Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 123


Hey guys, thank you so much for all the support and love.
I know that many fans of tei is not happy about the storyline going on right now, but it is the cvs who make the story, we should not bash any actor for the role they are doing. That’s not right! And one more thing, many people are saying that the show has become stupid and that it should close down, why don’t you realise that it is the work of the actors, what will they do when the show is close down. Its not so easy to get another show with lead role. They are doing their best to entertain us. If they close down the show, we wouldn’t be able to see Jasmine or Zain or Naman It takes a lot of time before getting a new serial. Would you not miss them then?
After yesterday’s episode all are saying that Leela is very bad as she is supporting Yuvi and not knuj, how come she became bad just by supporting what she thinks is right. I know she has always been supporting knuj, but right now she is being practical because right now Yuvi is twinkle’s husband. She is thinking about him, the one who supported her daughter 5 years without any expectations.
Twinj fans were all saying that they didn’t like the new knuj then suddenly they want twinj to happen. They were the one who were saying that they will leave the show after Siddhant exits and now they are all requesting to make twinj.
I just want to say that whatever happened may it be Twiraj or Twinj it will be the cvs choice and not us. If they think that twinj is best as it was shown as the perfect love and marriage they would make it and if they think that Twiraj is best for the 5 years of sacrifice of Yuvi and twiraj friendship they would make it.
If you are a real fan of Zain, Jasmine and Naman and all the other characters you would definitely support them whatever the storyline.

Sorry for long lecture, let’s begin the story

Recap: Twiraj misunderstandings due to the pictures

(I would reveal the person who came to Yuvi later on)

Next morning,
Luthra house:
Everyone was at the breakfast table. Rohan was also there as he knew Yuvi would not be able to drive due to his wounds and the car was with him.
Anita saw Rohan’s wound and ask him.
Rohan:”aunty, actually we…”
From behind, Yuvi:”nothing serious mom”
Anita turned and see Yuvi also wounded.

Yuvi sat next to Rohan.
Anita:”what happened to both of you? Why are you both hury?”
Yuvi:”mom, mom, relax. Actually, yesterday night…”
Sonia stopped Yuvi to say anything as otherwise Twinkle would know the truth.
Sonia:”aunty, we should call the doctor to see the wounds right? I mean to say if anything serious?”
Rohan:”no, we are fine!”
Anita:”ok, no doctor but you both take care if yourself.”
Yuvi and Rohan nodded yes.
Twinkle was serving the food along with Dadi.
Dadi:”beta, serve to Yuvi”
Twinkle reluctantly went to him. Yuvi was angry.
Sonia smirks seeing them. Anita also looked at them confusingly.
Yuvi:”mom, the project of Mr.John is ready, you can go and see it. I told him and he said that he will come to see it.”
Anita:”yuvi, you could send him some pictures already, i mean he will have an idea how the hotel looks”
Yuvi:”no mom, how can we trust pictures, they can be fake or photoshopped. And there are some people who trust pictures so blindly that they think it is real”
(Indirectly he is saying to twinkle)

Everyone was confused why he was saying so.
Twinkle:”sometimes pictures are enough to see the reality if someone is cheating on you or hiding something from you.”

Sonia smirks at them seeing them fighting.
Yuvi angrily left the table saying to Anita that he would be late as they have recording today.
Rohan also followed Yuvi.

Twinkle:”aunty, i have to go or else i will get late for college.”
Anita nodded yes.
Dadi:”seems like they are angry on each other. But what happened?”
Anita thinks:”whatever happened is good. At least they are fighting. It will become more easy to break their relationship”

Sonia thinks:”that’s what i wanted! They are fighting and i am enjoying their fights. Soon this relationship will break”

Outside the house:
Rohan:”buddy, what happened? Why are you guys taunting each other?”
Yuvi:”leave it.”
Rohan:”you won’t share it with me”
Yuvi:”Ro, you know that i share everything with you. But right now it is just so messed up that i am not understanding myself what is going on.”
Rohan:”ok, take your time. When you feel to tell, then go ahead. You will need me at 3 am also i will be there for you.”
Yuvi, smilingly:”i know, we both are inseparable. Best friends are always here for each other.”
Rohan:”if someone who doesn’t know us see us together they would think plenty of things.”
Yuvi:”i know…”
Twinkle came out and saw Yuvi and Rohan smiling.
Yuvi stopped seeing her. Rohan understood that things were not right between them but didn’t insist Yuvi to tell.

