Tashan e ishq Twiraj story episode 122


Precap: Dadaji and boys night out, Yuvi and Rohan fight with Roy.

Late night,
Twiraj room,
Twinkle was listening to music with her earphones, after a while she stopped.
She went to bed. She looked at Sana who was sleeping peacefully.
She heard a car and thought that it will be Yuvi and went to the window. She saw it was Sonia with a boy.
Twinkle, thinks:”Sonia? What is she doing so late? Who is this boy?”
She tried to see his face but couldn’t due to darkness.

She came back to bed but couldn’t sleep.

In the car,
Yuvi, Rohan and Dadaji were talking.
Yuvi:”so Dadaji, where do you want to go now?”
Dadaji:”now i am tired, lets go home”
Rohan:”Dadaji, why don’t we go at the river side”
Dadaji:”river side?”
Yuvi and Rohan smiled.
Dadaji:”ok, if you want”
Rohan saw a car following them and informed Yuvi about the same.
Yuvi:”why would they follow us?”
Rohan:”arey that’s Roy!”
Yuvi:”what does he want now?”
Roy stopped his car in front of them. Yuvi stopped the car with a jerk.

They came out of the car. Dadaji stayed in the car.
Yuvi:”what do you want?”
Rohan:”did you get enough beating today?”
Roy was with some more boys.
Roy:”what did you think i will leave you so soon? After so many years, i got the opportunity to beat you… I will not spare you”
Roy’s group started to beat Rohan and Yuvi. They tried to fight back but they were overpowered by the boys.
The boys beat Yuvi and Rohan badly. They both started to bleed.
Yuvi was almost unconscious but the boys continue to beat him. Dadaji tried to stop the boys but he couldn’t.
Roy unintentionally hit Yuvi with a rod on his head.
Seeing Yuvi unconscious, they got scared and run away.
Dadaji and Rohan came to him. They picked him and bring him to the hospital.

Luthra house:
Sonia went to her room.
Twinkle followed her and asked her where was she.
Sonia:”none of your business”
Twinkle:”it is. You can’t stay out this late without informing anyone where are you. You are under our responsibility”

Sonia:”you really want to know where did i go? Fine go and ask your husband”
Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle:”why should i ask him?”
Sonia:”he took me out on a special….”
Twinkle:”shut up! If he took you out then where is he? He must have return with you right?”

Sonia:”he went to Rohan’s place as it is there he told you he is going right?”
Twinkle:”what rubbish? Yuvi will never lie to me.”
Sonia:”ohh darling, you think so… You know what he took me out and the way he treats a girl was wonderful. We spent sometime in a hotel room where he was the perfect host ever….”
Twinkle slapped her hard.
Twinkle:”don’t you dare even say any rubbish on my husband. I trust him, he will never do that.”

Sonia:”poor baby! Yuvi was right, he can easily fool you. And you will always defend him. You know what Twinkle, Yuvi doesn’t love you, it was just time pass for him. But then he had to marry you”
Twinkle:”shut up!”
Sonia:”you don’t trust me then call him, he will not answer your phone because he is tired of you. Call him”
Twinkle:”I won’t because i trust him”
Sonia:”then why did he leave you here and went to enjoy? He could have take you with him”
Twinkle:”he is with his friends, he has full right to go out and enjoy with his friends.”
Sonia:”yeah maybe but why didn’t he tell you where he was going”
Twinkle:”Sonia, just shut up!”
And twinkle left from there.

Twinkle went back to her room.
Twinkle, to herself:”what does she think of herself? How can she tell this about Yuvi? He will never do this. But where is he? I should call him”
She called him but there was no answer.
She started to get irritated.
She thinks of Sonia’s words that Yuvi is tired oh her and then nodded no.
Twinkle, to herself:”i know him. He must have put his phone on silence.”
She continued to call him.
Sonia came there and laughs seeing her.

