Tashan e ishq Twiraj story episode 121 part one


Recap: Eid celebration

Next morning,
Twiraj came to hotel to finish the decorations. Roch also accompanied them.

They were all busy working.
Twiraj were putting the curtains.
Twinkle:”Yuvi, i am not being able to put that up there…”
He came to her and picked her up.
Twinkle put the curtain and he put her down.
Twinkle:”I thought that you will put it, but you picked me up…”
Yuvi:”baby, you have the most naughtiest husband in the world”
Twinkle laughed at him.
They continued to decorate it.
They were decorating a small corner with flowers just for the opening. Twinkle got entangled in the flowers.
Twinkle tried to get out of it but she entangled herself more.
Yuvi saw her and laughed at her.
Twinkle angrily looked at him.
Twinkle:”why are you laughing?”
Yuvi, laughing:”let me help you…”
Twinkle:”no need, i can do it myself.”
Yuvi, crossing his arms:”ok, go ahead”
Twinkle tried again. But in vain.
Yuvi tried to control his laughter.
Yuvi:may i?”
Twinkle looked away angrily.
Yuvi began to remove the flowers. Twinkle irritated asked him to hurry.

Yuvu smiled seeing her.
Twinkle angrily tried to remove the flowers and this time she entangled Yuvi with her.
After sometimes,
Yuvi:”stop, stop! What did you do twinkle? We got entangled more”
Twinkle, with a sad face:”i was trying to help”
Yuvi:”ok, now don’t move!”
He tried to solve it but couldn’t.
Roch came there looking for them as they had finished decorating their part.
They saw Twiraj entangled together and laughed.

Yuvi:”guys, help…”
Roch tried to free them but soon they also got entangled. The four started to laugh.
Yuvi:”we call you guys to help and you all just made it more complicated”

Rohan:”lets try to solve this”
Yuvi and Rohan direct the girls to go left and right and they also do the same.
Finally they were freed.
Soon they finished the decorations and went home.

At night: Twiraj room
Yuvi talked on the phone.
Yuvi:”yeah i am coming, you be ready…. Ok, i am coming”

Twinkle, from behind:”where are you going?”
Yuvi:”actually, i am going with Rohan, will come very late.”
Twinkle:”ok but where…”
Yuvi’s phone rang and he rushed.
Yuvi:”baby, i have to go, bye bye”
Twinkle, sadly:” he didn’t even answer me, but its ok. He can has the right to go out”
She went to change in her night clothes.

After sometimes, she went in the kitchen to have water. She bumped into Sana.
Twinkle:”what are you doing here?”
Sana:”sorry, actually i was searching for partner”
Twinkle:”your partner went out”
Sana:”i wanted to watch film…”
Twinkle:”ok, i will watch with you”
Sana:”really? Lets go”
They were going upstairs.
Sana:”we will ask Sonia also”
They went to Sonia room but there was no one.
Sana:”maybe she went out”
Twinkle:”maybe… Let’s go”
They went to Twiraj room and watch film.

When Yuvi came out of Luthra’s house, he waited a bit.
Someone pats his shoulder.
Yuvi:”lets go…”
Person:”i am so excited to go there…”
The person is Dadaji.
Yuvi:”dadaji, control your excitement, we have to pick up Rohan also.”

They left.
They picked up Rohan.
Rohan:”Dadaji, where are we going?”
Yuvi:”dadaji wants to see boxing match and the underground world, where we used to go long ago”
Rohan:”really? That’s great. Thank you Dadaji, because of you we will again go to the underlying world of singing and dancing. We didn’t go there for years”

Dadaji:”why you don’t go there?”
Rohan:”actually last time, we got into a fight with some boys there. We got much hurt after the fight, as we were only two and there were 6-7, i was really hurt so Yuvi said that we will not go there. My buddy can’t see me hurt”
Yuvi laughs:”yeah, I can’t take any risk”
Dadaji:”thank you so much for taking me there”
Yuvi:”Dadaji, why did you want to there?”
Dadaji:”arey, i used to go to boxing match when i met your dadi.”
Yuvi and Rohan, surprised:”Sana’s dadi?”
Dadaji:”arey no, my wife, twinkle’s dadi”
The boys:”ohhhh”

Dadaji:”today…, i mean tomorrow is the day i met her, so wanted to go there”
Rohan:”ohh Dadaji, I didn’t know that boxing existed at that time”
Dadaji:”it was not boxing, it was wrestling, but nowadays who do wrestling. So thought to go for boxing.”
Rohan:”great choice, Dadaji. And you already know that you SIL (son-in-law) is in boxing so he can take you”
Dadaji laughed and nodded yes.

Yuvi:”so Dadaji, why do you want to go to underground, is there any story there also” he said teasingly.
Dadaji laughed sarcastically:”yeah, everywhere is part of my story with your dadi”
The boys laughed.
Dadaji:”there is no story for underground singing and dancing, i wanted to see how it is… I mean just see”
Rohan:”ok, you know dadaji, yuvi started to sing there and see today, he is doing album.”
Dadaji:”yeah, and i am proud of you both”
Yuvi:”right, i am not the only one in the group, you all are also with me. We all started from underground and we all achieved it together”
They reached underground

Precap: the boys’s enjoying.

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