Chinki came there in auto.
Twinkle:”lets go”
Chinki:”but we are going with the boys right? Come on, lets go”
She pulled Twinkle to the boys.
Chinki:”hi boys….”
Rohan and Yuvi:”hi…”
Rohan, seeing the tension between Twiraj:”come lets go, i will drive as Yuvi can’t”
Chinki:”what happened to both of you.”
Rohan:”i will tell you later on, now lets go”

They left.
They were all silent in the car. Chink also noticed and signed Rohan what happened.
Rohan also signed her that he doesn’t know.

Class were going on normally. Mr. Rahul, the teacher planted by Anita and Leela, surprisingly didn’t taunt them i mean till now.

Lunch time:
Twinkle went to the library for some work alone.
She was returning back when someone caught her by her waist and bring her to the corner.
It was Yuvi.
Twiraj look at each other angrily and then started laughing. ( Just like when they planned against Rocky in the serial)

Twinkle:”i am sorry Yuvi! Yesterday was…”
Yuvi:”forget it twinkle, its good that you told me everything.”

The person who came to Yuvi when he was in the garden in the last part.
It was Twinkle.
Yuvi, angrily:”what do you want now? You have said enough or there is something else to add”
Twinkle:”i am sorry Yuvi but i had to do this”
Yuvi:”what do you mean?”
Twinkle:”this was all planned by Sonia.”
Yuvi:”what? Why will she do so?”
Twinkle:”I don’t know but i saw her with Mohit. He came to drop her at home last night. At first I didn’t see his face but then he came back to give her something then i saw him.”
Yuvi:”what will she do with him?”
Twinkle:”I don’t know but if she was with Mohit, she would be involved in his planning. And when you came, she was listening to us so i had to…”
Yuvi looked at her.
Twinkle:”i am sorry, i just wanted to know if really she also wants to separate us”
Yuvi:”ok, then we will see it she really wants so. We would keep fighting in front of her and see her reactions.”
Twinkle:”sorry Yuvi”
Yuvi just hugged her.

Yuvi:”i know twinkle, our love, our relationship is facing a lot of problems but we will fight against them even if we have to show the world that we are against each other.”
Twinkle:”i love you”
Yuvi:”me too”
Twinkle broke the hug and ask him about his wound.
Yuvi told her everything and she brought Yuvi back to the room.
Twinkle:”come on, remove your shirt”

Twinkle:”take off your shirt i will apply medicines.”
Twinkle applied the medicine. Yuvi looked at her lovingly.
Yuvi:”twinkle, promise me that whatever happened, our love will not break.”
Twinkle:”yuvi, no one can separate us. Because without Yuvi, twinkle has no existence”
Yuvi:”and without twinkle, yuvi has no existence”
They hugged once more and slept in each other’s embrace.

Flashbacks ends.

Twiraj were still in the corner.
Twinkle:”everything will be fine”
Yuvi:”hope so!”
Twinkle:”I don’t understand one thing, why everyone wants to break our love, our relationship. First it was our moms, then Mohit came, and now Sonia”
Yuvi:”baby, till there is no problem, love stories are incomplete. I mean think if everything was perfect, our moms accept us and made us marry, there was no Sonia, no Mohit, our love story would have been so boring”
Twinkle:”right, as it is said love become more stronger when it faces many hurdles”
Yuvi:”now…. See we started fighting in morning itself, i didn’t even have my morning kiss, so…”
Twinkle:”yuvi, we are in college, not home”
Yuvi:”so what? Romance doesn’t see any place or environment. I do romance whenever i want”

Yuvi come closer to twinkle. They have an eyelock. And Yuvi kissed her on her cheeks.
Twinkle smiled at him.
Yuvi:”actually I forgot to tell you yesterday we went to your special place.”
Twinkle:”which special place?”
Yuvi:”the wish tree…”
Twinkle, shocked:”who told you about this?”
Yuvi:”ohh right! I forgot to tell you that Dadaji went with us.”
Twinkle:”so Dadaji showed you the tree.”
Yuvi:”Yep, it was so beautiful!”
Twinkle:”what was Dadaji doing with you?”
Yuvi:”he wanted to…. I mean that he wanted to see the tree so we went there.”