Sonia:”what happened twinkle? Yuvi is not picking up? I told you.”
Twinkle looked at her angrily.
Sonia:”you are not believing me right? Ok, I didn’t want to show it to you but I think i should show it so that you come out of your wonderful dream.”
She took out some picture and showed it to Twinkle.
Twinkle was shocked seeing that. The pictures had Yuvi with Sonia in compromising positions.
(It was photoshopped obviously)

Twinkle cried seeing those pictures.
But she continued to show confidence in Yuvi.
She pushed Sonia out of the room and closed the door. She was in a dilemma, her heart was saying that her Yuvi can’t do this but the other side of her was saying that she has the proofs on her hand.

She cried thinking about all this. She tried not to make any sound as Sana was asleep.

In hospital:
Yuvi regained consciousness. His head had bandage and his head also.
Dadaji was by his side.
Rohan was out talking to the doctor when Yuvi’s phone (which was with him) rang. He sees Twinkle’s name saved as baby. He knew that Yuvi called her baby.

Rohan picked up the phone.
Twinkle, teary voice:”Yuvi, where are you? You know Sonia is saying that…”
Rohan:”Twinkle, it’s me Rohan”
Twinkle:”Rohan, where is Yuvi? I need to talk to him”
At the same time, Rohan entered Yuvi’s room.
Hearing twinkle’s name, Yuvi took the phone as he didn’t want to disturb her by saying about the fight.
Yuvi:”hey baby, i am just coming home in few hours then we will talk ok. You sleep i will come in sometime”
He hung up.
Twinkle cried thinking he didn’t even listen to her.

Doctor checked Yuvi and said that he could go.
Even Rohan had bandage but he was the one to drive.
Dadaji:”Yuvi, you should have tell Twinkle.”
Yuvi:”no way, you know her Dadaji, she will get worried and i am fine. I will tell her when i reach home”
Rohan:”anyway, Twinkle was sounding sad on the phone. What love, Dadaji! He is hurt here and Twinkle is feeling the pain there.”

Yuvi:”shut up and drive”
Dadaji:”he is right!”
Yuvi:”you too, Dadaji”
Dadaji and Rohan laughed at him.

Outside Luthra and Taneja house:
Yuvi:”you guys go, i will manage. Ro, keep the car with you.”
Dadaji:”lets us drop you till your room”
Rohan:”yeah come on”
Yuvi:”no, i am fine. You go”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Rohan and Dadaji left.

Yuvi entered the house with difficulty. He went to his room.
He opened the door and entered making sure that he doesn’t wake up Twinkle.
He came next to the bed and saw that Sana was sleeping.
He looked for twinkle and saw her sitting beside the bed.
The lights were so he couldn’t see that she was crying and nor twinkle could see his wound.
He went to her.
Yuvi pats her shoulder.
Yuvi:”baby? What happened? Why are you sitting here”
Twinkle didn’t answer him.
He tried to sit next to her and succeeded with difficulty.
He noticed the pictures next to her.
He looked at them and was shocked seeing them.
Shocked he looked at twinkle.
Yuvi:”twinkle, this is…. All fake”
Sonia who was at the door, smirks thinking her plan is successful.

Twinkle:”how dare you Yuvi? I trusted you more than myself and you?” She looked away.
Yuvi:”twinkle trust me! I don’t even know anything about all this”

Twinkle:”this is where you went right?”
Yuvi:”twinkle? Plz believe me”
Twinkle:”I asked you where you were going but you didn’t even answer me”

Yuvi:”how can you believe these pictures more than me twinkle? Trust me twinkle, I don’t know about all this. I spent the whole night with…”
Twinkle:”stop it! I don’t want to hear anything.”
Yuvi:”enough, i am tired of explaining and justifying myself each time. (Holding her hand tightly) you want to believe these pictures right? Go ahead, believe whatever you want”
He angrily left from there. Sonia hides from him and smirks.
And went to her room.

Yuvi went outside in the garden. He remembers twinkle’s word and allegations and feels upset.
Someone pats his shoulder.

Precap: who do you think is the person who came to meet yuvi?
Any guesses?

Thank you so much guys for all your support and love. Sorry I couldn’t reply to you all in the last one as telly updates was not opening.

Credit to: Zai

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