is married to that traitor Yuvi”
Twinkle:”mind your language Mr.”
Mohit:”no twinkle, I know that he is your husband but he is cheating on you. He is having extra marital affair with girls. I feel guilty that because of me, you are tolerating all this.”
Twinkle:”i know my husband better than you. He loves me a lot. And i love him. So stay away from him and me. Don’t you dare say anything about him. I can’t hear anything about my Yuvi. My Yuvi will not hurt me and you have no rights to question his love for me”

Mohit, who is now getting angry:”what my Yuvi? My Yuvi, you are saying? Twinkle Taneja, you were supposed to marry me not him. I love you, why can’t you see that? I will give you more love than that bastard Yuvi…”
Twinkle couldn’t control herself and slapped him hard.
Twinkle:”don’t you dare say anything about My Yuvi. Don’t even take his name from your dirty mouth”

Mohit:”you slapped me for that blo*dy Yuvi… But never mind. At least you touched me.”

Chinki:”twinkle lets go from here, we shouldn’t waste our time by talking to such disgusting man”

They were about to leave but Mohit stopped them.
Mohit:”where are you going twinkle? Why are you not facing the truth? Yuvi is cheating on you. He spent the while night with Sonia, think a whole night, what must have happened between them? And Sonia showed you the pictures right? Yuvi was in her arms enjoying himself.”
Twinkle again slapped him.

Twinkle:”i told you to shut up”
Mohit:”Sonia showed you the pictures right? Then you should believe me…”

Twinkle and Chinki smiled at him as if mocking him.
Twinkle:”how do you that Sonia showed me the pictures? How do you even know Sonia? She was not here when you came, then how do you know her?”
Mohit was shocked as he was caught, he shouldn’t have said about Sonia and those pictures.

Twinkle:”you did a great mistake as you have spill out the truth…”
Mohit:”no twinkle, not only Sonia but o have seem Yuvi with a lot of girls.”
Chinki:”how much will you lie to cover yourself?”
Twinkle:”just go from here or else i will shout and gather people and tell them that you are misbehaving with me. Then you know what will happen… They will beat you so much and then will throw you in jail”

Mohit thinks:”better to go from here. But it’s not over twinkle, i will make you mine.”

He left from there.
Chinki:”come on twinkle, don’t spoil your mood for this man”
Twinkle:”you are right, lets go”

Twinkle went to her place first before going to Luthra house.

Twinkle saw Dadaji who was reading newspaper and walked on her tip toes towards him. She thinks something and then shouted:”DADAJI….” On top of her voice.
Dadaji startled and get up. Twinkle laughed her heart out.
Leela, Pinni and Raman came out worried hearing her shout. They saw twinkle and understood what happened
Dadaji:”what is this twinkle? You would have given me a heart attack”
Twinkle:”arey Dadaji, your heart is not so weak that it can’t control your granddaughter’s pranks”

Leela came to twinkle and hugged her.
Pinni:”how is our twinkle?”
Twinkle:”absolutely fine…”
Raman also hugged her.

Twinkle then noticed Dadaji injury and asked about it worried.
Leela:”you ask him, he isn’t telling us anything maybe he will answer you. I will make your favorite food and come.”
Pinni also went with Leela. Raman left from there citing some office work.

Twinkle sitting next to dadaji:”what happened?”
Dadaji:”i will tell you but you don’t say it to anyone”
Twinkle:”pakka promise”
Dadaji told her about the boys night out and said about Yuvi and Rohan’s fight with Roy.

Twinkle:”but Yuvi told me that you didn’t go to underground with them”
Dadaji:”i told him not to say. I didn’t want anyone to know about it. But you are my princess i can tell you”
Twinkle smiled at him and hugged him.

Leela and Pinni came out with trays of food actually snacks, they had already cooked.
Twinkle, seeing so much food:”why so much food? You are giving me so much food as if I didn’t have food for so many years”
Leela:”twinkle, if you don’t want to eat all, at least taste it”
Twinkle;”ma, i was joking. I will eat all of them” she took the tray from them.