Dadaji didn’t want anyone to know that he went to underground with the boys. So Yuvi said that he and Rohan went to the underground and then pocked up Dadaji to go there.

Twinkle:”ok, now leave me. I have to go”
He leave her and she went from there giving him a flying kiss.
Yuvi smiled at her.

From behind,
Mr. Rahul:”it is not a place for romance, Mr. Yuvraj Luthra”
Yuvi turned around and thinks:”oh God, not him”
Mr. Rahul:”no no, I don’t need your explanation, you both are married couple so it doesn’t matter to me”
Yuvi:”if it doesn’t then why are you here? Why are you saying me this?”

Rahul:”angry young man, control this anger. Now you are married you will have to control this anger otherwise your wife will not leave you”

Yuvi:”listen sir, I don’t know what is your problem? But i didn’t give you any right to say anything about my life. You are a teacher so better if you stay as a teacher. I don’t need your advice on my married life.”

Rahul:”i was just saying that after marriage, everything changes. Your life must have also changed”
Yuvi:”you are right, my life has changed but for good. I now understand my responsibility.”

Rahul:”you just got married so right now everything is perfect like fairytale but wait for sometime then you will see the aspect of marriage”
Yuvi:”sir, whatever happened in my life with Twinkle, be it love or fights, we will manage. Maybe we fight and argue, but our love will always remain the same even after years. And It is our personal matter and I don’t want anyone to interfere in it and you even less.”

Twinkle went to Chinki to the cafeteria.
Rohan saw Yuvi talking to Mr. Rahul and went to them.
Rohan:”hello sir…”
Rahul:”ohh Rohan, your best friend, he supports you a lot right? Seeing you two, sometime i think that you both actually don’t deserve those girls. Look at those girls and look at you. Don’t know what the girls thought of you that they fell in love with you”
Yuvi and Rohan were both getting angry.
Yuvi was about to say something but Rohan hold his hand and pulled him from there.

Yuvi:”leave me, how dare he say anything about Twinkle and Chinki.”
Rohan:”Yuvi, i know, even I can’t tolerate what he said about the girls but we can’t forget that whatever he says or does, we can’t hit him. I know that this would surely lead to a fight. And if we hit him, we would be rusticated, which we can’t afford to”

Yuvi:”that doesn’t mean he can say anything about us, about the girls and about our relationships”
Rohan:”i know you want to teach him a lesson, we will but in our way, in such a way that we will not be rusticate, ok?”
Rohan:”now come on, calm down. And what’s going on between twinkle and you? Are you both fighting?”

Yuvi nodded no and said:”it’s all plan…” And he said everything to Rohan.

On the other side, Twinkle also said everything to Chinki as she was insisting her to speak out.

Both assure Twiraj that everything will be alright.

Rohan:”Buddy, your story has so many villains yaar. I mean first families, then Mohit and Sonia. We could make a film on your love story.”
They both laughed.
Yuvi:”you are right, not only them, we could include this rude teacher to the list also.”

Rohan:”right! And our friendships would be an example of full bromance”
Yuvi:”yep, our unique bromance story but some people might misunderstand this bromance”
They both laughed
Chinki and Twinkle came there.
Twinkle:”why are you both laughing?”
Chinki:”what happened?”

Yuvi and Rohan looked at each other and signed each other something.

Yuvi:”we want to ask you both something”
Chinki:”yeah, go ahead”
Rohan:”what do you think of our friendship?”
Twinkle:”arey, you both are best friends and understand each other so well.”
Chinki:”and whatever happened, nothing can change your friendship”

Yuvi:”ok… But think if you both were not our gf and wife, then how would you see our friendship?”
Twinkle:”what do you mean?”
Rohan:”means that you will see us as friendship goals”
Chinki:”yeah… Friendship example”
Twinkle:”the perfect friends”

Chinki:”but if we didn’t know you both, we would think that you both are…”
She looked at Twinkle and they both smiled.
Both of them said:”all would think that you two are having an affair”

Rohan and Yuvi:”what?”
Rohan and Yuvi who were side hugging each other suddenly left separated.
The girls laughed at them.

The girls:”we were just joking”
They were all four laughing.

Precap: didn’t decide

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