At night:
Twinkle didn’t have dinner as she ate a lot in the afternoon. Yuvi came in all exhausted.
Twinkle;”hi baby…”
Yuvi looked at her suspiciously:”what happened?”
Twinkle quickly:”nothing…”
She came to him and sat down in front of him.
Twinkle continued:”baby…. I got you something”
Yuvi, tired:”what did you bring for your husband?”
Twinkle showed him the watch.
Yuvi:”it’s beautiful”
Twinkle make him wear it by removing his old one.
Twinkle:”you liked it?”
Yuvi:”a lot”

Twinkle got up but Yuvi hold her hand and pulled her back due to which she fell in his lap.
Twinkle:”what are you doing?”
Yuvi:”my baby gave me such a beautiful gift, i am feeling bad for not giving her anything so…”
He moved closer to her.
Twinkle, teasingly:”so?”
Yuvi:”so i thought to….”
He tucked her hair behind her ear and move closer. They were just an inch apart and he kissed her on her lips. It was a soft yet passionate kiss.
After sometimes they parted away.

Yuvi:”how was my gift?”
Twinkle blushes and got off him.

Yuvi:”listen baby, i need to talk to mom, i will just be back”
Twinkle nodded yes. Yuvi left.

Twinkle went to washroom to change.

Anita’s room:
She was reading a book when Yuvi came there. He knocked at the door.
Anita:”come in baby”
Yuvi say next to her.
Anita:”what happened? You look…”
Yuvi:”tired, exhausted, yep. Actually i came to say that my album will release in three day”
Anita:”that’s great beta, congrats”
Yuvi:”thanks mom. There is a party after the launching ceremony and he invited whole family.”
Anita;”sure. How can i miss my son’s first album release”

Yuvi:”and Mr. John is also coming on that day”
Anita:”yeah i know! I talked to him. He is really impressed by your work”
Yuvi:”and you”
Anita:”me? I am proud of you. In three days, it will the biggest day of your life, your album and your project both will be completed. I am so happy for you baby.”

Yuvi;”thanks mom”
Anita hugged him.
Anita:”come here, you are tired. I will…”
Yuvi:”no mom, plz. Not that oil massage”
Anita:”you will feel better. And i know your head must be aching.”
Yuvi:”mom, i will take medicine”
Anita:”shhh, sit down”
Yuvi followed her orders but still protesting.
Yuvi:”mom, it will become sticky”
Anita:”you can wash it tomorrow”
Yuvi reluctantly agreed and Anita did her oily head massage and just to tease Yuvi she put more oil.

Anita laughed at him.
Anita:”you have always hated this childhood and till now”
She smiled remembering his childhood.
Yuvi:”mom, i can still run and make you run behind me like long ago”
Anita:”you will make me run in this age”
Yuvi looked at Anita and came next to him.

Yuvi:”this age? My mom is still young. No one will say that you are my mom, everyone would think that you are my sister or maybe girlfriend also”
Anita:”besharam… You become more naughty.”

Yuvi:”ok i will leave now or else you will put the entire bottle in my hair”

Twiraj room:

Twinkle was going in bed and just then Yuvi entered.
Twinkle look at him, actually stared at him.

Yuvi noticed her.
Yuvi signed her what happened
Twinkle:”Yuvi, what happened to you. And to your hair.”
She touched his hair and said:”oil?”
Yuvi:”yeah actually mom…”
Twinkle understood and started to laugh.
Yuvi:”stop it ok?”
But she continued.
Twinkle:”I didn’t know that my Yuvi will look so handsome with so much oil in his hair.” She continued to laugh.

Yuvi:”twinkle, i say stop it.”
He came to her and rubbed his hair in her hair.
Twinkle:”Yuvi, i just washed my hair in the morning”
Yuvi:”I don’t care! You were laughing now you got the punishment”
Yuvi rubbed it once again. While twinkle try to stop him.

Precap: don’t know.

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